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1906 Flying Cloud Painting

Rong Xiu’s gaze focused, and cold intent flashed across his eyes!

He bent his long legs slightly. Just as he was about to go forward, he saw that Chu Liuyue was covered by the glowing black shield.

With that, he stopped in his tracks. Nobody can go over at this point. She can only rely on herself for everything!

When the Thirteen Yue Guard saw this situation, they all looked worried. “Master!”

Cen Yi raised his palm to calm them down.

“Big Brother?” This time, not only Thirteen and the rest, but even San San was quite hesitant. Master’s situation doesn’t look optimistic…

However, Cen Yi looked calm and composed and didn’t let anyone refute him.

Although the few of them were anxious, they could only stand obediently.

“Si—” San San wanted to say something more when he suddenly furrowed his brows.

“Third Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Thirteen hurriedly asked.

San San waved his hands, and his chubby face scrunched up. “Nothing, nothing. It’s just… that the small space is about to break!”


Just as he said this, a ray of light flew over from the direction of Clear Water Cliff!

The piece of thin dark-blue actually contained scorching fire, and it landed where the rust had just peeled off.


As if detecting the pressure from the surrounding turbulence, Clear Water Cliff also started collapsing!

Large pieces of rock fell from the mountain, making loud sounds!

San San’s eyelids twitched harshly, and he felt terribly hurt. “M-my treasures!”

If that small space is ruined, my losses are unimaginable! Just thinking of this, his heart ached profusely!

But at this moment, Chu Liuyue—who was standing in midair—suddenly raised her hand!

A silver and red God Realm flew out, looking like a heavenly river landing! In the blink of an eye, it covered Clear Water Cliff.

The shards of light shone quietly. Under this chaos, it was especially eye-catching!

San San’s eyes instantly lit up! Master actually took action personally to protect my space!

“Master is too good! Wuwuwu!” Tears welled up in San San’s eyes. First, it was desperation, then hope. The great changes in emotion are too overwhelming. My heart can’t take it, alright?

Cen Yi glanced at him lightly and raised his brows slightly, not speaking. So many mountains were ruined previously, but Master did not do anything at all. Yet, once Clear Water Cliff moved, Master chose to take action without hesitation. This can only prove that Master is very reluctant to part with that small space.

But seeing San San’s emotions, Cen Yi was kind for once and did not expose her.

“Master’s God Realm… seems stronger than before?” Wu Yao stared at the God Realm that looked like a waterfall that was slowly falling and softly muttered.

“Fifth Brother, you feel it too?”

Yu Jiu nodded in agreement. “I think so too…”

Even though they were still a distance away from Chu Liuyue… Standing here, they could still feel the shocking suppression exuding from the God Realm when it landed.

It wasn’t their first time seeing their master unleash her God Realm, but this time… its aura and suppression was the strongest!

“A God Realm can become stronger?” Thirteen had a face of confusion. “I thought a true god’s God Realm can only have a chance of strengthening after they break through to become a legendary warrior?”

He was still a stage-seven warrior and was far from becoming a true god. Hence, he only heard a lot of his knowledge about true gods from Cen Yi and the rest.

“It is so for an average person, but our master is different!” Shi Fang sighed, looking aggrieved. “What a pity to my garden… It’s about to be ruined…”

On the first day he came to Peach Blossom Dock, he excitedly planted vegetables in the courtyard. Originally, he thought that everything would be smooth, but who knew such a thing would happen?

Great. I can’t eat the vegetables that I grew with much difficulty! Thinking of the happenings recently, Shi Fang’s heart ached. With a rough calculation, I haven’t eaten a proper meal in a long, long while…

The few of them looked at him from the corner of their eyes. What time is it? The people of Peach Blossom Dock are fearing for their own lives. Only Shi Fang is thinking about those vegetables…

However, those few people quickly retracted their gazes. They were long used to Shi Fang behaving like this.

They all looked at Chu Liuyue, wondering if their master could really handle the current situation alone this time…

“This Shangguan Yue is really problematic!”

When the few Nan family elders saw the fires burning everywhere, they became more anxious.

“If Peach Blossom Dock is completely ruined, does she think that she can survive herself?”

The Black Sword Sect’s people were already crazy enough, but they didn’t expect her to be worse! They were dragging everyone down with them!

Luo Yan had a dark face, and he suddenly took out a red scroll.

The red scroll had a faint layer of light covering it. A heavy suppression exuded from it.

When the people at the side saw this scroll, they were taken aback. “Flying Cloud Painting?”

This Flying Cloud Painting was a supreme Yuan instrument and the Nan family’s treasure!

Different from other Yuan instruments that were used to kill and attack or had combat power, this treasure only had one use—no matter who held it, they could forcefully force open the void and send the holder somewhere else in an extremely short amount of time!

To put it more plainly, this was a convenient transportation formation.

Hearing this, most people might think that this item was ordinary and nothing special. However, those who truly understood its power would know how strong this item was!

When one normally fought, this Flying Cloud Painting might not be used. However, it could be used to save lives at crucial moments—like now!

The void in Peach Blossom Dock kept collapsing, and the barrier had fallen, causing the Heaven and Earth Force to completely lose control.

Luo Yan and the rest had previously tried to leave, but they failed. Now, their only hope was this Flying Cloud Painting!

“But at the start, wasn’t this thing with Eldest Young…” An elder spoke in confusion. When he spoke halfway, he suddenly felt that he had said something wrong as he quickly kept quiet and glanced at Luo Yan nervously.

Luo Yan did not have much of an expression. “Before we left, Eldest Young Master specifically gave me this thing to protect it. Originally, we wanted to use it directly to return to the Nan family after we killed Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue…”

The few elders all kept quiet. They knew what was going on.

Actually, they didn’t believe Luo Yan’s words.

The Flying Cloud Painting had a high status in the Nan family, and the master always kept it.

This time, it was probably Master who secretly gave the item to Eldest Young Master, for him to use just in case… Even if he couldn’t win, he could escape!

Nan Yuxing would know the importance of the treasure, so why would he suddenly pass it to Luo Yan? He could clearly use it with him, and it could even protect his life!

But at this point, these questions had no answers.


Luo Yan flicked his wrist, and the Flying Cloud Painting expanded!

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