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1809 Staff!

In Tongshen Palace, everyone was first shocked before falling into a long silence. How could this be… How did this happen?

As the director, shouldn’t Nan Suhuai do things impartially? He sent the entire Ling Xiao Academy out so openly just to support Shangguan Yue?! Will the other elders and students of Ling Xiao Academy not object?!

“It’s not appropriate for Nan Suhuai to do this, right?”

“That’s right! Even if Shangguan Yue is his disciple, he shouldn’t dote on her like this! What will the others in the academy think?”

“I’ve heard long ago that Nan Suhuai dotes on this disciple very much. Now that I see it, the rumors really live up to their reputation…”

“Heh, he’s the director after all. His spending is indeed extraordinary. I wonder if Ling Xiao Academy will still be as calm as before in the future…”

All kinds of discussions surged like a tide. Although some people didn’t say anything, it was obvious that they weren’t optimistic about this matter.

Ling Xiao Academy was not a place dominated by Nan Suhuai’s family.

Hearing this, Nan Suhuai raised his eyebrows and smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

He half-turned. Although he was smiling, his eyes were as sharp as knives as they swept over the rude people.

These people fell silent for a moment.

Nan Suhuai’s smile widened. “Previously, my Ling Xiao Academy was in great danger. It’s all thanks to Yue’er’s actions that the entire academy was saved from danger. In the past, this green jade token has never been given to anyone who isn’t an elder. Now, I’ve made an exception and given it to the couple. It was approved by several elders of the entire academy. What? None of us have any objections, but you seem to be quite dissatisfied?”

Who are you dissatisfied with?

Does anyone even care?!

We have already decided. It’s not your turn to give your opinions, and it’s none of your business!

Although he didn’t say these words, Nan Suhuai’s expression had already conveyed his meaning very vividly.

Many people felt embarrassed and looked away.

However, Nan Suhuai did not seem to be satisfied. He sneered and said, “There’s another point. Let me remind everyone: I’ve only taken in this one disciple in my life!”

Everyone seemed to have suddenly thought of something and was shocked. Then, they looked at Nan Suhuai in disbelief! What does this mean?! Is he planning to pass the position of director to Shangguan Yue?!

Right! If not for this plan, why would he be so protective of Shangguan Yue and even give her such a big gift?

The other elders in the entire Ling Xiao Academy agreed so much with the giving of these green jade tokens. Could it be that they have already decided—

Many people began to feel uneasy. If Shangguan Yue really becomes the director of Ling Xiao Academy, the situation will be very different!

Even if she has no roots in the God Residence Realm, Ling Xiao Academy is definitely a colossus! If she really becomes the director, her status in the entire God Residence Realm will rise greatly in the future!

It was true that some first-rate families were rich in resources and had gathered experts, and they could nurture outstanding juniors themselves. They didn’t need to send their children to Ling Xiao Academy, nor did they have to worry about having a bad relationship with it.

However, this was only a very small portion! Most aristocratic families still hoped that their young descendants could enter Ling Xiao Academy to cultivate and become experts.

Therefore… didn’t this mean that they had to treat Shangguan Yue carefully and respectfully in the future?

After figuring this out, many people had complicated expressions.

Actually, many of them had indeed looked down on Shangguan Yue previously. Even though she was talented and powerful, she still looked too weak without the support of her family.

It seemed as if she would collapse if the wind blew.

Now, things were great!

In front of her was the Sky-Cloud Empire, and behind her was Ling Xiao Academy! If these two forces joined forces, how could others play?

The atmosphere in the hall became very subtle.

Many of the previously restless people had given up.

A satisfied expression appeared on Nan Suhuai’s face. This is the effect I want! Want to bully Yue’er? Dream on!

“The two seniors have given such big gifts. Our gift is a little embarrassing.” Shangguan You smiled.

Although he said that, his expression was magnanimous, and his bearing was natural. It was like a spring breeze.

Just this temperament alone surpassed many so-called noble people present.

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “Father-in-law is the closest person to Yue’er. Coming all the way here is already the best gift for us.”

He had addressed them both as ‘Father-in-law.’

Shangguan You and Chu Ning!

Some people pondered again. Putting everything else aside, just from His Grace Rong Xiu’s attitude toward these two people, it can be seen how much he values the princess consort. It’s said that he has even invited the princess consort’s friends and subordinates… Such efforts are really rare.

Shangguan You took out a wooden box.

The wooden box was rectangular and dark, with a faint layer of pressure. It was obvious that there was a Xuan formation seal on the outside.

Sensing a very familiar fluctuation, Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in surprise. “Father Emperor, this is—”

“Open it up and take a look,” Shangguan You urged with a smile.

Chu Liuyue took the wooden box.

The moment she held it in her hand, the seal on it automatically lifted! The aura surged even more!

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment.


The wooden box opened.

A dragon-headed scepter lay quietly inside.

Her heart skipped a beat. As expected—it is the Tianling Power Staff!

“Before I came this time, the Tianling Power Staff automatically flew out of Lang Kun Hall, so I brought it along,” Shangguan You explained. “It belongs to you after all.”

Suppressing her excitement, Chu Liuyue reached out and held the Tianling Power Staff.


In an instant, the eyes of the dragon head on the staff suddenly shone brightly!

Almost instinctively, she held the staff and swung it down.


The sound of air being torn apart rang out! At the same time, an incomparably powerful pressure suddenly descended upon the entire Tongshen Palace!

“A supreme Yuan instrument?!”

Everyone was in chaos again. How could this be a supreme Yuan instrument?! Could it be that this is common among the Shangguan family?!

Shangguan Jing laughed loudly. “This little thing still likes to stick to you!”

Chu Liuyue also clearly sensed that the aura on the Tianling Power Staff seemed to be even stronger than before. I had never realized that this was actually a supreme Yuan instrument?!

As if reading her mind, Shangguan Jing explained, “This Tianling Power Staff is indeed a supreme Yuan instrument I refined a long time ago, but it’s a little different from ordinary supreme Yuan instruments. The stronger the holder is, the greater the power it can stimulate. In the past, your realm wasn’t high, so the power you could sense and exert was limited. Now that your strength has increased a lot, it’s naturally different when you hold it in your hand.”

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