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1773 Snatch Back!

Miao Fushan nodded, took a step forward, and looked at Miao Zhen.

In the depths of his old eyes, there seemed to be something tumbling, and he had a conflicted expression.

Back then, I did think highly of Miao Zhen and admired him very much. It was to the point where he couldn’t believe it when he heard that Miao Zhen had killed seven clansmen. He had even begged for mercy and hoped that the clan leader and the others could thoroughly investigate this matter back then.

However, it was a pity that when the truth came out, everything proved Miao Zhen’s wrongdoing.

He was upset about this for a long time. Not only for Miao Zhen but also for the entire great phoenix dragon clan. That was because Miao Zhen was publicly-acknowledged as a genius, and they had high hopes for him. They wished that he could bring the entire great phoenix dragon clan to a higher level.

What a pity… Everything turned into bubbles of illusion.

Who would’ve expected that he would see Miao Zhen again a thousand years later?

“Miao Zhen, do you have evidence for what you said earlier?” Miao Fushan asked in a deep voice.

Miao Zhen smiled and honestly said, “No.”

The crowd fell silent for a moment and quickly burst into an uproar. No? He doesn’t have any evidence, yet he’s still so righteous?! Is he kidding us?!

Miao Fushan’s expression became much colder. “Miao Zhen, everything needs to be proven with evidence. If you don’t have proof, it means that whatever you previously said are just baseless accusations.”

Mockery and ridicule quickly flashed across Miao Yang’s eyes. Even without me saying much, Miao Zhen’s method has now infuriated quite a few people. He really can’t be saved for setting himself up!

However, Miao Zhen’s expression didn’t change, and he still looked bold. Back then, Miao Yang had already destroyed all the evidence to push me to my death. At that time, I couldn’t even find any clues, let alone now.

“Of course, it’s not an accusation,” said Miao Zhen. “What I said was the truth.”

Miao Yang chuckled. “Since you don’t have any evidence, how should everyone believe you? It can’t possibly be that it’s the truth just because you said it is, right?”

How could there be such a good thing in the world?

At this point, the crowd gradually reacted. “Yeah! Without evidence, how should one be convinced?”

“I saw how confident he was previously, and I even thought that he had sufficient evidence! Who knew he was just talking about it?”

“That’s right! We can’t just take his word for it!”

“The person who could do such crazy acts back then isn’t trustable at all! I think the clan leader should directly kill him! If we continue asking, we’re just wasting our time and energy!”

The crowd partook in heated discussions, but their attitudes were shockingly uniform.

When Chu Liuyue heard it, she raised her brows slightly. Everyone in the great phoenix dragon clan really hates Miao Zhen to the extreme. It might not be that easy to turn the tables around.

As if detecting her thoughts, Rong Xiu held her hand and caressed the back of it. He then softly said, “A thousand years has been too long. It’s originally not easy to change a thought that’s already entrenched in their minds.”

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly.

Actually, there weren’t many people today who were related to the incident back then. Most of the people at the square were descendants.

Ever since they were young, they had been influenced by their surroundings. When someone mentioned the name ‘Miao Zhen,’ they would instinctively link it to ‘betrayal’ and ‘mania.’ When they saw Miao Zhen, they would naturally have prejudice against him.

Based on his two sentences, it wasn’t very possible to get all of them to change their views and thoughts—unless Miao Zhen could really produce concrete evidence. However, Miao Zhen had already said himself that he had no evidence for those matters back then.

Chu Liuyue looked up slightly and stared at Miao Zhen for a while. The current situation doesn’t seem to affect him; he is still calm and composed. When he looks at Miao Yang, his eyes even have hints of a mocking smile.

Chu Liuyue suddenly made up her mind. Miao Zhen must have other trump cards!

Miao Fushan shook his head and couldn’t conceal the disappointment on his face. Originally, I thought…

“Miao Zhen, since you don’t have any proof, then… there’s no need to continue talking.” Miao Fushan took a step back and raised his hand.

The surrounding elders immediately went forward!

The corner of Miao Yang’s lips curled up into a cold smile, but he quickly looked down and hid his delight. Today, Miao Zhen has to die!

But at this moment, Miao Zhen suddenly laughed. “I don’t have evidence, but everything I said just now was the truth! If you don’t believe me, I can’t be bothered. That’s because my most important agenda in coming here is just to take back what belongs to me.”

As he spoke, he gazed at Miao Yang.

Miao Yang suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. An extremely dangerous aura suddenly attacked him!

He instinctively looked up! He saw Miao Zhen staring at him in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Miao Yang, you stole my bloodline power back then and have used it for so many years. It’s time to return it!” Once Miao Zhen said this, a ball of purplish-golden light suddenly appeared on his body. At the same time, the sounds of something exploding came from Miao Yang’s back!

Peng! Peng!

Two bloody holes appeared on his shoulder blades!

Blood splattered everywhere. Following this, fire suddenly started burning at his wounds!

The scorching fire caused the entire square’s temperature to increase rapidly!

The crowd was stunned. Miao Zhen’s bloodline power is indeed as intense and rich as before!

Miao Yang also panicked. He could clearly feel his body’s strength quickly leaving!

“Miao Zhen! You—”


Before he could say it, the two balls of fire suddenly turned into knives that harshly cut Miao Yang’s two arms! Then, they rushed straight to Miao Zhen!

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