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1855 Speculation

“Welcome, Lord Mo Lin!” The guard standing at the door bowed respectfully.

Mo Lin didn’t stay long. He only nodded coldly and strode inside.

The three of them followed behind.

Perhaps because of Mo Lin, although the guards were a little surprised, they quickly restrained their expressions and looked down.

San San swallowed nervously.

Although he had always interacted with the Black Sword Sect in the past year or two, he rarely entered through the main entrance. He didn’t know what kind of storm he would face this time, nor did he know when he would come out…

Thinking that his master was still behind him, his racing heart finally calmed down a lot. Taking a deep breath, he followed.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu looked at each other and quietly walked forward.

The moment she crossed the threshold, Chu Liuyue immediately sensed a subtle energy fluctuation brush past her.

Her heart tightened. There is actually a transparent barrier here! Most importantly, I didn’t notice anything before I came over! The person who set up this barrier must be extremely powerful!

She became even more vigilant of the Black Sword Sect.

These thoughts flashed through her mind quickly, but she didn’t show it on her face.

Along the way, she kept her head slightly bowed, like a servant who had really not seen much of the world. She followed San San nervously and silently.

Rong Xiu was beside her, and she could still smell the faint cold fragrance on him. This made her feel much more at ease.

It was purely an accident that they came today, but it was indeed a rare opportunity to investigate the Black Sword Sect!

Thinking of the scene she had seen that day—the surging dark clouds in the sky and the countless lightning bolts that flashed down—she felt that something was wrong with the Black Sword Sect.

“Where’s the deputy sect master? I have something to report.”

As soon as Mo Lin walked through the door, someone welcomed him. Hearing Mo Lin’s words and looking at his expression, the person knew that something had really happened and hurriedly said, “The deputy sect master is practicing his sword in the backyard now. I’ll go ask for instructions—”

“No need. I’ll go myself!” Mo Lin waved his hand and headed straight for the backyard.

Things were urgent, so there was no time.

“Lord Mo Lin, these few?” Seeing that he couldn’t stop them, the person didn’t say anything else. But when he glanced at the three of them, he looked very hesitant. Of course, I know Boss San, but hadn’t he just been here yesterday? Moreover… When he came here in the past, he had always been alone and had never brought anyone along.

Why did he bring two attendants today? Lord Mo Lin should know the rules. In that case, there is a reason why he had no choice but to bring these two people over…

Mo Lin paused. “Let them come together!”

The man hesitated, then nodded in agreement.

San San broke out into a cold sweat. Even I have never been to the backyard of the Black Sword Sect! If we really go over, it will be fine on my side. However, the two of them—

San San gritted his teeth and looked at Mo Lin’s back, cursing the other party’s ancestors again. Mo Lin is clearly determined to find trouble with us!

Compared to San San’s nervousness, Chu Liuyue’s mentality was much better.

As early as when Mo Lin said he wanted them to come over too, she knew that she was in big trouble today. But at this point, they had no other choice.

The group walked towards the backyard.

The residence of the Black Sword Sect was larger and more imposing than Yue Manor. However, there were much fewer people here than she had expected.

The entire mansion seemed a little empty. At the very least, this was the case for the places they had passed.

Chu Liuyue thought to herself, It’s said that the Black Sword Sect has been expanding its recruitment. In the past year or two, the power of the gang has been increasing. Logically speaking, there should be a lot of people here. But from what I’ve seen, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

But the deeper they went, the tenser the atmosphere became. Even Mo Lin’s expression became much more solemn.

Finally, after a long walk, they finally arrived at the gate to the backyard.

Mo Lin was about to step forward when someone walked out.

At this moment, Chu Liuyue clearly felt that the surrounding space seemed to have frozen!

Mo Lin was already the first to bow. “Greetings, Deputy Sect Master!”

The people behind him hurriedly kneeled down as well.

San San didn’t kneel. His status here was special, so there was no need for him to do this.

But when he saw who it was, his attitude immediately became eager.

Chu Liuyue took a quick glance and quickly lowered her eyes.

She only had time to see a black figure, but she didn’t look at his appearance. She knew very well that this person was the second-in-command of the Black Sword Sect, Mo Yun!

In front of such a powerhouse, any small action could expose her identity. Thus, she was very cautious.

Rong Xiu was naturally the same.

The two of them stood at the back, almost invisible.

Chu Liuyue bowed and stared at her toes. She heard a voice say, “Mo Lin? Why did you come over so rashly?”

He was dignified without anger. Even when facing his confidant, his voice still carried a faint coldness.

Mo Lin kneeled down and asked for forgiveness. “Deputy Sect Master, Mo Lin is guilty! Please punish me!”

Mo Yun’s expression turned cold. “Did you… just return from Blue Peak?”

Chu Liuyue was suddenly surprised. From what they said, Mo Yun didn’t know about this. Now that Mo Lin has yet to speak, how did he guess that it had something to do with Blue Peak?

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