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1904 Burning the Sky

Luo Yan and the rest planned to escape in the chaos, but they had to rush back quickly due to the crazily surging force!

Watching the sky that was collapsing inch by inch and the constant shattering noises coming from the ground, Luo Yan felt that his body was being shredded by a huge amount of force!

He hurriedly urged his force and set up the barrier around him! However, the terrifying impact from the force was still frightening!

They even had to circulate all the force in their body to stand on the ground forcefully and not be blown by all the force.

Luo Yan clenched his fists tightly, and his heart beat quickly, almost jumping out of his chest! Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier has completely collapsed, and we have no way of escaping! The Black Sword Sect and Chu Liuyue want to bury us too!

At the same time, the crowd in the city had also detected that something was amiss, and they looked up.

“Oh no! Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier is about to collapse!”

Once this was said, countless people rushed toward the outside of Peach Blossom Dock in panic. However, the Heaven and Earth Force had already lost control completely!

Those who were stronger could still forcefully stand stably. Those who were weak already showed all sorts of reactions.

Faces were pale, and breathing was intense. Some of them couldn’t tolerate the squeezing from the rapidly collapsing space and kept vomiting blood.

All in all, the situation was very terrible.

Corpses were spread all over in the Black Sword Sect’s territory.

The crowd that previously gathered in the city all rushed over and surrounded the Black Sword Sect. The two parties battled intensely.

Many were dead or injured.

An intensely suffocating bloody aura permeated the air.

“The Black Sword Sect wants all of us to die!” Duan Qingquan reacted first and shouted.

The crowd hurriedly reacted. Yeah! If the Black Sword Sect didn’t pursue Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue, if they didn’t unleash the terrifying and strange Xuan formation, if they didn’t trigger the shocking lightning bolts without a care… Why would Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier collapse!?

Everyone wouldn’t be in such a dangerous situation!

Intense anger and vengeance filled everyone’s hearts!

The Black Sword Sect’s people—who were originally on the brink of death—detected the nervous and icy cold atmosphere, and they couldn’t help but feel fear.

At this point, they had already understood that Mo Yun and the others had no plans of coming back to help them. They didn’t even care about their survival!

“The barrier has collapsed, and we’re trapped in here!”

The people who reacted first and tried to escape from Peach Blossom Dock were all stopped by the intersecting space. There were also some people who were heartlessly swallowed by the collapsing space and did not come out.

Hearing the painful moans of those people before they died, the people behind were horrified.

“It’s over… Peach Blossom Dock is over! We’re all going to die here today!” someone muttered with a pale face, his eyes filled with hopelessness.

“Even if I die here today, I have to bring someone from the Black Sword Sect with me!” someone suddenly yelled this harshly in the dead crowd.

This sentence was like a landing meteorite that instantly burned with thick flames!

The situation between the two parties became even more intense!

The people from the Black Sword Sect were already disadvantaged. Now that the flames were fanned, they were in an even worse situation!

It wasn’t only the Black Sword Sect. At this point, the entire Peach Blossom Dock had already entered complete chaos.

On the streets, countless people ran for their lives.

All sorts of stampedes, pushing, killing… happened continuously.

When they realized that Peach Blossom Dock was on the brink of destruction, nobody could keep calm.

In the beginning, there were still many people who tried to escape from the collapsing barrier. But after the batch that died in the beginning, the people behind didn’t dare to take action impulsively.

They escaped to survive, not to die!

More people had already hopelessly chosen to give up.

Inside the Black Sword Sect courtyard, Duan Qingquan slashed his sword.

The Black Sword Sect people’s corpses were all lying on the ground.

There were many sounds of killing in the surroundings. It was like living hell.

“Brother Duan, the barrier is broken. Should we think of a way to retreat?” someone asked nervously.

Quite a few people heard this and looked over.

After this incident, many people had instinctively taken Duan Qingquan as their core. Hence, after this happened, they instinctively asked for Duan Qingquan’s opinion.

Duan Qingquan held the sword and killed someone from the Black Sword Sect who wanted to escape.

Warm blood spurted on his face.

He raised his arm and used his sleeves to wipe the bloodstains. “Retreat? How? To where?”

His voice was very calm.

Those who had stayed in Peach Blossom Dock for long enough would know how terrible the current situation was.

Even though he had been at the Black Sword Sect’s side the whole time, he knew a thing or two about the situation outside.

Those people who tried to retreat all failed. Quite a few of them were strong warriors.

Everything was proving that it would be a dream to escape from this place!

“T-then, are we just going to wait for our death here?”

“Yeah! There can’t be no way at all, right? There’s so many people in Peach Blossom Dock…”

“Why don’t we join hands? Perhaps we’ll have some chance?”

Seeing that Duan Qingquan’s attitude was not optimistic, many people panicked.

At this time, the crowd partook in heated discussions. Even though some were already prepared to die, most of them still hoped that they could survive safely.

Duan Qingquan suddenly looked up at the sky. “If… someone can repair Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier, perhaps we’ll have a chance of survival.”

The crowd fell into dead silence.

How could they not think of this? But the key was… This was as hard as ascending the skies!

Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier wasn’t man-made; it existed naturally! For the past thousands of years, Peach Blossom Dock hadn’t been occupied by anyone because this barrier existed!

Now, the barrier collapsed, and the void was ruined. The entire Peach Blossom Dock sunk into chaos.

Who could repair the barrier?

Everyone was just a fly at this point, and even their struggles were weak. Who could save them?

The sky was still collapsing, and the ground was still shaking intensely.

The air kept squeezing toward the inside.

The crowd inside had mostly felt the suffocating suppression.

More and more people could not endure the pressure and fell.

Most of the Black Sword Sect’s people were killed, but what use did that have? Peach Blossom Dock was ruined, and all of them had to die here!

Duan Qingquan held the longsword tightly and pressed his lips against each other. He looked at the distant sky as if he were waiting for something.


A loud sound was suddenly heard! Following that, a dark-blue fire rushed to the skies!

However, a spark of fire suddenly emerged from the collapsing mountains!

Mo Yun and the rest had seen such a scene too many times, so they didn’t really take it to heart. But before they could react, countless fires erupted from the mountains with many trudges like cannonballs!

Hong hong hong!

The sinister and crazy fire overwhelmed the entire area!

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