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1825 Hand in Hand

Three days passed in a flash.

Everyone was very surprised to know that Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue were planning to leave the Sky-Cloud Empire and go to Peach Blossom Dock.

Regarding this, Rong Xiu only said that it was the place where they found their love. Now that they were getting married, he wanted to go back and take a look.

This explanation made sense, so nobody continued to ask. Except…

“Why is Yan Qing going too?!”


Xiao Ba broke the hairpin in her hand with a murderous look.

Yu Jiu silently put away her wooden sword, afraid that she would break it out of anger.

It had only been used for a few days.

“Eighth Sister, since His Highness is going with our master, he naturally has to bring someone along. Isn’t it normal for Yan Qing to be his trusted aide?”

Besides, Peach Blossom Dock is a place full of dangers. It’s also convenient to bring more people!

“That’s right. Compared to the number of people Master is bringing with her, His Grace only brought Yan Qing. That’s already very few. Besides, I heard that Yan Qing’s strength isn’t bad. He might be able to help at critical moments.”

Wu Yao asked as he packed his luggage, “By the way, Xiao Ba, didn’t you go and spar with him previously? How was it?”

It was fine if they didn’t talk about this, but at the mention of this, Xiao Ba was furious. Her beautiful eyes were burning with anger! “That Yan Qing isn’t a man at all!”

Shi Fang—who was carefully putting away the vegetables he had planted—finally looked up and asked hesitantly, “Eighth Sister… have you… tried?”


Xiao Ba threw out the broken hairpin in her hand!

The sound of air being torn apart came. Shi Fang hurriedly dodged, picked up his vegetables, and ran.

Xiao Ba let out a long breath and snorted. “I didn’t even fight with him that day!”

Originally, she had gone to argue with the other party; of course, her ethos was basically to do it.

But when she saw Yan Qing, he was unwilling to help no matter what she said. From beginning to end, he had no intention of fighting her. He didn’t even bother to talk to her.

In Yan Qing’s eyes, Xiao Ba was just a willful little girl.

He had always been cold-hearted. He naturally wouldn’t argue with her about this, nor was he willing to waste time on such things.

Unfortunately, in Xiao Ba’s eyes, this was blatant contempt for her! Hence, this grudge was completely formed.

Wu Yao was not surprised and smiled. “You’re Master’s man. If he hits you, what if you complain to Master later? I think this Yan Qing is quite smart.”

Women were the worst to provoke.

Xiao Ba narrowed her eyes dangerously, then suddenly revealed an enchanting and charming smile. “Anyway, there are plenty of opportunities on the way. How can I be afraid of him?!”

Cen Yi pushed open the door. “Let’s go.”


Beach Blossom Dock was thousands of miles away from the Sky-Cloud Empire. In the middle, there were several transportation formations. Even if everything went smoothly on the journey, it would take at least ten days.

On the way, they weren’t slow.

In the beginning, Chu Liuyue was still a little worried about the Thirteen Yue Guard. After all, running around like this consumed a lot of energy. But very quickly, she realized that she was overthinking it.

Even Little Thirteen, who had the lowest cultivation level, had never fallen behind. She was a little surprised by this, but on second thought, the Thirteen Yue Guard had probably trained themselves to run outside in the past few years.

Although their cultivation levels had increased compared to before, the increase was not obvious. But for some reason, she still felt that they seemed to have become much stronger in all aspects.

As she had been traveling, she did not ask carefully.

About 13 days later, the group finally arrived at Peach Blossom Dock.

As they came out of the transportation formation, they could see a desolate wasteland.

In the wasteland, the ground was cracked, and ravines crisscrossed.

Directly in front of them, a huge transparent curtain of light fell from the sky. On the other side of the light curtain was a completely different scenery from here.

In the rolling mountains, large pink peach blossoms spread.

It was a lively scene, but looking at it like this, it was difficult to believe that it was actually a dangerous place.

At this moment, there were actually more people than just Rong Xiu and the others at the transportation formation.

The transportation formation was huge. Although it was old and had traces of time, it was still operating quite well.

There were all kinds of people around the teleportation array. At a rough glance, there were at least a hundred people.

When they appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of these people.

Rong Xiu only brought Yan Qing along this time, but there were already nine of them. Their sudden appearance here was quite eye-catching. More importantly, the aura of their group was too extraordinary.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that they came from noble backgrounds and were definitely not mortals. Only a top-notch aristocratic family could nurture such bearing.

When those people’s gazes landed on her with scrutiny and suspicion, Chu Liuyue quietly sized up her surroundings. Among them, a few obscure and powerful auras caught her attention.

A chill suddenly rose from the bottom of her feet! But when she wanted to take a closer look, the sense of danger disappeared again.

Those gazes dissipated almost at the same time, leaving no place to check.

She quietly surveyed her surroundings. However, the people around them quickly looked away.

Actually, those who chose to come to Peach Blossom Dock were basically not simple people.

All kinds of people arrived here every day.

There were down-and-out young masters and vicious fugitives.

There were beautiful girls and old men.

Hence, although their appearance attracted some attention, it was very short-lived.

The first reason everyone came here was to enter Peach Blossom Dock and survive!

“Let’s go.” Rong Xiu raised his chin, held her hand, and walked forward.

The group followed.

The transportation formation was not far from the curtain of light, so they didn’t spend too much time arriving in front of it.

Chu Liuyue lightly heaved a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect to come here again in my lifetime.

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