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1907 Relationship

A sparkling bright light flew out of the red Flying Cloud Painting. Following that, the ray of light slowly expanded.

Everywhere it went, the space froze.

The light was like a ripple that silently broke through to the other empty void. From afar, it looked like a door with rays of light in it as it floated quietly.

Luo Yan made up his mind and walked forward. As long as we can use the Flying Cloud Painting, everything can be talked about!

He was very fast. Once he stepped out, he walked into the shaking ripple.

The surrounding turbulence seemed to be separated at this moment.

Luo Yan pressed his lips against each other, and he felt more secure.

When the few elders standing behind him saw this, they faintly became emotional. The Flying Cloud Painting does live up to its name! It seems like we can really use this item to leave this place!

But at that moment, a sword aura suddenly pierced through the sky!

Luo Yan felt that something was amiss and dodge it! Half his feet that just stepped into the Flying Cloud Painting was forced to retreat.


The sharp and cold aura rapidly flashed across in front of him!

Before Luo Yan could even set up a barrier before him, a deep blood wound was cut on his face.

Excruciating pain was felt.

Luo Yan’s heart beat intensely and almost jumped out of his chest! If I were a moment slower, this sword aura might’ve directly sliced off my forehead!

After the shock came overwhelming anger!

He looked up in hatred at Chu Liuyue. She can’t even protect herself, yet she still wants to attack us!

“Shangguan Yue, if you want to die, nobody is stopping you! Don’t drag everyone down with you!” hollered Luo Yan deeply.

His low voice spread far and wide in the sky!

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up at an extremely cold angle. “Luo Yan, I can’t agree with you on this. From start to end, I never wanted to die. I just… don’t want to see the people who harmed me living properly.”

“You!” Luo Yan was infuriated and was about to retaliate when he heard a strange sound by his ear.

He turned around and instantly widened his eyes in shock!

At some point, a layer of red-golden fire had covered the Flying Cloud Painting, and it was burning!

Being affected by the fire, the light that spread around dimmed gradually. The void that connected to the outside was slowly being sealed!

Luo Yan could not catch his breath. This woman… is harsh! She caused the current situation and doesn’t allow anyone to leave! She is insane!

But at the same time, a deeper doubt suddenly surfaced in his heart. The Flying Cloud Painting is a true supreme Yuan instrument! Logically speaking, based on Chu Liuyue’s own force, she definitely can’t do any serious damage to it…

“What’s that?” the elder behind suddenly saw something and said in shock.

Luo Yan followed his gaze and saw that the burning red-golden fire had a transparent fire within it!

The two suppressions overlapped, and the forces exceeded their imagination!

“This… is the Heavenly Square Cauldron’s karmic fire?!” Luo Yan was very experienced and quickly recognized the origin of that transparent fire.

Thinking of this, his heart harshly sank. The Flying Cloud Painting is actually one of the ten holy weapons! But compared to the Heavenly Square Cauldron, it still pales in comparison. After all, it isn’t used for battle.

To be more direct, it was a trump card to escape and save one’s life. However, the Heavenly Square Cauldron was different.

At this point, when the two forces fought, the difference could instantly be seen!

“What exactly does she want to do?!” Luo Yan felt hatred in his heart.

However, Chu Liuyue’s attention didn’t seem to be here.

She put away the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands and changed to hold the black shield tightly.

More than half of the rust on it had peeled off, and the heavy suppression suffocated her slightly.

Covered by a faint layer of light, the mysterious text carved on it could vaguely be seen.

Its weight seemed to increase at an unimaginable speed, such that Chu Liuyue couldn’t hold it with one hand and had to use two.

Vigorous force kept coming out of her dantian and rushed to her limbs, and the force burned crazily.

Tiny beads of sweat kept appearing on her full and smooth forehead.

Her face became increasingly pale, and only her pair of dark eyes seemed to have fire burning!

The sky almost completely collapsed, but the gullies crossed everywhere, and there was fire burning crazily! At first glance, it was like hell.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and focused.

The whir of the black shield kept sounding in her ear, causing her force to surge!

On the opposite side, the Black Sword Sect crowd was in a terrible condition.

When Chu Liuyue forcefully circulated the lightning bolts to attack previously, every one of them was lethal. The people from the Black Sword Sect originally had their force and energy exhausted from maintaining the Blood Tribute Formation, so how could they resist such a terrifying attack?

After a series of explosions, the Black Sword Sect’s people were half dead or injured.

The giant Blood Tribute Formation started to surge intensely! It was breaking inch by inch!

Mo Yun had no strength to make a comeback as his body trembled with indignance and hatred.


Finally, the Blood Tribute Formation cracked!

The Black Sword Sect people standing at the edges couldn’t escape in time and were swallowed by the violent blood aura and force.

Mo Yun was also affected by the great impact, and his body flew backward. Finally, his pair of eyes was completely bloodshot.

Just when the crowd thought that he was also over, they suddenly saw him stabilize himself forcefully. The next moment, he looked at Chu Liuyue!

“Shangguan Yue, you forced me this time!” His deep voice contained crazily sinister murderous intent. At the same time, a totem suddenly flashed across his brows!

Chu Liuyue looked up, and a thick layer of frost covered her eyes. I know that totem too well—Black Demon Hole! The so-called Black Sword Sect is actually Black Demon Hole, and they have a very intimate relationship!

“Black Demon Hole sent you over?!” This was just asked.

Mo Yun sneered but didn’t reply as he rapidly rushed toward Chu Liuyue!

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force suddenly gathered toward him crazily! In a few short breaths, his strength returned to that of a peak legendary warrior!

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