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1753 Deep in the Forest

Apart from them, the hall was empty. It was so quiet that Chu Liuyue could hear her own heartbeat.

Chu Liuyue held her breath. I really didn’t expect us to come to this place!

Just like the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, the holy hall was the great phoenix dragon’s most sacred and solemn place. Nobody was allowed to enter easily.

Even the people of the great phoenix dragon clan had to pass several tests to enter, let alone them.

At this moment, a very strange feeling suddenly surged in Chu Liuyue’s heart. I seem to be… quite fated with the two ancient legendary fiend clans recently? In this short period of time, we first went to Godly Phoenix Mountain and spoke to the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s ancestor in Godly Phoenix Hall.

Now that we are on Godly Dragon Island… We were originally imprisoned, but we unexpectedly arrived at the holy hall in the blink of an eye…

Chu Liuyue turned around and fell silent for a moment. It’s fine if Rong Xiu and I come, but we even brought Tuan Zi and Zi Chen. One of them is the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress, and the other has reconstructed his body with the bones of a great phoenix dragon… What a sin!

Chu Liuyue held her forehead and felt a headache coming on. Looking at the closed door, she began to think seriously about how it would be more convenient to leave.

“Miao Yang and the others are outside the door.” Rong Xiu chuckled.

Chu Liuyue instantly deflated.

It was obviously impossible to get out through the door, or even through the window. It was obvious that there must be guards outside the huge holy hall! Unless they returned the way they came, they would really be trapped here!

Tuan Zi suddenly tugged at Chu Liuyue’s sleeve and said, “A’Yue, look—there’s something in that pillar!”

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked over.

There were indeed four purple spots of light in the coiling dragon pillar.

“Those should be the great phoenix dragons that entered to search for heirlooms,” explained Rong Xiu.

He knew the Thousand Summit quite well and could roughly guess.

Chu Liuyue was in deep thought. “In that case… there’s actually another world in this coiling dragon pillar?”

“Do you see the scales on it?” Zi Chen suddenly spoke. “Every scale contains an heirloom. Those that are still flickering are the heirlooms that haven’t been taken away.”

Realization dawned on Chu Liuyue.

She had already heard from Rong Xiu and Zi Chen that the great phoenix dragon clan’s heirlooms were passed down from generation to generation. Those who obtained an heirloom would return it to the holy hall after they died.

Those great phoenix dragons had clearly entered the coiling dragon pillar to find an heirloom.

At this moment, a glint suddenly flashed in the eyes of the dragon carved on the white jade pillar!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately became vigilant. But soon, she realized that these eyes weren’t looking at her but… Zi Chen!

Right, Zi Chen’s body has fused with that person’s remaining blood!

Just as this thought flashed through her mind, she felt a huge force suddenly wrap around her!

The few of them instantly disappeared!

A moment later, a few more spots of light appeared on the coiling dragon pillar! They floated gently and shone!

Outside the holy hall.

Everyone was still waiting.

Ever since the last young man obtained a good heirloom, everyone had relaxed a lot. The wait didn’t seem so hard anymore.

Miao Yang sat in his chair.

The holy hall in front of him was still peaceful.

He thought for a moment and asked an elder beside him, “How’s the situation at Seven Lotus Peak?”

It has been quite a while. Logically speaking, the two of them should’ve ‘thought it through.’ But even now, there is still no news.

That elder hurriedly answered, “Clan Leader, everything is as usual.”

Actually, the people in charge of guarding came to report every day. Under such circumstances, Miao Yang still took the initiative to ask. It could be seen how important this matter was to him.

Of course, this was the first time a human had rashly barged into Godly Dragon Island. It wasn’t only Miao Yang; the entire clan was also paying attention to this matter.

Everyone was waiting for a result. Of course, there was only one outcome in their hearts—Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue compromised and admitted defeat.

Nobody had thought of any other possibility, including Miao Yang.

He frowned quickly at the answer. Something is really wrong… They can stay at Seven Lotus Peak for a day or two, but after so long, they still haven’t bowed their heads. How stubborn!

“Let’s continue waiting then!” Miao Yang’s eyes turned colder. Until they figure it out themselves!


On the other side, the few of them entered the coiling dragon pillar.

Chu Liuyue only felt that the scene in front of her kept changing, making it almost impossible to see clearly.

In the end, their bodies felt heavy, and their feet landed on solid ground.

In front of them was a lush forest. The sound of running water came from nearby.

Chu Liuyue looked over.

There seemed to be a lake deep in the forest. A faint white mist enveloped it, making it look quiet and peaceful.

However, alarm bells rang in Chu Liuyue’s heart! Almost instinctively, her entire body tensed up, and she went on full alert!

Rong Xiu held her hand and took a step forward to protect her.

Tuan Zi also grabbed Chu Liuyue’s sleeve tightly and widened her black grape-like eyes as she looked straight ahead!

Only Zi Chen’s eyes flashed with suspicion.

“Has someone finally found this place…” A hoarse and rough voice sounded from the lake!

His tone was clearly extremely calm, but Chu Liuyue felt that every word was like a clap of thunder, shocking her!

“Hmm? It’s really a human?”

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