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1859 Not Fighting

“No, I mean after Mo Yun goes to Blue Peak and comes back, he would have some reaction toward us, right? Like ask us about some stuff…” San San didn’t dare to think about being directly released. But now that there was no reaction at all, he felt very uneasy and thought that something was about to happen.

“Do you think they would have solved the problem at Blue Peak?” Chu Liuyue laughed. “If it’s solved, but they don’t want to announce the matter, it’s normal for them to lock us up for a few more days. If it’s not solved… they naturally can’t care about us.”

San San rubbed his face. Master’s words are as if she didn’t speak.

“There’s no use if you keep worrying about this now. If you have the time, why don’t you properly cultivate?” Chu Liuyue raised her chin. “If you were strong enough, you might’ve been able to solve that fire today.”

It was fine if she didn’t mention this, but once she did, it made San San uncomfortable.

He kept feeling that this wasn’t his ambition and that it was fine if he was adequately strong. Why waste the effort to cultivate? However, today’s incident was really a slap to his face.

I couldn’t even protect my own master. I should reflect!

“Master, you’re right.” San San nodded shyly.

Chu Liuyue nodded in comfort. San San’s talent was originally quite good. If he is willing to put in the effort, he won’t be worse than the others in the Thirteen Yue Guard.

She glanced outside.

The sky had already darkened.

If we haven’t gone back by now, the people in Yue Manor will be worried…

Just as Chu Liuyue was thinking about how to send the news back, the air suddenly rippled! Following this, a green figure walked out from inside!

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