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1856 Contention

Mo Lin lowered his head even more and immediately explained in detail what had happened at Blue Peak.

With every word he said, Mo Yun’s expression turned colder. After hearing this, Mo Yun’s expression could no longer be described as ugly.

“…Deputy Sect Master, it’s all our fault for being useless—”


Before Mo Lin could finish speaking, he was ruthlessly interrupted by Mo Yun!

The loud slap made the atmosphere even colder.

The other Black Sword Sect people kneeling at the side were shocked when they saw this situation.

Mo Lin was Mo Yun’s trusted aide and was usually valued. Mo Yun had never been so angry at him, let alone slap Mo Lin in public.

It was obvious that he was really angry.

Mo Lin knew he was guilty and didn’t dare to beg for mercy. He only grunted in pain and kneeled back down.

“What did I tell you previously?! It seems that you’ve forgotten it all!” Mo Yun’s face was ashen. He wished he could kill all these people in front of him! How many times have I said to be careful—be careful! In the end, you still caused such a huge trouble!

Blood trickled from Mo Lin’s mouth.

Mo Yun was still angry. He stepped forward and kicked Mo Lin’s chest again. “You did a good job!”

This time, he used all his strength. Mo Lin’s body flew out uncontrollably and landed heavily on the ground!


Mo Lin spat out another mouthful of blood, his face as pale as a ghost.

Seeing how angry Mo Yun was, the remaining people were also worried. The deputy sect master is so angry that it’s impossible for him to punish Mo Lin alone. I’m afraid that all of us—

“Everyone who went to Blue Peak with you is here?” Mo Yun suddenly turned around and looked at them coldly.

Mo Lin struggled to his feet and answered weakly, “…Deputy Sect Master, they’re all here…”


Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Yun had already attacked!

A cold sword light flashed!

Those people were actually decapitated!

Blood splattered everywhere.

The men were killed before they could even beg for mercy.

A head rolled to Chu Liuyue’s feet. A few drops of warm, sticky blood splashed onto her boots.

That person’s eyes bulged, and there was still deep shock and fear on his face. His face was terrifying.

The corners of her eyes twitched.

Now, other than Mo Yun and Mo Lin, there were only the three of them in front of the backyard door.

Seeing this scene, San San’s heart almost jumped out! Oh my god! Mo Yun is trying to silence us!

Except for Mo Lin, he dealt with the rest without even blinking. Mo Yun didn’t even let his own people off, let alone others.

San San said shakily, “Deputy Sect Leader—”

“Boss San, on account of our past friendship, I’ll give you face. You can deal with your people yourself.” Mo Yun’s words were concise, but he asked San San to kill Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu personally!

Chu Liuyue slowly clenched her fists in her sleeves.

When San San heard this, his mind went blank for a moment. “This, this—”

He swallowed hard. His throat was dry, and his body was tense. “Deputy Sect Master, my two servants are just following me to pick herbs today. They don’t know anything else! You also know that it’s not easy for me to nurture these people…”

Mo Yun glanced at San San with cold eyes. “So Boss San is unwilling to cooperate?”

San San gritted his teeth. What kind of cooperation is killing my own men? It’s fine if he usually takes my natural treasures, but now, it is even worse!

He coughed and looked troubled. “Deputy Sect Master, you… Let me do something else, no problem. But this matter… I really can’t do it!”

Mo Yun frowned. Usually, San San is very easy to talk to. It is rare for him to disobey my orders.

“It’s just two servants. What’s so important? If Boss San feels sorry, I’ll send a few more useful ones to you.”

In any case, the entire Black Sword Sect doesn’t lack people.

San San complained endlessly. Then, he took a deep breath. “Deputy Sect Master, I’ve always respected you very much. I also know that I’m able to get to where I am today because of you. Today, if you want anything else, I’ll definitely give it to you without hesitation! However, if you want their lives now… Forgive me for not agreeing!”

He didn’t seem to notice the sudden cold aura on Mo Yun and said in a low voice, “I just brought my own people to open up a small business at Peach Blossom Dock. If I kill them personally today to protect myself, how many people in my Yue Manor will be disappointed if word gets out in the future?”

Mo Yun said proudly, “What happened in the Black Sword Sect will never be spread to anyone.”

“But I know.” San San’s attitude was rarely firm as he said word by word, “Even if others don’t know, the heavens and the earth know. I probably won’t be able to sleep well every day and night in the future!”


Mo Yun swung the sword in his hand, and the cold and sharp sword tip pressed against San San’s neck! “Boss San, it seems like you want to do this the hard way.”

A stab of pain ran down his neck.

A faint smell of blood filled the air.

San San’s face was very pale, but his expression was exceptionally firm. “Deputy Sect Master, I know what you’re worried about. However, I can swear on my life that I won’t let anyone else know about what happened today!”

Mo Yun stared at him suspiciously. Actually, I didn’t expect this matter to cause such a huge reaction. They are just two servants…

Seeing the anger and unwillingness in San San’s eyes, Mo Yun’s heart skipped a beat. As the saying goes, ‘a rabbit will bite when it is desperate.’ It seems that we have really pushed him too far.

Perhaps it was because he had been asked to double the herbs yesterday that he was already quite dissatisfied. Now that this happened again today, he couldn’t take it anymore and finally exploded.

Mo Yun naturally had a brain to be able to become the deputy sect master. After a slight turn, he thought of a reason for San San’s abnormal behavior.

Actually, he was right. After this series of events, San San’s tolerance for them had indeed reached its limit. However, the real reason why he exploded was actually that these two people were his master and his master’s man!

Could he not make a scene? Even if he had to offend the other party to death today, he had to do this!

But Mo Yun knew nothing about it.

After thinking about it repeatedly, Mo Yun finally put away the sword, and his expression softened. “Boss San, why are you in such a hurry? You’re an honored guest of my Black Sword Sect. Since you want to keep them, just keep them.”

San San looked at Mo Yun to make sure that he wasn’t joking. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief. “I was in a hurry just now. I hope you don’t mind—”

Mo Yun shook his head. “It’s all a small matter. It’s just that I trust Boss San, but I don’t trust the two of them. If Boss San wants to bring them away safely, it’s fine—as long as they take the Essence Dissipating Pill.”

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