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1775 Favorite Person

Miao Yang was suddenly speechless.

Miao Fushan stared into his eyes. His gaze was as sharp as a knife as if he wanted to cut Miao Yang open and see him completely!

At this moment, Miao Yang suddenly realized that Miao Fushan no longer trusted him.

He subconsciously avoided Miao Fushan’s gaze. However, the gazes from all directions were vaguely gathered at this moment, making him feel uneasy.

The feeling of unease grew.

Miao Yang’s breathing became rapid, and his heart pounded so hard that he couldn’t even care less about the pain in his body.

Miao Fushan looked away and at Miao Zhen, but he had already made up his mind.

He was very familiar with Miao Zhen and Miao Yang.

The current Miao Zhen looked as arrogant as ever, but his eyes were firm and reserved from beginning to end. He didn’t look crazy at all.

On the other hand, it was Miao Yang who looked crazy.

Ever since he found out that Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue had quietly left the Seven Lotus Peak and entered the coiling dragon pillar in the holy hall, his entire condition had been very strange. Compared to before, not only had he become irritable, but he was also much more impulsive and anxious.

This state reached its peak after seeing Miao Zhen appear.

If Miao Yang was really innocent back then, why didn’t he let Miao Zhen finish saying those words? Why didn’t he agree to let them find out the truth?

The answer was obvious!

The pain in his body gradually subsided.

Miao Zhen slowly opened his eyes and looked down at his arms. “It’s been… a long time…”

He clenched his fists gently and sighed as he felt the surging power in his body.

Back then, Miao Yang had deliberately chosen to attack when his body was at its weakest to succeed. He had also defended himself. Unfortunately, no one believed him at that time.

Even if he wanted revenge, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight and was powerless to reverse the situation. In the end, he could only choose to lie low in the coiling dragon pillar.

This wait lasted for more than a thousand years!

He thought for a period of time that there was no hope of him coming out. Fortunately, the heavens had taken pity on him and given him another chance!

Almost at the same time, the purple-gold ball of light beside Tuan Zi suddenly moved!

The void trembled and rippled.

Chu Liuyue turned around, and her eyes flickered.

Following this, a slender hand stretched out from the ball of light.

Tuan Zi’s eyes suddenly widened! A hand!? A human hand!? This, this, this—

Under her shocked gaze, a tall and slender figure walked out of the purple-gold ball of light.

It was a young man who looked to be in his late 20s. His cheeks were thin, and his facial features were deep and handsome. A vertical purple-gold pattern was engraved between his eyebrows, adding to his demonic aura.

He was very tall and wore a black robe that accentuated his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and tall figure.

His eyes were cold and sharp, and his lips were extremely thin. When he pursed his lips slightly, they naturally carried a hint of coldness and might.

Tuan Zi’s black grape-like eyes were round with shock. She pointed her chubby little hand at the other party and stuttered for once. “You, you, you—you’re Zi Chen!?”

Zi Chen looked over at the sound, his expression indifferent. “Thank you for earlier.”

He was thanking Tuan Zi for all the help she had given him.

Zi Chen had always been cold and taciturn; it wasn’t easy for him to say this.

However, Tuan Zi was already stunned. She stared at him blankly, and there was only one thought left in her mind: It’s over! My wish to be the big sister is probably going to be blown away!

Thinking of this, Tuan Zi finally couldn’t help but pout. She was very aggrieved and disappointed. It turns out that all my efforts have been in vain! I’m not even at his level! I have lost in terms of aura!

The key was that Zi Chen’s aura was really not inferior to hers!

Yeah, Miao Zhen’s strength had increased, so Zi Chen’s strength had naturally increased!

“Hmph!” Tuan Zi turned around angrily and folded her small arms, causing the bells above her head to ring.

How infuriating! I was never able to defeat him in the past, and after breaking through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix, I finally had a higher chance of winning. However, it has only been a few days! Tuan Zi felt sad and pitiful.

Zi Chen looked at her small back with a hint of surprise, but he soon understood. His thin lips pursed, and a faint look of resignation flashed in his eyes. What a child’s temper…

Chu Liuyue looked at Zi Chen in surprise. I had already guessed that something must’ve happened to Zi Chen for him not to come out for so long. However, I only thought that he was about to break through. I never expected him to directly transform into human form!

One had to know that only the two ancient legendary fiend races could do this in the world! Apart from red-gold heavenly phoenixes and great phoenix dragons, no matter how outstanding the other fiends were, they couldn’t do this.

It was most likely because Zi Chen had the two wing bones of a great phoenix dragon and had fused with a portion of its bloodline power.

Of course, the most important reason was Miao Zhen! If Miao Zhen hadn’t reconstructed his body with that skeleton and led Zi Chen, such a thing wouldn’t have happened.

But no matter what, this was a good thing!

Sensing her gaze, Zi Chen also looked over.

He walked forward and stopped three steps in front of her. Then, he nodded and bowed. “Greetings, Master.”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Zi Chen, congratulations!”

Suddenly, something soft pounced on him.

Tuan Zi hugged Chu Liuyue’s leg tightly and looked up at her. “A’Yue! A’Yue likes me the most, right?!”

I have to be the one A’Yue likes the most!

Zi Chen listened with a calm expression.

He didn’t care about such things. Ever since Chu Liuyue helped him reconstruct his body and revived him, he had already determined that she was his only master. There was no need to say anything else; he would naturally be loyal to her forever.

As for Tuan Zi… She had followed Chu Liuyue since she was young and had a pure and innocent personality. It was inevitable that she would be calculative about this.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Chu Liuyue gently pinched Tuan Zi’s face and coaxed her. “Of course! Tuan Zi is so cute. Of course, Tuan Zi is my favorite!”

As soon as Chu Liuyue finished speaking, the temperature beside her dropped.

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows and smiled faintly. “Oh?”

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