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1867 Sudden Change

San San turned around in shock. Just as he was about to reject him, he suddenly recalled the scene in that small space. Master just had a thought and triggered a gigantic energy vortex, which directly caused that barrier to burn… Perhaps Master has an even stronger trump card?

Besides, I’ve heard that His Grace is quite capable as well. It will be safer if the two of them follow, and perhaps we can discover some things…

San San asked Mo Yun, “Deputy Sect Master, you think—”

Mo Yun nonchalantly replied, “Up to you.”

It is just two servants; it doesn’t matter if they follow or not. If this Boss San feels that this will make him feel safer, I don’t care if he brings them along. Anyway, the key is still him alone.

After the torture from these few days, Mo Yun’s current mentality had changed greatly. He just wanted to quickly understand what exactly was going on!

What method did he have to use to solve the problem completely!? He was fine with anything else!

San San was instantly elated, but he didn’t show it on the surface. He just coughed and said to Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, “Let’s go then! You must follow me closely later! If something wrong happens, immediately retreat!”

Then, his figure flashed, and he flew forward first.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu followed closely behind him.

Countless gazes landed on them. Without a doubt, they were everyone’s focal point now.

‘It seems like quite a few people are curious about Blue Peak,” said Chu Liuyue softly.

Rong Xiu softly laughed. “If there’s a weather phenomenon, there would likely be treasures descending. Hence, they’re naturally very interested in this.”

In this world, who didn’t want to become stronger, obtain a twist of fate, and shoot up the ranks?

Smelling the intense bloody aura in the air, the corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly, but there wasn’t much smiling intent in her eyes. “It seems like quite a lot of people died previously, so they’re restraining themselves.”

If they didn’t know how dangerous Blue Peak was, they would’ve swarmed up and wouldn’t call San San over. Only in this situation when they needed someone to sacrifice themselves, and the person could only be San San did Mo Yun think of San San and bring him over.

With this thought, San San spent his days with much hardship. The people in the Black Sword Sect only used him from head to toe. Since when have they really cared about San San? When Chu Liuyue thought of this, her gaze turned cold.

Very quickly, the three of them reached the middle of the mountain, and they were about ten steps away from the burning fire.

San San stopped first.

Standing here, he could already feel the scorching heat, the terrifying strength, and suppression from the fire.

San San turned around to look at the two of them with shock in his eyes. “Why do I feel that this fire seems to be much stronger compared to a few days ago…”

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly. “It’s not an illusion, but it is so.”

She felt it too. Besides, the increase in strength didn’t seem like it was purely because the fire was spreading.

San San swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty as he glanced at the fire again and the translucent barrier that appeared at some point.

Actually, he was very familiar with the aura on it. That was because this was almost exactly the same as his space!

Thinking of it, it was reasonable. They were originally the same fire, and the barrier was made by its force, so it should be the same.

San San was nervous to the end.

He walked a few steps forward. The closer he was, the more he felt that his entire person was about to burn.

He reached out, and a fire appeared in his palm.

The moment that fire appeared, it slightly reduced the scorching feeling from the fire opposite him.

San San clenched his teeth and slowly stretched his hand forward. At this point, he was worried that he could not go in and also anxious that he could.

If he couldn’t go in, what if he was hurt by this fire again?

If he could go in… it spelled bigger trouble!

If he smoothly entered this barrier in front of so many people and under so many stares, what would these people think?!

He was very anxious as the fire in his palm finally touched the translucent barrier!


Fire sparks flew everywhere!

The two parties’ forces harshly slammed against each other!

A strong force hurled over, and San San was the first to get hit. His body flew forward uncontrollably!

Soft gasps were heard from the crowd. “Si… It seems like Boss San can’t do it either!”

“I don’t think so, right? I think that the fire is clearly the same. Why can’t Boss San deal with it?”

“That fire looks the same, but who knows about the internal situation? I heard that Boss San had come over with Mo Lin and the rest a few days ago, and he couldn’t solve the fire problem then. After that, he was brought to the Black Sword Sect… If not for such a mysterious barrier appearing today, I’m afraid the people from the Black Sword Sect wouldn’t let him come over either.”

“I was just saying that I didn’t see him for the past few days. So this happened… Even he can’t do it, so I’m afraid the remaining few of us won’t have a chance, right?”

“…That might not be the case. Given the situation on Blue Peak, there’s most likely a treasure descending. If not, why would the Black Sword Sect spend so much time and effort on this? It’s not easy to confirm a twist of fate. Perhaps… either one of us will be lucky enough!”

“Hah, if this twist of fate is given to you, do you really dare to take it? It’s been so long. Can’t you tell that the people from Black Sword Sect are determined to take the treasure in Blue Peak? If you want it… you must have the life to enjoy it!”

This sentence caused quite a few people’s expressions to change as they fell silently simultaneously.

How could they not understand this?

The Black Sword Sect literally had the entire Peach Blossom Dock in its palm. It would be as hard as ascending the skies to be able to take something away right in front of their eyes!

San San forcefully stabilized himself, and his face became much paler. However, he was much more relaxed. That’s great! Now that I am rejected and blocked outside in front of everybody, even Mo Yun can’t force me to enter the barrier. Won’t this incident end?

His eyes rolled, and he made a plan. Mm, I still have to try and put on a complete show! As long as those people believe that I have done my best and still can’t enter, I can escape successfully!

Thinking of this, San San held his breath and focused. He circulated the force in his body as he reached his hand in with stronger force.

This time, the fire on his palm burned even more intensely!


The two fires clashed!

San San was elated—it succeeded!

But just as he turned on his feet and planned to retreat, he shockingly saw that the fire surging out of the mountain rocks spread over to this area suddenly and grabbed onto his wrist tightly! Then, it pulled harshly!

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