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1811 Did You Miss Me?

“I’ve long heard that Shangguan Yue contracted a red-gold heavenly phoenix. Some time ago, she seemed to have been ‘invited’ to Godly Phoenix Mountain. Later, she came out for some reason. Could it be that Yi Zhao really appeared because of that matter?”

“Most likely! The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan is so noble and arrogant. Yi Zhao has never interacted with the human race, so it’s definitely not simple if he’s personally taking action today!”

“This… If the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan really wants to touch Shangguan Yue, the Sky-Cloud Empire won’t be able to stop them, right?”

Not to mention the Sky-Cloud Empire, but nobody present could compare to the combat strength of the ancient legendary fiend clans!

Many people in the hall stood up. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, nice to meet you!”

“We’ve heard a lot about you and didn’t expect to see you today!”

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao…”

Many people—who had been rather proud just now—had put on eager and polite smiles.

It wasn’t difficult to hear the flattery in their voices. Although doing this would change too quickly and look a little awkward… Who wouldn’t do the same!?

Come on! The person in front was the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan leader! He was a top expert in the world who could reject a legendary warrior without hesitation!

Who could compare to him?

Usually, countless people wanted to build a relationship with the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any connections.

Now that the living Yi Zhao had appeared in front of them, how could they not seize the opportunity?

In this world, the strong preyed on the weak. Everyone had a strong desire to be strong.

If they could really build a relationship with Yi Zhao, so what if they were said to be fawning, solicitous, and clingy?

But in the face of these people’s greetings, Yi Zhao acted as if he didn’t see them at all. His expression was cold and solemn as he strode forward.

His steps were hurried, and he was still wrapped in the cold aura.

Wherever he passed, his aura crushed!

Many people felt a little embarrassed that they were ignored. However, this awkwardness was quickly resolved by them.

Wasn’t Yi Zhao always like this? It would be a miracle if he could smile and greet anyone!

“This person is indeed as the rumors say. He has a cold face and a cold heart…”

“More than that. I heard that his strength is extraordinary, and his methods are ruthless. All these years, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan has almost been his word! Not to mention us, even his own clansmen don’t dare to disobey him at all!”

“Can you sense it? The murderous and cold aura on his body… He hasn’t even attacked, but his pressure is already so terrifying! If he really wants to attack, I’m afraid nobody present is his match!”

“From the looks of it, Shangguan Yue is in trouble! She dares to contract the red-gold heavenly phoenix… How can Yi Zhao not find trouble with her?”

Under everyone’s gazes, Yi Zhao walked into the hall.

Rong Xiu stood up first with a smile. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, long time no see. How have you been?”

Everyone was stunned. Rong Xiu actually knows Yi Zhao? And from his tone, it seems like… they are quite close? Could he be pretending…

Rong Xiu is indeed powerful and has been famous in the Sky-Cloud Empire all these years, but we have never heard of him having any dealings with the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

Just as everyone was guessing, Yi Zhao nodded and said indifferently, “Everything is as usual.”

Many people looked at each other secretly. Do they really know each other?!

Yi Zhao turned to look at Chu Liuyue. “Shangguan Yue.”

His voice was low and cold.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat. Here it comes! It’s about to begin! This time, even if the Sky-Cloud Empire and Ling Xiao Academy join forces, they won’t be able to protect her—

“Congratulations on your wedding. I came a little late when I received the news, but I didn’t disrupt the celebration, did I?” Yi Zhao asked.

Almost everyone’s expressions froze at this moment. What… did Yi Zhao say?! Not only did he not reprimand Shangguan Yue, but he even… blessed the two of them for their wedding?!

The air in the hall seemed to stop flowing. All the noise suddenly disappeared, leaving an almost suffocating silence.

Chu Liuyue stood up and smiled. “How could that be? You came at the right time! Why didn’t I hear you say you were coming earlier? We didn’t make any preparations; we’re really neglectful.”

Rong Xiu had already ordered someone to prepare a seat for him. It was naturally the seat closest to the two of them.

Admittedly, this was a VIP among VIPs. Even if he sat at the top, nobody would object.

Just as everyone was dumbfounded, they saw a little girl suddenly appear in front of Chu Liuyue.

The little girl looked to be no more than three or four years old. She was wearing a red-gold lotus leaf dress and had two round buns on her head with golden bells. Her face was fair and cute, making one want to reach out and knead it.

Chu Liuyue gently pushed her from behind. “Tuan Zi, go and greet clan leader Yi Zhao.”

Tuan Zi was also very surprised and rushed over barefooted. “Clan Leader Grandpa!”

Her laughter was as clear as silver bells, causing Yi Zhao’s heart to soften.

Almost instinctively, he leaned down and extended his arms to catch Tuan Zi firmly. Then, he picked her up.

She was soft and small, and she still smelled faintly of milk. Her smile was bright, and her big black grape-like eyes flickered.

A doting smile finally appeared on Yi Zhao’s usually cold face. “Tuan Zi, did you miss me?”

Tuan Zi nodded vigorously. “Yes! I missed you! Why didn’t you say you were coming before?”

Before Yi Zhao could say anything, a happy voice came from outside the door. “Of course, I want to give you a surprise!”

At the same time, a figure floated in.

Tuan Zi looked up and smiled even wider. “Grandpa Yi Yu!”

Everyone present was struck by lightning again. Yi Yu! One of the five elders of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan—Yi Yu!?

It wasn’t enough for Yi Zhao to come, and Yi Yu is actually here? What… is he doing?!

Yi Yu walked over with a smile and reached out to pinch Tuan Zi’s nose. “Did you miss me, Tuan Zi?”

“Yes, yes!” Tuan Zi giggled.

Elder Yi Yu was satisfied.

Yi Zhao glanced over coldly.

Elder Yi Yu was fearless. “Tuan Zi, you don’t know, but Clan Leader Grandpa misses you. He abandoned me on the way here just now! Hehe!”

Yi Zhao’s eyebrows twitched. Some people really look like they will tear down the roof if they don’t hit the roof for three days.

“You’re too useless.”

The wedding ceremony was about to end!

Elder Yi Yu coughed and rubbed his nose.

It had been a long time since he had been criticized like this, but… the other party was the clan leader! Could he win?

He couldn’t win, so he could only endure it!

“So Clan Leader Grandpa misses me so much!” Tuan Zi came to a realization. Then, she grabbed Yi Zhao’s beard and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. “Tuan Zi also missed Clan Leader Grandpa very much!”

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