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1774 Who Exactly is the Lunatic

“Ah—” Miao Yang cried as his body harshly fell to the floor.

Excruciating pain came from his shoulder blades, hurting so much that his entire body trembled!

His two arms fell not far away from him.

From the corner of his eye, he saw his two bloody arms lying around. Miao Yang’s eyes shrunk, and his body trembled even more harshly!

Indescribable horror crazily surged up from the bottom of his heart!

The crowd in the square was also taken aback by this scene.

Everything happened too quickly. Before they could even react and realize what was going on, they saw Miao Yang’s two arms being cut!

On the other side, Miao Zhen was miles apart from Miao Yang. When the two balls of fire flew to him, they gently landed on his shoulders and rapidly formed the appearance of two arms!

In the sea of dazzling lights, one could faintly see streaks of blood.

The faint smell of blood spread across.

Chu Liuyue was shocked and instinctively looked at Rong Xiu.

The corner of Rong Xiu’s lips curled up slightly, and he nodded in affirmation.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly. Miao Zhen actually directly snatched his own bloodline power back and completed the recovery of his physical body! It is rare to see such power and charm!

Due to the pain, Miao Zhen’s veins popped up on his neck and forehead. There was a hint of mania in his eyes.

Forceful regeneration of the arms and inviting Rong Xiu to help reform his body were different. With a certain meaning, he had to endure even more danger and torture. After all, one started from zero, and the other destroyed something and reforged it!

The latter was clearly more difficult. However, Miao Zhen still did it without hesitation!

As the two arms gradually took shape, Miao Zhen’s aura strengthened again!

As the few elders in front couldn’t handle this pressure, they moved a few steps back continuously and were shocked. Even if Miao Zhen really didn’t die back then, his physical body was indeed destroyed!

They could tell that he must’ve asked Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue for help to reform his physical body. However, that skeleton’s cultivation level wasn’t especially high. If not, Miao Yao would not be forgiven so easily for making such a huge mistake.

Logically speaking, Miao Zhen shouldn’t be at such a high cultivation level. However, not only did he easily defeat Miao Yang… but his own cultivation level also kept improving!

However, Miao Fushan’s expression was very complicated. Miao Zhen… is indeed that Miao Zhen from back then! At that time, he was the most outstanding genius in the entire clan. Most of the descendants have only heard of how he cruelly killed his clansmen and then died from his mania. They don’t know a lot about his talent and capabilities.

In actual fact… He was shockingly brilliant, and this kind of person will only appear once in a million years. Such a description is definitely not an exaggeration—even after so many years, nobody can compare to him, not even Miao Yang!

Everyone stared at Miao Zhen with their eyes open and mouths agape, deeply stunned by the scene before them.

They didn’t even care about Miao Yang, who had collapsed to the floor. In actual fact, nobody dared to go forward at this point.

Miao Zhen could easily break Miao Yang’s arms and forcefully steal the two strong balls of fire from his body. This was enough to state the problem—that strength must’ve belonged to Miao Zhen in the first place!

If he wanted to snatch his own bloodline power back, who could stop him?!

This also meant that out of what he previously said, at least this part was the truth!

Quite a few people were suspicious and confused. If this is true, then… what about the rest? Who exactly killed the seven clansmen back then?!

Miao Yang spat out a mouthful of blood and felt extreme hatred. He wanted to stand up, but losing two arms made this action very difficult.

After trying a few times, he finally succeeded. However, his body was covered with dirty bloodstains, and he looked extremely disheveled.

He no longer had the past glory and elegance of being the clan leader.

He stared straight at Miao Zhen, and his eyes were dyed red. No wonder Miao Zhen was so bold—so he still had this move! Saying that he had no evidence… was all rubbish! Miao Zhen was clearly waiting for me!

Miao Yang’s hatred toward Miao Zhen had reached its peak. He knew very clearly that no matter the result today, his reputation, his status, and everything that belonged to him were in a dangerous position.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and harshly said, “Everyone, listen to my command! Miao Zhen has ill intent. Immediately execute him!”

But once he said this, nobody in the square moved.

Miao Yang looked toward his surroundings crazily. “What, do all of you plan on rebelling?! You’re even ignoring my command!”

Miao Fushan looked at him and lightly said, “Clan Leader, the truth is gradually being exposed. How can we take action? As for you, you haven’t explained clearly why Miao Zhen’s bloodline power is with you.”

Originally, I thought that Miao Yang improved greatly after receiving an amazing heirloom. However, it now seems like… there might be a huge secret hidden here!

Miao Fushan’s interrogation rendered Miao Yang speechless.

His throat moved, and his lips trembled, but nothing came out. How should I explain it? I can’t explain it at all! Everyone is from the same clan and understands bloodline power. It is impossible for me to just brush it off.

Seeing his reaction, Miao Fushan had already mostly verified his guess.

He closed his eyes and sighed lightly. “Why must you…”

Miao Yang’s heart turned icy cold from his look. “Elder Fushan, you would rather listen to a lunatic and not believe me?!”

Miao Fushan paused. “Clan Leader, who exactly is the lunatic?”

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