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1863 Misunderstanding

It was warm and smooth to the touch.

Her wrist was very thin, as if a slight touch could easily break it. It also seemed like mutton fat jade that was smooth, thin, and extremely precious. If one wasn’t careful, it would break.

Xiao Ba turned around in shock. As she was stunned, she even forgot to fling her hands.

However, Yan Qing was awakened by her sudden gaze and immediately let go of her hands. His actions were rather hurried, so he accidentally touched the pearls around her wrist, revealing a crisp sound.

“Lord… Yan Qing?” Xiao Ba recovered her senses and looked rather interested. This Lord Yan Qing has always been very cold toward me and tries to avoid me to no end. Things like taking the initiative to talk to me and even pulling my hand… This is still the first time.

Xiao Ba’s pretty eyes dazzled as she fearlessly sized Yan Qing up. “Lord Yan Qing, do you have something to say?”

Yan Qing paused in his actions for a moment but still nodded lightly. “Miss Xiao Ba, may I know if it’s convenient for you to step aside and talk to me?”

Xiao Ba didn’t really sleep the entire night, and the thing she wanted to do the most was to return to her bed immediately and have a good night’s rest.

Didn’t he see that she didn’t even care much about her big brother? According to her usual character, even the most important thing in the world had to wait until she was well-rested.

However, Yan Qing’s rare reaction made her very curious. Hence, she decided to stay awake and find out what Yan Qing was planning to talk to her about.

She walked to the side for a distance before she stopped and turned to look at Yan Qing. “Lord Yan Qing, can you speak now?”

Yan Qing followed over, but he didn’t get close to her like before, still maintaining a distance of three steps between them.

Meeting Xiao Ba’s bright and curious gaze, he looked down slightly. After a moment, he seemed to have made up his mind and said, “Miss Xiao Ba, His Highness accompanied Princess Consort out yesterday.”

Xiao Ba nodded. I know! Doesn’t everyone know about this?

“His Highness is very strong and loves and protects the princess consort to the maximum. No matter what, he will never let her be in danger. Therefore… even if they haven’t come back yet, you don’t have to worry.”

Xiao Ba knitted her good-looking brows. We didn’t say anything bad about that person, right? Why did Yan Qing suddenly run over to talk about this?

“Lord Yan Qing, my time is very precious. If you have anything to say, directly say it and don’t beat around the bush.” As Xiao Ba spoke, she yawned. I’m really tired…

Yan Qing looked up.

The lady in front was beautiful, like a flower that always bloomed passionately—dangerous yet fragile.

He paused and sincerely said, “With His Highness’s abilities, he definitely can ensure the princess consort’s safety, so I hope you won’t be too worried. Also… Miss Xiao Ba, you really don’t have to sacrifice yourself so much…”

Hearing this, Xiao Ba was dazed.

Detecting that her expression was amiss, Yan Qing swallowed his remaining words and silently reproached himself. She is still a young lady after all, and it is indeed very awkward to be talked about in this manner to her face… However, I can’t just—

“W-what did you say just now?!” Xiao Ba clenched her teeth, and every word seemed to be squeezed out between her teeth.

Yan Qing cupped his fists and bowed. “If I have offended you, I hope—”

Xiao Ba was so angry that her entire body trembled. “You! You!”

Is there something wrong with this Yan Qing’s brain?! What exactly does he mean? I have many ways to get information and need not resort to whatever he is thinking of!

Seeing how furious Xiao Ba was, Yan Qing was dazed for a moment before finally realizing he might have thought wrongly.

Actually, he couldn’t be blamed for this. Xiao Ba’s previous words really had too much of an alternative meaning.

Cen Yi and the rest disregarded it as they were used to hearing it. However, Yan Qing didn’t understand her at all, and it was hard for him not to misunderstand.

Yan Qing instantly reacted and realized how rude his previous words were to Xiao Ba in her face. He finally looked embarrassed for once as his icy and handsome eyes were awkward and helpless.

His ears also turned slightly red.

Well… This is really a misunderstanding! Yan Qing hurriedly explained, “Miss Xiao Ba, sorry for offending you. I was just worried—”

Xiao Ba sneered, “What are you worried about? Could it be that you’re worried I’ll be taken advantage of?”

Yan Qing was stumped by her question.

This misunderstanding was very overboard to any lady. It was right for the other party to be angry.

Xiao Ba glared, and her chest seemed to have a ball of fire burning.

Her original lethargy had completely disappeared at this moment. She only wanted to cut open his head and see what was contained inside.

“Yan Qing! I’m not afraid to tell you that when I came out to the world, you weren’t even here! You—”

“…Yes.” Yan Qing suddenly spoke and spat out a word.

Xiao Ba instantly stopped and knitted her brows tightly. Yes? What is ‘yes?’

“The Black Sword Sect is evil. I was indeed worried that you would be taken advantage of, Miss Xiao Ba.”Yan Qing took a deep breath in. His eyes were clear as he carefully explained himself.

Xiao Ba looked at him in a daze, and her throat suddenly tightened. Her remaining words just got stuck in her throat and couldn’t go up or down.

The Thirteen Yue Guard each had their own capabilities; She was not an exception. Everyone had been together for many years, so they knew each other’s backgrounds very well.

To Cen Yi and the rest, all the men who met Xiao Ba would be doing great if they weren’t tortured to death, so they were basically not worried about her. Hence, it was the first time she heard such words.

Knowing that Xiao Ba was safe and well, Yan Qing could relax. If something really happened, I really wouldn’t be able to give an answer to His Highness. Luckily, it was just a scare.

Yan Qing solemnly apologized again. “It was a misunderstanding just now. Miss Xiao Ba, please forgive me.”

Xiao Ba took a step back and anxiously threw a sentence out. “What’s there to be worried about me!?”

Then, she hurriedly turned around to leave.

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