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1905 Million Fire Summon

Everyone was stunned. This fire… is too much!

Mountains, forests, gullies—there was fire rushing out of every corner of the city!

The entire Peach Blossom Dock sank into an ocean of fire! The originally dark and gloomy sky was illuminated by endless fire!

The dark-blue fire jumped around and burned countless people’s hearts!

“Why is it like this… Why is it like this?”

“There’s actually such a hidden danger under Peach Blossom Dock?”

“What exactly is this fire?”

Countless doubts overwhelmed the crowd and made them panic.

This fire’s aura was very strong and formidable!

Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier had already collapsed, and they couldn’t leave. Once the fire completely spread, they could not even escape!

The discussions gradually became quieter.

Someone whimpered softly.

The crowd from all areas of the city seemed to have sunken into complete desolation. Can we only wait for death now…


A ray of light suddenly flew out from the fire. It drew a straight line in midair and went for Chu Liuyue!

Quite a few people saw this scene. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know… I didn’t see it clearly…”

“This doesn’t seem to be her first time doing this. Previously, there were also things that flew over from the fire that erupted in the many mountains… She seems to be looking for something in the fire?!”

“I remember! The Black Sword Sect’s people were guarding Blue Peak previously, and they also seemed to be searching for something?”

The people in Peach Blossom Dock basically knew everything about what happened during this period of time. Hence, when someone reminded them, many people immediately connected the dots.

With so many pairs of eyes looking, this guess would basically be verified!

But… what exactly is the thing flying out of the fire?

Countless pairs of eyes looked toward Chu Liuyue.

Of course, Chu Liuyue knew what it was.

When the ray of light flew down, she held her breath, focused, and held the black shield tightly.


A familiar cracking sound came! Following that, a piece of rust peeled from the shield!

The mysterious text at the corner was gradually revealed.


That ray of light reached Chu Liuyue.

A dark-blue thin crystal lightly covered the position where the rust peeled.

The crystal light gradually covered it.

The shield in her hands became increasingly heavier! However, this was only the beginning.


Ear-piercing sounds came from all directions!

Chu Liuyue stood in midair and looked over.

In the large Peach Blossom Dock, countless fires burned! Thin crystals that contained light flew out from within!

The black shield seemed to have felt the summoning of a certain force, and it started to tremble slightly!

Chu Liuyue’s hand had already become numb. As she used too much force, her knuckles became white. However, she still used all her force to hold the black shield tightly!

A crisp cracking sound was heard!

Pieces of rust gradually fell. At the same time, a scarily strong and heavy suppression gradually spread from within!


The blood in Chu Liuyue’s body surged out, and her force was overwhelmed!

She suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face became paler than ever!

Bright red stains appeared at the corner of her lips, making her look increasingly frail.

Her slightly trembling body showed that she was undergoing huge amounts of pressure at the moment! However, her dark eyes were cold and gloomy as they turned and shone with composure!

Harsh combat intent burned in her eyes!

Countless rays of light rushed over from all sides of Peach Blossom Dock!


The golden armor on Chu Liuyue’s body suddenly broke under the impact of the terrifying turbulence!

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