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1758 Deal

For someone like Zi Chen, he might be able to use the great phoenix dragon’s wing bones to reconstruct his body and even increase his own strength. However, it was different for a great phoenix dragon.

The great phoenix dragons were ancient legendary fiends, and they possessed the most noble bloodline power in the world. If he used the bones of other magical beasts, they would probably shatter before he could do anything.

The only race that could fight with it, red-gold heavenly phoenixes, was even more impossible because of their completely different bones and bloodline. It was also because he knew this that Miao Zhen didn’t have much hope for this matter.

However, Rong Xiu said, “You’ve forgotten something—only the two wing bones have been fused into Zi Chen’s body. The remaining parts of that skeleton are still in Yue’er’s hands.”

Miao Zhen was shocked and looked at Chu Liuyue. “You actually have a complete great phoenix dragon skeleton on you?!”

Chu Liuyue coughed.

Even though she had won it openly back then, Miao Zhen was still a great phoenix dragon. She still felt a little strange saying this in front of him.

But in the end, she braced herself and told Miao Zhen what had happened back then.

Unexpectedly, Miao Zhen didn’t seem to be furious after hearing this. Instead, he sized her up in surprise. “No wonder the red-gold heavenly phoenix and the legendary three-eyed eagle contracted with you… It seems that you really have some ability.”

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. I didn’t expect Miao Zhen to be focused on this after what I’ve said.

“You’re… not angry?”

Miao Zhen waved his hand. “What’s there to be angry about? If anything, I should be angry at Miao Yao!”

Anyone who was reasonable would know that this matter was all Miao Yao’s fault. If he hadn’t been too negligent, it would’ve been impossible for Chu Liuyue to be his match back then, let alone defeat him.

He had been tricked because he was too arrogant. No matter what, he was already old and an elder of the clan, but he was actually so brainless!

Miao Zhen’s attitude made Chu Liuyue secretly heave a sigh of relief. No matter what, Miao Zhen is much more reasonable and easier to communicate with than Miao Yao and Miao Yang.

“You want me to use that skeleton?” When Miao Zhen heard this, he had already guessed Rong Xiu’s plan.

Rong Xiu nodded. “Although two wing bones are missing, the entire skeleton is still there. The bloodline power in it has almost been emptied, but you have retained a portion of bloodline power in the mountain wall of Seven Lotus Peak that can be used. In this way, the major problem has basically been resolved. Of course, the level of this skeleton is definitely inferior to the original you. After reconstructing your body, your strength will probably decrease greatly.”

Rong Xiu rationally and objectively analyzed the pros and cons of this matter and told Miao Zhen clearly.

All in all, there were pros and cons. However, this had already shocked Miao Zhen!

He said that he had never thought of reconstructing his body, but how could he not have thought of it at all? He didn’t even know how he had survived the long years he had been trapped here!

Loneliness, boringness, emptiness…

He wanted to leave this place!

He wanted to take revenge on Miao Yang!

He wanted to take back everything that belonged to him!

He was as proud as he had been in the past, and his desire to get out was as strong! However, he knew better than anyone how slim the hope was. As a result, his heart gradually turned cold, and he suppressed these thoughts in the depths of his heart.

Most of the time, he felt that he was just a wisp of a lonely soul that had run out of fuel at some point. If he died, it would be over.

However… he was still unwilling! Therefore, when he heard Rong Xiu say this, a storm brewed in his heart!

Endless joy surged and almost drowned him!

Even if his level was lower and his strength decreased, what did it matter? As long as he could reconstruct his body, he could leave this place completely!

Everything he had ever wanted would be obtained! What could be better than this!?

Miao Zhen took a deep breath and said word by word, “If you can really help me reconstruct my body… In the future, as long as you need me, I—Miao Zhen—will definitely do my best as long as you ask!”

Rong Xiu’s thin scarlet lips curved into a perfect smile. “Deal.”

They quickly got to work.

Chu Liuyue took out the skeleton.

The bloodline power inside had almost been completely extracted, so even the bones had become a little dim.

Zi Chen stepped forward and spread his wings.


A fist-sized blood ball appeared in front of him!

Rong Xiu stood in front of the skeleton and waved his hand.

A golden flame flew out and gently wrapped around the blood ball.

Under the control of the flames, the blood ball flew in front of him, directly in front of the dragon skull. Then, Rong Xiu held his breath and pointed!


With a cracking sound, the blood ball instantly split open and turned into countless stars that flew toward the skeleton!

Sparks burned and quickly enveloped the entire skeleton! At the same time, blood gradually fused into the skeleton!

As time passed, the bloodline strength contained in the blood began to fuse with the bones!

The originally dim skeleton began to emit a sparkling light again! A faint pressure spread out from it!

Just as Chu Liuyue was secretly shocked by the strength Rong Xiu had displayed, she suddenly sensed that something was wrong. She turned to look at Zi Chen and saw specks of starlight flickering on his wings.

More importantly, his aura began to rise at an astonishing speed!

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