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Chapter 187: Promiscuous

“What? You used a fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing to exchange for 200 hours?” Mu Hongyu was so shocked that she jumped up when she heard Chu Liuyue’s explanation. “Are you crazy?”

Chu Liuyue calmly handed her nameplate over. “I’ll lend you 40 hours first. You can return them another day.”

Mu Hongyu hopelessly covered her face. “Elder Wei Yun didn’t scold you? Do you know how precious a fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing is? Forget it if you’re a warrior because you don’t need it, but you’re a Xuan Master!”

“That Xuan formation drawing doesn’t even belong to me in the first place. I won it from Gu Mingzhu the other time. Isn’t it great that I used it to exchange for 200 hours?”

“But even Gu Mingzhu never did such a thing!” When she saw Chu Liuyue’s nonchalance, Mu Hongyu was so angry that she did not know what to say. Even when Gu Mingzhu was loved and doted on in the Gu family, she could not bear to do this. However, why does Chu Liuyue not care about it at all?

“Then, what are you going to do if you want to become a fifth-grade Xuan Master, but you don’t have a Xuan formation drawing to study?”

“Oh, I still have another drawing with me.”

Wan Ling Mountain’s fiends were all killed, so it was not possible to use a fiend’s pearl of essence to exchange for hours. As for medicine refining… she didn’t really want to expose her abilities.

After much thinking, exchanging the Xuan formation drawing was the best way.

Mu Hongyu could tell that Chu Liuyue was very stubborn and could not be convinced. Hence, Mu Hongyu took the nameplate with much pain, and her hands were slightly trembling. What kind of boss did I follow? Do two Xuan formation drawings mean nothing to her?

“Liuyue, tell me honestly. You’re thinking of exchanging the remaining drawing, right?”

Chu Liuyue laughed. “You guessed that too?”

“A third-grade Xuan formation drawing can only exchange for two hours, and a fourth-grade one for 20 hours. Thinking about it, only a fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing is the least troublesome one to exchange.”

“These hours should last for a while. After I’ve finished with the cultivation time, I’ll look for more Xuan formation drawings.”

“… Liuyue, Xuan formation drawings aren’t radishes. Where are you going to find them?”

“Oh, I’ll just draw one myself if I can’t find them.”

“…” Mu Hongyu cupped her fists in admiration. “You’re really heartless.”

Mu Hongyu heard that creating a Xuan formation drawing required a lot of time and effort, but Chu Liuyue looked so calm as if it did not matter at all. Thus, Mu Hongyu could only keep quiet. A genius’s thinking is indeed different from an average person’s.

Chu Liuyue looked at Mu Hongyu and could not help but laugh in her heart. This might be difficult for others, but it’s very simple to me. Even though I’m only a stage-two Xuan Master, my brain contains memories of more than a million different Xuan Master drawings. I can just randomly pick one out to draw.

“Okay, let’s not think so much. The Qing Jiao Competition is coming soon, so you should prepare for it.”

Then, Chu Liuyue decisively transferred 40 hours to Mu Hongyu before taking back her nameplate and leaving.

When Chu Liuyue returned to her place, she discovered that the usually quiet Shuang Qing Lake was much more crowded.

Suddenly, there seemed to be many people by the river and on the bridge. They were all especially beautiful women.

Their eyes looked in a certain direction from time to time.

Chu Liuyue followed their gaze in understanding.

As expected, they are looking at Yi Feng Courtyard.

Rong Xiu wasn’t resting in the yard today. However, this did not stop the enthusiastic women. All of them continued to look in the same direction with admiring and hopeful looks.

Chu Liuyue’s lips twitched as she headed straight for her lodging. When she made it past the fragrant crowd, she finally heaved a sigh of relief, and a thought flashed across her mind: Attracting all the bees and flowers! It seems like Rong Xiu purposely lay at Yi Feng Courtyard to rest that day.

Originally, Chu Liuyue thought that not many people would like Rong Xiu since he always claimed that he was ill and did not have much power in his hands, even though he was very handsome. However, it seemed like she had predicted it wrongly.

Chu Liuyue went up to the second floor, prepared her inkstone, and started writing the formula for the antidote to Red Blood Gu.

She had once seen such a poison in her previous life, but it was when she was very young. Back then, she had been helping her mentor out and wasn’t a heavenly doctor yet. She did not see the formula in detail back then, so she could only remember half of it after such a long time had passed.

She needed to think of how to finish the formula.

The brush was placed in rich ink, and the faint ink fragrance permeated the room.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and instantly felt much calmer when she smelled this. She especially liked the inkstone and the brush.

Suddenly, she remembered that she had not been to Zhen Bao Pavilion in a long time. I wonder if their Master has returned to the Imperial City yet? If he has the time, I would really like to meet him.

Time trickled past.

When Chu Liuyue was done with the formula, it was nearly evening.

She walked to the window and looked at the sky.

The setting sun’s remaining brightness painted the sky with a mesmerizing warm color.

As if unintentionally, Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at the far away yard.

There was still nobody in Yi Feng Courtyard. However, it seemed much quieter outside.

Chu Liuyue was curious and went to the other side to take a look. The originally crowded Shuang Qing Lake was currently empty.

Hm? All of them left?

Just when Chu Liuyue was thinking about this, she saw Yan Qing walk past the bridge. She folded her formula, put it in her arms, and walked down.

Upon seeing Chu Liuyue walking toward him, Yan Qing’s heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly said, “Greetings, Ms. Liuyue.”

With a smile on her face, Chu Liuyue asked, “Yan Qing, did you just come back?”


“Prince Li is living in the academy, but you’re the only one serving him?”

“Yes. His Highness wishes to rest and doesn’t want to cause much trouble, so he only brought me along.”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding. “Quiet? I think His Highness’s wish is a little hard. I live nearby, and even I find it noisy.”

Yan Qing was dazed. “Ms. Liuyue, do you mean… Don’t worry; such a scene will not happen again!”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows.

“I’ve already told them that the Prince needs to rest and that I hoped they wouldn’t bother him. Hence, they immediately left. I’ve already made a trip there and just came back.” Yan Qing hurriedly explained as he felt that Chu Liuyue’s words were too chilly.


Chu Liuyue’s smiling eyes made Yan Qing feel guilty.

“It seems like they’re really genuine towards the Prince.”

Yan Qing just said that the Prince needed to rest, and all of them obediently went back since they were afraid of disturbing him.

“Prince Li really has many women bending their backs to help him.”

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