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Chapter 180: Break

When Chu Liuyue woke up the next morning, Rong Xiu had already left.

She extended her hand and touched her side. It was still slightly warm, and it showed that he had not left for long.

The sky was starting to brighten up, and it would be quite inappropriate if anyone saw him here.

Chu Liuyue stood up, and she could smell a faint tinge of the cold fragrance that lingered on her body.

This was Rong Xiu’s smell.

Chu Liuyue unknowingly heaved a sigh of relief since the previous night’s situation had truly put her in a tough spot. Now that she could not see Rong Xiu, Chu LIuyue did not need to think so much.

Tuan Zi crawled out of the blanket and rubbed its eyes, looking as if it had not woken up completely.

While tidying up, Chu Liuyue asked, “You seem really tired. Did you not rest well?”

Tuan Zi let out a huge yawn, and its eyes were filled with deep anger. What do you mean ‘not rest well’? I didn’t even sleep the entire night.

Tuan Zi originally wanted to sleep together with Chu Liuyue, but it was chased away every time it jumped onto the bed. Hence, Tuan Zi could only wrongfully sleep in a corner the entire night. It only returned to the soft bed after that certain someone left.

I only slept for a while before you woke up. How can I not be tired?

“Then, you can stay here first. I’ll be back at night,” said Chu Liuyue as she prepared to leave the house.

Once Tuan Zi heard that, it was reluctant to stay. Hence, it immediately jumped onto Chu Liuyue’s shoulders before using its furry tail to wrap itself into a ball.

Chu Liuyue patted its head and placed it on the bed again. “You can’t go to the place I’m going today, so you can just rest here and wait for me to come back.”

Tuan Zi could only shake its tail in agreement.

Chu Liuyue went to Jiuyou Tower again.

Unlike the previous times she came, Jiuyou Tower was especially quiet today. Chu Liuyue did not really meet anyone on the way there. It was probably because quite a few people were injured at Wan Ling Mountain, so most of the students were still recuperating and recovering from their injuries.

When Chu Liuyue walked to Jiuyou Tower, she suddenly heard a commotion.

She looked in the direction of the sounds and discovered Lu Feiyan and a few others surrounding someone and talking to that person in a slightly isolated corner.

The person in the middle was Chu Xianmin.

“Minmin, I remember that you have quite a long cultivation time quota in Jiuyou Tower, right? I finished my cultivation time a few days ago, so can you lend me six hours?” Lu Feiyan seemed like she was asking for a favor, but she had a very righteous attitude as if she were asking for something that originally belonged to her.

“Also, the few of them don’t have the time to complete any tasks. They don’t have high expectations, so they just need two hours each.”

Chu Xianmin looked at the few people in front of her and suppressed the anger in her heart. She said, “I don’t have much cultivation time left either. I really can’t produce so many hours in such a short time…”

“Are you reluctant?” Lu Feiyan looked at Chu Xianmin from the corner of her eyes and mocked, “Minmin, we’re good sisters. How can you not even be willing to give me this small thing?”

Chu Xianmin tightly clenched her teeth. What good sisters? You’re just a bunch of idiots who are attacking an abandoned dog.

At the side, one girl purposely said, “Yeah! Minmin, I heard that many things have happened to your maiden family, so you wouldn’t have time to come cultivate at Jiuyou Tower, right? Why don’t you lend me some hours?”

The girls looked at each other and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Who didn’t know that Chu Yan was severely beaten up by Chu Ning and that Lu Yao offended the Gu family? The couple couldn’t even protect themselves now, let alone care about Chu Xianmin.

As for the Crown Prince’s side… If Chu Xianmin was liked by the Crown Prince, why didn’t he solve her family issues?

This sentence touched Chu Xianmin’s Achilles heel, and her face immediately distorted. “I said I don’t have any hours left.”

Lu Feiyan raised her hand in anger. “You—”

“Hold up!” An anxious young man’s voice sounded.

Chu Liuyue looked over and smiled.

The person who spoke was actually Ji Yurong.

Chu Liuyue watched him walk towards them quickly and hand his nameplate over.

“I still have six hours; you can use them first. We’re all classmates, so is there a need to make things so ugly?”

Lu Feiyan and the rest looked at him in a teasing manner.

“Oh, Ji Yurong? Are you standing up for her? Did you forget how she rejected you in the past? Don’t you think you’re too spineless?”

Ji Yurong was a little awkward. “I-I’m not thinking of anything. We’re all classmates, and there really isn’t a need for us to quarrel over such a small matter. Besides, we’re near Jiuyou Tower, so it won’t be good if the teachers find out.”

This sentence successfully made Lu Feiyan and the rest calm down.

Lu Feiyan took Ji Yurong’s nameplate swiftly and drew a line on her own nameplate.

A faint light glowed.

She then threw the darkened nameplate back. “I’ll let you off today!”

After that, she left with the others.

After making sure that they were not coming back, Ji Yurong carefully inspected Chu Xianmin. “Are you okay—”


“How many times have I told you not to appear in front of me in public?”

Ji Yurong felt very awkward. “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I just saw them bullying you, so I—”

“Get lost!”

Ji Yurong could not say anything more, so he backed away, feeling conflict and heartache.

Chu Xianmin closed her eyes and hated Ji Yurong more than ever. Everyone was currently treating her like a laughingstock, yet Ji Yurong only knew how to cause trouble for her.

“How many times have I told you that we need to act like we’re strangers in front of others? Do you not understand human language? Do you know how terrible my days will be if word goes out?”

If it weren’t for the fact the Crown Prince has been busy with his own matters lately… He will definitely teach me a lesson if he finds out. Let alone—

Ji Yurong hurriedly said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get Lu Feiyan and the rest to shut up. Nobody will find out about—”

“So what if they find out?”

A clear voice sounded, shocking Chu Xianmin and Ji Yurong.

Both hurriedly looked back. Someone is still eavesdropping on us?

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms and leaned against a wall as she stared at the amusing expressions of the two people in front of her with much interest.

“What a devoted young lad. Chu Xianmin, he’s so nice to you, yet you treat him like this. Aren’t you too much?”

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