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1813 More And More Backers

Someone else is coming!? When everyone heard this voice, they looked out of the door. Why does the wedding seem to be getting more and more lively?

“It’s already so late. Who will come?”

“I don’t know… Most of the people who have dealings with the Sky-Cloud Empire in the God Residence Realm are here, right?”

Many people were speculating.

Soon, the figure arrived from the horizon and appeared in front of the hall! He was so fast that the person in charge of announcing his arrival outside didn’t have time to make a sound.

The hall fell silent.

All eyes were on the newcomer. He was a man who looked to be in his 40s. He was tall and burly, his face angular.

At this moment, he was walking in with a fervent smile.

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know him… but he looks imposing. He doesn’t seem to be an ordinary person…”

“When did such a person appear in the God Residence Realm?”

Yi Zhao sat up straight and stared at the newcomer.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue stood up together.

Rong Xiu smiled. “Senior Miao Zhen, you’re finally here.”

Everyone was stunned when Rong Xiu called the new arrival ‘Miao Zhen.’

A moment later, someone seemed to have thought of something and gasped. Miao Zhen?! Could it be…

Miao Zhen laughed. “You also know that there have been too many things on Godly Dragon Island recently, so I’m a little late. But don’t worry. I didn’t forget to bring the wedding gift!”

His voice was strong, echoing clearly through the entire hall and into everyone’s ears.

When they heard ‘Godly Dragon Island,’ almost everyone’s expressions changed! Isn’t that the territory of the great phoenix dragon clan? Thinking back to how Rong Xiu had called him Senior Miao Zhen…

“Isn’t that the genius from a thousand years ago in the great phoenix dragon clan?”

“Miao Zhen… Miao Zhen! How could it be him? Rumor has it that he went crazy—” The man didn’t dare to say the rest because Miao Zhen had already looked over.

Miao Zhen was still smiling, but when his eyes swept over the speaker, they were so powerful that they made the latter’s heart tremble.

“It seems that everyone is still not well-informed.” Miao Zhen looked around and raised his eyebrows. “Since everyone is here today, I might as well take the chance to introduce myself. I’m Miao Zhen, the new great phoenix dragon clan leader! When we meet again in the future, don’t mistake me for someone else.”

Clan leader?

Someone couldn’t help but ask, “Isn’t Miao Yang the great phoenix dragon clan leader?”

Miao Zhen waved his hand indifferently. “Oh, Miao Yang? He killed and framed his own race. He’s a sinner of our great phoenix dragon clan. Now, his dragon scales have been peeled off, and he’s imprisoned. What, do you want to meet him?”

The person who asked the question turned pale. “No, no… I was just… just asking casually…”

The reaction of the others present wasn’t much better than this person’s. It was simply a thunderclap!

Miao Zhen, who was rumored to have died long ago, suddenly appeared and directly became the clan leader. On the other hand, Miao Yang—the existence who has been the clan leader for hundreds of years—actually became a sinner overnight and was even sentenced to capital punishment?

Actually, it was not their fault for being insufficient in information. It was too difficult to ask about the great phoenix dragon clan.

Godly Dragon Island’s geographical location was special, and ordinary people didn’t know where it was at all. In addition, the great phoenix dragon race had always been rather arrogant. Without any tricks, the humans couldn’t know anything about them.

Most importantly, Miao Zhen had indeed been busy purging the clan recently and blocked the news deliberately. Outsiders had no way of knowing.

But since he had appeared today, he naturally had to make things clear.

As Miao Zhen spoke, he retracted his gaze and waved his sleeve. A purple-gold stream of light then flew out!

Rong Xiu raised his hand, and the purple-gold stream of light landed in his palm, transforming into a palm-sized dragon scale.

However, this dragon scale was different from ordinary dragon scales. A totem was drawn on it with bright patterns.

Rong Xiu’s eyes sparkled.

Chu Liuyue also sensed the shocking aura contained in the dragon scale and couldn’t help but widen her eyes. “Senior Miao Zhen, this is—”

“Haha, I previously hadn’t thought of what to give you. After all, there are many treasures in the Sky-Cloud Empire. After thinking about it, I plan to give you this Crimson Heart Dragon Scale! In the future, with this thing, you will be my Godly Dragon Island’s esteemed guests and can enter and leave at will. If there’s any danger, use the dragon scale, and my people will definitely spare no effort to help!”

At this point, he paused and looked at Chu Liuyue in admiration. “You’re really beautiful. Rong Xiu, you’re very lucky!”

“Yes.” Rong Xiu’s smile deepened, and the corners of his eyes seemed to relax a little. It is indeed my greatest blessing to be able to marry her.

Miao Zhen’s low and powerful voice knocked heavily on everyone’s hearts.

Some people were already in a daze. This… Even the great phoenix dragon clan has come to support Shangguan Yue? When did they meet? They seem to be especially close?

If not for their strong friendship, Miao Zhen wouldn’t have such an attitude! Not only did he personally come to congratulate her, but he also gave her the Crimson Heart Dragon Scale!

“Thank you, Senior Miao Zhen. Please take a seat,” Chu Liuyue said with a smile.

Miao Zhen’s position had been arranged long ago. He happened to be sitting opposite Yi Zhao.

The two leaders of the ancient legendary fiend clans looked at each other. In an instant, sparks seemed to fly!

At this moment, everyone in the hall clearly sensed that the air seemed to have frozen!

Who didn’t know that the relationship between the great phoenix dragons and the red-gold heavenly phoenixes had always been rather subtle?

Both sides never casually stepped into each other’s territory, but both openly and secretly, they had been secretly competing.

Now that Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen had seen each other, they really felt a little tense!

Will these two fight on the spot…

Just as everyone was filled with worry, Miao Zhen was the first to laugh. “Brother Yi Zhao, how have you been!?”

His smile broke the stalemate.

Yi Zhao’s face was expressionless as usual. “I haven’t congratulated Brother Miao Zhen for clearing your name and returning to your peak.”

Miao Zhen glanced at Tuan Zi, his face filled with emotion. “With Tuan Zi, Brother Yi Zhao is really enviable!”

These words pleased Yi Zhao.

It was useless to praise him, but as long as he praised Tuan Zi, his attitude would be much gentler.

“Not at all. Thank you for your care, Brother Miao Zhen.”

Miao Zhen laughed. “How am I taking care of her? Tuan Zi has been following A’Yue. From beginning to end, she has been the one taking care of Tuan Zi.”

When Yi Zhao heard this, he was slightly moved. He looked at Chu Liuyue and nodded slightly. “Thank you.”

Chu Liuyue hurriedly rejected it and smiled. “You’re too kind. I promised you I would take good care of Tuan Zi, and that’s all I have to do.”

The atmosphere gradually became harmonious, leaving everyone in the hall dumbfounded. Why are they talking about old times?

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