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1824 Chasing After His Wife

San San was very talented in martial arts, but he didn’t care much about cultivation. Even if one was whipping behind him, he was unwilling to sit there and cultivate.

He liked doing business. To be precise, he liked to earn money and save money.

When the others in the Thirteen Yue Guard went to cultivate, he was the only one who wandered around the streets of the capital with an abacus.

At first, Chu Liuyue wanted to save him and bring him back to the right path, but seeing that it was really useless, she gave up. Moreover, she also handed over many of the businesses under her name to San San to manage.

But that was a few years ago in Tianling.

San San was smart, tactful, and had his own philosophy. No matter who he followed, he could become friends. Hence, when the Thirteen Yue Guard scattered in all directions, she was rather worried about the others but felt very at ease with San San.

Even in a desperate situation, he could always find a way to avert danger. It was precisely because of this that after she calmed down a little, she didn’t ask about the situation in detail.

Unexpectedly, San San gave me such a big surprise. Looking at the letter in her hand, Chu Liuyue fell into deep thought.

She knew very well what Cen Yi and the others were thinking. The so-called acquisition of an industry was just a tactful excuse. The real goal was to establish a force that they could call their own in the God Residence Realm!

This was also what Chu Liuyue had been thinking about. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have roped in Lin Zhifei so early.

It was naturally good to marry Rong Xiu and become the Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort. However, such prosperity and stability were built on other people’s territory.

Let’s ask the simplest question: She could stay at the Sky-Cloud Empire, but what about the others?

Shangguan Jing, Shangguan You, Chu Ning, the Thirteen Yue Guard… These people were the closest to her. They could stay by her side all the time, but they seemed to have no reason to stay at the Sky-Cloud Empire.

If she really wanted to gain a foothold in the God Residence Realm and have her own power, this was absolutely necessary!

She still clearly remembered the conversation she had overheard at the foot of Suming Peak. Actually, those people weren’t the only ones who thought so.

After the wedding, those discussions disappeared. However, that was because she had Rong Xiu, her master, and more importantly, Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen to support her.

It wasn’t because of her.

Admittedly, she was more talented and stronger than most cultivators now. She had a bright future. But in the God Residence Realm, a person’s strength was limited unless she could become the one standing at the top.

However, there were thousands of cultivators in the world. Who dared to say that they were definitely the chosen one?

How glorious was Shangguan Jing a thousand years ago? However, he was still inferior to those aristocratic families in terms of fighting alone.

Since she planned to stay here, then… she had to occupy a place for herself!

Cen Yi stood with his hands at his sides, waiting quietly.

After a while, Chu Liuyue put away the letter. “Inform the Thirteen Yue Guard that we’ll go to Peach Blossom Dock together in three days.”

When Chu Liuyue returned to the temple, Rong Xiu was already waiting in the room.

It was already evening, and the light of the setting sun poured in through the window.

Rong Xiu was reclining on a rattan chair, a book in hand.

The warm orange glowed gold as it fell brilliantly on his snow-white brocade robe.

He looked up at the sound of footsteps, and his thin lips curved. “You’re back.”

Chu Liuyue held the door frame and looked at him.

A very strange feeling suddenly arose in her heart. She had never felt like this before.

When she stepped across the threshold, someone was already waiting in the house. When they saw her, they would smile and say, “You’re back.”

It was as if countless storms and snow outside were easily isolated by this sentence. For the first time, she realized clearly that she was already married to Rong Xiu.

From now on, they had one thing in common—home.

Seeing that she didn’t move, Rong Xiu put down the book in his hand and walked over. “What’s wrong? Why are you so lost in thought?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head and walked over to hold his hand, her lips curling up slightly. “I was thinking that it would be good if I married you earlier.”

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows, clearly delighted by this sentence.

As Chu Liuyue walked in, she asked, “How’s the clan leader?”

“He’s still the same. He has no signs of waking up and has been relying on medicinal pills to extend his life.” Rong Xiu’s tone was calm.

This was what he had expected.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Rong Xiu and Baili Chun didn’t have a good relationship, so there wasn’t much need to care about him. In addition, judging from what had happened to Baili Chun previously, it might not be a bad thing for him to be unconscious.

Sometimes, living soberly was very painful.

She walked to the rattan chair and sat down.

The rattan chair was very wide and could accommodate two people. Hence, Rong Xiu lay down beside her.

The two of them stayed together in silence without a need to speak. They could already feel each other.

Chu Liuyue snuggled into his arms and looked up at him. “Rong Xiu, I want to go to Peach Blossom Dock in a few days.”

Rong Xiu brushed the hair off her forehead and kissed her forehead. “Oh? Why did you suddenly think of this?”

Chu Liuyue then told him about San San and her plans. “Although the situation at Peach Blossom Dock is complicated, San San should be prepared since he wrote a letter.”

Generally speaking, if one person in a marriage proposed to go out and establish their own power right after their wedding, it would definitely cause the other party to be dissatisfied. However, Chu Liuyue didn’t have this worry.

She had nothing to hide from Rong Xiu. She trusted Rong Xiu and believed that he would understand her thoughts.

Sure enough, Rong Xiu nodded after hearing this. “Sure. Shall I go with you?”

Chu Liuyue leaned closer and smiled slyly. “Your Highness, aren’t you worried that I’ll establish myself?”

Rong Xiu suddenly chuckled, his chest trembling.

He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her lips. His voice was lazy and relaxed. “If you establish yourself, I’ll take the initiative to marry into your family. What’s wrong with that?”

He wasn’t afraid of death, let alone anything else.

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