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1869 Trust

It’s no wonder this fire could spread to this extent in a few short days… Chu Liuyue glanced at San San. “San San, your space—”

San San knew what she was asking and shook his head. “My space shouldn’t be like this. This place is indeed different.”

Chu Liuyue nodded but had even more doubts. The fire on Blue Peak indeed has a very abnormal aura…

Right at this point, a familiar ripple came from her body!

Chu Liuyue’s heart tightened. It is still that black shield!

She didn’t immediately take action and surveyed her surroundings first.

“This barrier has already been hidden, and we can’t see the outside, so the people outside shouldn’t be able to see us either.” Seeming to have guessed her thoughts, Rong Xiu spoke calmly and in affirmation.

Only then did Chu Liuyue feel more at ease. After hesitating for a moment, she summoned the black shield again.

San San instinctively took a step back, his eyes containing nervousness. He was scared by the previous incident! It was to the point that when he saw the black shield again, he would instinctively avoid it.

His throat went dry as his heart beat rapidly. He pointed at the black shield and asked while trembling, “Master, are you planning to let the same thing happen again?”

As he spoke, he looked up with lingering fear, terrified that the barrier would suddenly explode and that a fire would start burning.

Chu Liuyue didn’t say a word. She was still very uncertain about this now.

The black shield’s ripple kept spreading.




The ripple was even stronger than the previous time, and the force it contained became increasingly shocking! Finally, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force gathered again and surged toward this black shield!

A crystallized light surfaced on the shield. Even if it was very weak, it couldn’t be ignored.

The three people present knew clearly how terrifying that light was!

San San pointed at the black shield as his small hand kept trembling, and his entire person was unwell. “Master, i-i-it really started again!”

Chu Liuyue stared at it.

In actual fact, she also wanted to see what this black shield was up to!

The winds howled.

The surrounding force started surging toward this end like tidal waves. All the force entered the black shield continuously.

The tremendous amount of force seemed to have poured into a bottomless pit, and it didn’t cause a ripple at all.

The only change Chu Liuyue could see was that the more force poured in, the brighter the light on the black shield.

Finally, at some moment, crisp breaking sounds were heard!


A rusty corner flicked up at the edge of the shield. It seemed like it was about to be peeled.

“This seems smaller than the one in the small space last time,” analyzed Chu Liuyue calmly.

Rong Xiu looked around his surroundings. “I think… it’s probably because the Heaven and Earth Force here isn’t as rich as in the small space.”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding. Indeed. In comparison, this place can’t be compared to that small space. But… The fire emerged from below the rocks on Blue Peak and later formed this gigantic barrier. Is their true target me? Or perhaps it is this black shield.

Chu Liuyue was very uncertain.

From the side, San San gazed at Chu Liuyue and then at Rong Xiu. Following that, he sighed deeply and didn’t want to speak.

He could finally tell that these two people would always be this calm and nonchalant no matter what situation they were in. Even if the fire was burning their brows, they wouldn’t panic at all.

Only he would be nervous and anxious.

Seeing how composed his master was, San San suddenly felt much more at ease.

He took a deep breath in and clenched his fists tightly. What’s there to worry about? Anyway, it has already happened, so the best choice is to accept it!

Also, if a treasure is really hidden under Blue Peak… Given the current situation, it is most likely Master’s! This is naturally a good thing!

As for the Black Sword Sect outside… We’ll just have to trick them again when we go out!

Thinking in this manner, San San’s entire person became much more relaxed. Anyway, Big Brother and the rest are here. Can we really be bullied by the Black Sword Sect?

“Master, your shield seems to be able to control the fire?” After clearing those messy thoughts, San San quickly discovered the crux of the matter.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes brightened up, and she was in deep thought. “I think so…”

Previously, she didn’t think about this. With San San’s reminder, she then realized it was the case.

She looked behind.

An expanding crack appeared on the ground. The dark-blue fire emerged from within!

The night sky was dark, yet all the candles were lit in Yue Manor’s living room.

Cen Yi and the rest were all gathered here.

The atmosphere was stiff.

“Big Brother, the people from the Black Sword Sect brought Master and the rest to Blue Peak, and they probably don’t have good intentions. Should we go over?” Wu Yao spoke first and broke the silence.

Other than Cen Yi, he was the highest in ranking here.

Once something happened on the Black Sword Sect’s side, they received the news. But for some reason, Cen Yi hadn’t taken action.

The few of them couldn’t hold themselves back and came over.

“Yeah! Big Brother, quite a few people in Peach Blossom Dock have gone over to Blue Peak! Even if we go over now, we won’t attract much attention,” added Yu Jiu hurriedly.

“Besides, perhaps the people from the Black Sword Sect will be even more suspicious of us if we don’t go!”

Previously, they didn’t act recklessly because the news of San San and the rest being locked up in the Black Sword Sect was sealed. But now, almost everyone knew about it, so they shouldn’t have many considerations.

Cen Yi kept quiet for a moment and didn’t immediately reply. Instead, he looked at Yan Qing. “Brother Yan, what do you think?”

The remaining few pairs of eyes all looked over.

Cen Yi called Yan Qing over.

When they noticed Yan Qing’s arrival, Wu Yao and the rest were actually a little confused, but they didn’t ask further. Hearing that Cen Yi actually took the initiative to ask for his opinion now, the few of them were even more confused. What’s going on with Big Brother? Does he plan to have an alliance with Yan Qing?

Yan Qing nodded. “His Highness and the rest should be fine for now, so we don’t have to take action. However… If everyone is really worried, there’s nothing wrong with making a trip over. Wu Yao is right. Blue Peak’s incident has spread far and wide. It seems inappropriate if we still don’t take action.”

The others looked at one another. Yan Qing really doesn’t seem worried at all… Could it be that he really has some confidence?

Upon hearing this, Cen Yi nodded. “Since this is so, then… I’ll personally make a trip over.”

As he spoke, he stood up.

“Big Brother—” The remaining few of them spoke in unison, clearly wanting to go over as well.

“You guys stay here.” Cen Yi didn’t even give them a chance to speak as he glanced at Yan Qing. “Yue Manor will be temporarily handed over to Brother Yan.”

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