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1812 Backing

Yi Zhao’s body stiffened, and his hands trembled in excitement.

What hadn’t he seen in his life? Even in the face of death, his heart wouldn’t beat so fast.

However, this feeling… was wonderful. His entire body felt as if he was soaking in a hot spring. It was warm, relaxed, and smooth.

In short, it was comfortable!

At this moment, he even felt that if Tuan Zi wanted the stars in the sky, he would find a way to pluck them and give them to her.

As long as she was happy!

Elder Yi Yu watched from the side and was petrified. I seem to have helped Yi Zhao? I’m jealous!

But at this moment, everyone in the hall was more than jealous. They were going crazy!

Everything that had happened in this short period of time contained too much information!

What did that little girl call Yi Zhao? Clan Leader Grandpa? Then, wouldn’t she be the red-gold heavenly phoenix that has contracted with Shangguan Yue?!

No, what happened to looking for trouble? What happened to the noble bloodline of the ancient legendary fiends that can’t be tainted? What happened to not interacting with the humans and drawing a line?

What is going on now?

That little girl clearly still has a contract with Shangguan Yue. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to suddenly appear beside Shangguan Yue just now.

Does Yi Zhao not care? And he is so intimate and doting!

Besides, don’t red-gold heavenly phoenixes have to become an adult to transform into a human? This little girl clearly looks very young!

Someone braced himself and asked, “…May I ask… Clan Leader Yi Zhao, this is…”

This time, Yi Zhao finally turned around and gave him a look. “I forgot to introduce you. This is Tuan Zi, also the young mistress of my red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!”

Dead silence.

This short sentence was no different from a thunderclap that exploded in Tongshen Palace!

Everyone was stunned, and all of them had very interesting expressions. Young Mistress… This little girl is actually the young mistress of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!

No, that isn’t the most important thing. Most importantly, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress is Shangguan Yue’s contracted legendary fiend! What does this mean?

Nobody knew what that meant because this had never happened before!

A moment ago, they were still thinking that because of the contract with the red-gold heavenly phoenix, Shangguan Yue might be targeted by Yi Zhao. The next second, Yi Zhao threw out such a bomb!

How could anyone accept this?

No, where did such a person come from? It’s fine if you have contracted a legendary fiend, but it had to be an ancient legendary fiend. Even if it is an ancient legendary fiend, it was actually the young mistress? Normal people wouldn’t even dare to dream of this!

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, Elder Yi Yu, please sit!”

Then, she looked at everyone in the hall and smiled even more warmly. “What are you waiting for? Sit down too! Today is my wedding with His Highness. We’re very grateful that you’ve made time to come. Please feel free to treat this as your own home!”

Treat this as our own home?! We don’t have such a relationship with the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan! For a moment, countless people complained in their hearts. But with Yi Zhao and Yi Yu here, they didn’t dare to say anything.

It wasn’t until Yi Zhao sat down with Tuan Zi in his arms that everyone sat down again.

However, they couldn’t sit still. There was only one thought left in most people’s minds. Offending Shangguan Yue is equivalent to offending Tuan Zi. Offending Tuan Zi is equivalent to offending the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. If we are blind and kill Shangguan Yue, it would be equivalent to killing the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress!

According to Yi Zhao’s personality, it wouldn’t be enough to wipe out the entire family ten times!

“Damn! Shangguan Yue actually has such a background? Why didn’t I hear any news before?”

“That’s right! Everyone thought that she offended the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. Who knew that she actually contracted their young mistress? This is really good. Who can afford to offend such a strong backer?”

“But why would Yi Zhao agree to this? This doesn’t make sense!”

“You want to know? Go ask him yourself! Anyway, I don’t want to know. What’s the use of knowing? Let’s think about whether we offended her just now!”

“Who the f*ck told me that Shangguan Yue came from a lowly background and had nobody to rely on? I’ll definitely kill them when I go back! If this is called not having a backer, we can forget about living!”

Yi Zhao’s appearance and attitude made everyone’s attitude change 180 degrees.

There was no choice. Hard fists were the hardest truth.

At this moment, nobody cared why Yi Zhao’s attitude toward Shangguan Yue’s contract was so open. He already said that she was the young mistress and even came personally to congratulate their wedding. Wasn’t that enough!?

Tuan Zi nestled in Yi Zhao’s arms and beamed with joy.

Seeing that she was fine, Yi Zhao and Yi Yu were relieved.

In fact, a large part of the reason they decided to come this time was that Tuan Zi had gone to Godly Dragon Island. Even though Tuan Zi said that she was fine, they were still worried. After thinking about it, they still came.

In addition, it would be much less troublesome for Shangguan Yue and Tuan Zi to travel in the God Residence Realm in the future. There was no harm in killing two birds with one stone.

Yi Zhao said, “By the way, for your wedding this time, my red-gold heavenly phoenix clan also brought some small gifts as a token of our appreciation.”

As he spoke, he nodded at Elder Yi Yu.

Elder Yi Yu smiled and walked forward, handing over a jade bottle. “This is the spring water condensed in the ice cave at Godly Phoenix Mountain. There’s only one bottle in a hundred years; it’s extremely beneficial to cultivation. This is our small gift.”

Shock flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

She knew about this thing.

Back then, that legendary warrior had gone to Godly Phoenix Mountain for this thing. Moreover, at that time, it seemed that he had only asked for a few drops. In the end, he couldn’t even enter Godly Phoenix Mountain, let alone obtain the spring water of the ice cave.

She didn’t expect Yi Zhao and the others to not only come personally but also give her such a generous gift!

She took it with both hands and thanked him solemnly.

Everyone in the hall looked envious. Some people are really so lucky that they can’t be understood. After today’s incident, even if we want to do something in the future, we’ll have to consider our weight!

Suddenly, another low and heroic laugh sounded from afar. “Hahaha, this place is so lively! Am I late?”

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