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1766 The Sound of the Zither Begins

Chu Liuyue suddenly looked up and was almost mesmerized by the scene in front of her. Without hesitation, she immediately used the black shield in front of her to cover her figure completely!

Clang clang clang!

An intense and ear-piercing collision sounded, and dark-red blood slowly seeped out of the corner of Chu Liuyue’s mouth.

This cannot go on… Chu Liuyue thought to herself.

“Shangguan Yue, you’re not my match. If you come out immediately, kneel down, and beg for mercy, my great phoenix dragon clan might still leave your corpse intact!” Miao Yang shouted coldly.

A bloodthirsty and mocking smile appeared on Chu Liuyue’s lips. He hasn’t even won yet! He is too arrogant!

She closed her eyes, and countless thoughts flashed through her mind as she held the hilt of the Chi Xiao Sword tightly in her hand.

The lines on it were almost engraved in her palm.

This can’t go on. She licked her lips, the sticky, bloody taste even more pungent than before. Although the other party is only a puppet, it is Miao Yang’s puppet. If I want to win, my previous methods probably won’t work. I have to think of other methods…

Miao Yang was furious and disdainful that Chu Liuyue stayed behind the black shield. Shangguan Yue’s thing is indeed extraordinary, but while she can hide for a period, how long can she sustain it?! A puppet born from the Demon Slaying Formation and condensed by the power of the elders has super high combat strength. Even if it is damaged, it won’t feel any pain and can quickly repair itself!

I’m already invincible!

Shangguan Yue—what can she use to fight me?!

In the hall, the totem between Miao Yang’s eyebrows shone brighter and brighter. The aura lingering around him was very shocking!

Seeing this, the elders secretly exchanged glances. They all understood that the clan leader was really angry this time.

He is determined to kill those two people!

“You don’t know what’s good for you.” The puppet spat out these words coldly.

The puppet’s face was expressionless, and its eyes were empty, but Chu Liuyue could still hear endless sarcasm and contempt in Miao Yang’s tone.

The puppet walked forward, its entire body filled with killing intent!

To Miao Yang, the current Chu Liuyue was just an ant; he could easily kill her with one finger. Hence, he didn’t take her seriously at all.

“If you had agreed to erase your memories at the beginning, how could this have happened?” Miao Yang had always thought that humans were stupid—Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue even more so.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes.

“I know your identity is extraordinary—the Sky-Cloud Empire’s Princess Consort and the personal disciple of Ling Xiao Academy’s director… In the entire God Residence Realm, there are very few people who dare to provoke you. Unfortunately, you came to the wrong place this time and offended someone you can’t afford to offend!”

The two ancient legendary fiend clans had always been noble and proud. They dared to do what others didn’t dare to do and were fearless!

Moreover, Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue made a mistake this time. Even if the Sky-Cloud Empire and Ling Xiao Academy wanted to find trouble with them in the future, they wouldn’t have a legitimate reason!

Therefore, in these few days, he had to kill these two people!

As the puppet walked forward step by step, cracks appeared on the ground!

A purple-black fog spread.

Tuan Zi looked over nervously, her heart clenched tightly by something.

She wanted to come forward, but recalling Chu Liuyue’s previous instructions, she could only stay where she was and support the surrounding barrier.

Finally, the puppet stood three steps in front of Chu Liuyue. It then reached out and grasped at the air!

The black shield was instantly sent flying! Just like that, Chu Liuyue was completely exposed to the other party’s gaze.

At this moment, she didn’t escape. Instead, she sat cross-legged with her eyes closed.

The blood at the corner of her mouth was dark and mournful, making her face even paler. It didn’t look good.

The puppet was expressionless as it flipped its wrist. A purple-gold whip suddenly appeared in its hand!

The shape of the whip was very strange, and it was formed by layers of scales. At a glance, it looked like the tail of a great phoenix dragon.

“Die!” Miao Yang shouted and swung his whip fiercely, heading straight for Chu Liuyue!

Wherever the whip passed, the space shook violently, almost about to collapse!

The hair on Chu Liuyue’s forehead fluttered with the strong wind. However, she remained motionless as if she were completely unaware of the impending danger.

In the blink of an eye, the whip had already arrived in front of her and was about to land on her! If this whip landed, she would either die or be crippled!

“A’Yue!” Tuan Zi’s eyes widened, and she almost rushed over!

Rong Xiu’s palm moved slightly, and black flames burned in his eyes! But at this moment, a zither suddenly sounded!

The sound of the zither was bleak and clanging! Just this sound instantly made people feel as if they were in a sea of blood. It was as if overwhelming killing intent from an ancient time and space enveloped the entire world!

Tuan Zi retracted her steps and widened her grape-like eyes as she stared at Chu Liuyue in shock.

The thin woman was sitting cross-legged with a straight back.

Her black hair fell, making her look even thinner. Her face was very pale as if she would collapse at any moment. However, those eyes that suddenly opened were clear; they were filled with fighting spirit!

An invincible and vast aura quickly spread from her body! At this moment, Chu Liuyue raised her hands in the air, palms down.

Her green fingertips gently moved in the air, and the zither sounded again!

A scarlet-gold, inch-long blade of light flew out from under her hand!


The purple-gold whip was instantly severed from the middle!

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