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1868 Take for One’s Own

Seeing that Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu had followed over, he hurriedly stood up and limped over.

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “It’s nothing. That fire has no intentions of harming anyone.”

Upon seeing that they were indeed fine, San San then relaxed. “Yeah! I don’t know what’s going on either…”

He loosened his wrist, and a faint red mark from the burn appeared on it.

To outsiders, the previous scene was shocking and dangerous. But in actual fact, the fire was controlled extremely well and didn’t actually hurt them.

San San was grateful and doubtful. He turned around to look. “How did you come in?”

Upon deeper thought, that fire seemed to have done it on purpose…

Chu Liuyue said, “Perhaps… it’s still because of you and your space…”

Before she finished her sentence, she suddenly paused as she knitted her brows and looked up.

The originally translucent barrier now presented itself in a pale white color. This color… seemed extremely similar to the one in the space…

“This fire is absorbing Heaven and Earth Force.”

Rong Xiu’s sentence caused Chu Liuyue and San San to be taken aback. “What?”

Chu Liuyue was filled with curiosity when she saw Rong Xiu staring at the burning fire not far away from the barrier.

There was a faint yet unignorable aura moving in the surroundings.

The invisible air currents seemed to surge toward that burning fire. Following that, the fire’s aura seemed to strengthen at an observable speed!

Chu Liuyue’s pupils narrowed. That fire is indeed absorbing Heaven and Earth Force and turning it into its own strength!

“How…” Chu Liuyue was very shocked. How did this happen? I can understand if it were cultivators or fiends swallowing the Heaven and Earth Force. Other than this, some precious herbs also need nourishment from the force to grow, so this is normal. But… I have never heard that there is a type of fire in this world that can absorb Heaven and Earth Force to use on its own!

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