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1808 Master, the Icing on the Cake!

Gasps instantly sounded in Tongshen Palace. Six Supreme Yuan instruments?! Is he joking?!

It had to be known that for many people present, obtaining a royal Yuan instrument was already a great thing! Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many families that directly fell out with Ling Xiao Academy in order to fight for the Chi Xiao Sword!

They had long known that Shangguan Jing was a supreme Armory Refinement Master and would give the two a supreme Yuan instrument. However, they never expected that Shangguan Jing would actually give them six!

He actually promised to make up for a few more later and gather ten pieces! Are supreme Yuan instruments as common as cabbages these days?!

Everyone was in a mess.

What they didn’t know was that although Shangguan Jing had always fought alone and was carefree, he had almost never lost when competing with an Armory Refinement Master of the same level.

Not only would he refine a supreme Yuan instrument every time, but he would also often win the treasures that the other party had painstakingly refined. Even if it was slightly inferior to his, it was still a true supreme Yuan instrument.

Therefore, in terms of Yuan instruments, he indeed had a rich background! Moreover, it was the kind that everyone present couldn’t compare to!

Seeing Shangguan Jing’s casual expression, many people felt as if they had been slapped hard in the face.

Earlier, they were mocking the princess consort’s family for not being able to give her anything impressive. Now, Shangguan Jing was the first to attack.

Just these six supreme Yuan instruments alone had almost surpassed most of the previous ones!

Chu Liuyue was also a little surprised.

She knew that her ancestor should have some treasures in his hands, but she didn’t know that he would actually take out six supreme Yuan instruments at once this time.

After a short daze, she took the Cosmic Ring with a smile. “Thank you, Ancestor!”

Shangguan Jing laughed. “As long as Yue’er likes it! Put it on quickly!”

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment. Since I have the Holy Ring that Rong Xiu gave me on my right hand, I’ll wear the Cosmic Ring on the left.

After trying it out, only the thumb was suitable.

It looked like a thumb ring.

Everyone watched from below, their faces pale.

At this moment, there were six supreme Yuan instruments hidden in a ring on Shangguan Yue’s left hand! There is also the Holy Ring on her right hand that symbolizes the supreme status of the Sky-Cloud Empire!

Just this alone was enough to make many people present to look up to her!

At this moment, Nan Suhuai laughed. “Senior Shangguan gave such a big gift as soon as he made a move. It’s really difficult!”

Everyone looked over. What is the dean of Ling Xiao Academy planning to give?

Chu Liuyue’s eyes curved up. “Master has already given me many things. No matter what Master gives me, I like it.”

“You little girl!” Nan Suhuai snorted with laughter.

This was the truth. When Yue’er was still in the academy previously, he had indeed helped open many back doors.

But now that it was her wedding, he naturally had to prepare a generous gift.

Nan Suhuai took out two green jade tokens.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and a hint of shock flashed across her eyes as if she had thought of something. Could it be—

“This green jade token is the status symbol of a Ling Xiao Academy elder. Those who hold this token can enter and leave Ling Xiao Academy at will and enjoy the treatment of an elder.” As Nan Suhuai spoke, he flicked his wrist.

Two green jade tokens flew in front of them. The two of them reached out to take one each.

Chu Liuyue took a closer look and saw that her name was even engraved at the bottom of the green jade token—Yue.

Her gaze shifted slightly. Rong Xiu’s green jade token also had a ‘Xiu’ engraved on it.

“You can activate it by injecting your force,” Nan Suhuai said with a smile.

Chu Liuyue nodded, held her breath, and focused on injecting force into it.


The green jade token immediately flickered!

A number gradually appeared.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes suddenly! What is—

Seeing her expression, Nan Suhuai smiled even more smugly. “I’ve already saved points inside. This is enough for the two of you to use for a while, right?”

There is such a gift?! It is simply a surprise among surprises! It can probably be used for more than a while? Chu Liuyue felt that even if she were to make use of it, she wouldn’t be able to spend it all in ten years!

Outsiders might not know what this number represents, but I know! With these points, can’t I casually pick the medicinal herbs in the academy? Can’t I just casually flip through the Xuan formations and medical skills in the library?!

Master has really given me a big gift!

Her eyes lit up as she looked up. “Thank you, Master!”

She immediately felt that her master was even more amiable!

However, Nan Suhuai raised his finger and shook it. “Actually, this isn’t the most important thing. Yue’er, do you know what the most important meaning of this green jade token is?”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. The green jade tokens are unique to the elders in the academy. Master doesn’t mean for Rong Xiu and me to be academy elders but to give us these green jade tokens. Then… is there another meaning?

Nan Suhuai put his hands behind his back and raised his chin slightly. There was still a smile on his face, but there was an irrefutable dignity between his eyebrows!

“Those who hold the green jade token will receive the highest protection from our Ling Xiao Academy! If anyone is harmed, Ling Xiao Academy will definitely avenge them at all costs!”

Every word was sonorous and powerful! It was like a thunderclap that exploded in everyone’s ears in the hall!

Everyone looked at each other, suddenly understanding something. Nan Suhuai is protecting Shangguan Yue to the end!

What does this mean? If someone commits a crime in the future, Ling Xiao Academy will definitely not stand by and do nothing!

Rong Xiu is His Grace of the Sky-Cloud Empire, so he basically doesn’t need this. Obviously, this was specially prepared for Shangguan Yue!

In the past, Nan Suhuai had always backed Shangguan Yue as her master and stood up for her. In the future, the entire Ling Xiao Academy would become her backing and trump card!

As long as one was afraid of Ling Xiao Academy, they would have the same reverence for Shangguan Yue in the future!

How was this a gift? It was clearly power giving!

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