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1720 Fainted?

Nan Yiyi widened her eyes in disbelief.

Nan Yifan and the others also quickly turned around and looked at Yi Zhao, almost suspecting that they were hallucinating. What did Yi Zhao just say? Very normal—he actually feels that this is very normal! Is he crazy?!

In an instant, Nan Yiyi almost felt that the world was in chaos!

Yi Zhao—a famous figure in the God Residence Realm! Almost everyone knew how disgusted and indifferent he was to humans, but now that his own race had contracted with the human race, he was actually so indifferent?

All the words Nan Yiyi had prepared got stuck in her throat suddenly, and she could no longer say them.

She pinched herself hard, relying on the sting to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and that those words had indeed come from Yi Zhao’s mouth!

“What… what… do you mean?!” Nan Yiyi stammered.

At this moment, she had already sensed that things seemed to be different from what she had expected. She wanted to try to salvage the situation, but everything seemed to be sliding in an uncontrollable direction!

Yi Zhao lightly said, “There’s no hidden meaning to it.”

He really didn’t care about this at all!

Nan Yiyi felt as if her heart was clenched tightly by something! Even breathing became difficult! “B-but in that case, isn’t… Isn’t that red-gold heavenly phoenix equivalent to betraying the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan?! Could it be that you also—”

“Second Miss Nan, what kind of joke is this?” Elder Yi Yu interrupted her with a smile. “Tuan Zi is the young mistress chosen by our ancestor, and she is also the next clan leader of our red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. Anyone might betray our clan, but only she—it’s impossible!”

Yi Yu’s clear and indifferent words were no different from a heavy hammer that ruthlessly smashed into Nan Yiyi’s heart!

Her mind buzzed and went blank. Young Mistress… That red-gold heavenly phoenix is actually the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress?! Moreover, she was chosen by their ancestor!? So after all I just said… In their eyes, wasn’t it all a joke?

Nan Yiyi’s vision darkened, and she fell to the ground.

“Second Missy!” An elder was standing at the side. Seeing this, he hurriedly went forward and supported Nan Yiyi. “Second Missy, are you alright?”

Nan Yiyi’s legs went weak, and she almost lost her balance. Her entire body was cold, and her mind was in chaos.

At this moment, she really hoped that she would faint!

Everything that had happened just now kept replaying in her mind, making her extremely embarrassed. She wished she could find a hole to hide in and never appear in front of these people again!

I had thought that after saying so much, I could stir up the conflict between Yi Zhao and Shangguan Yue and use her to resolve Shangguan Yue completely. I didn’t expect… Yi Zhao and the others to actually be on the same side as Shangguan Yue and the others from the beginning!

From beginning to end, I’m the only one—a clown! What a joke! Nan Yiyi’s entire body was trembling, and her face was pale.

She looked miserable. Where was the slightest dignity and disdain from Second Miss Nan?

Nan Yifan was also stunned by this sudden development. He stood rooted to the ground for a long time without moving.

He didn’t know what to say or do.

When Nan Yiyi said those words, he had a nonchalant attitude. Although he didn’t show his emotions like Nan Yiyi, he also had the same thoughts as her.

At this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to help Nan Yiyi because he was also panicking. Young Mistress… The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress!

He couldn’t help but look back. If we hadn’t heard it with our own ears, who would believe that such a little girl is actually the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress?

Countless thoughts flashed through Nan Yifan’s mind. Previously, there had been no news of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress in the God Residence Realm. Then, it is very likely that this happened recently. The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan seem to have indeed held an ancestral ceremony some time ago. If I’m not wrong, it should be at that time—

However, this red-gold heavenly phoenix is Shangguan Yue’s contracted legendary fiend! How did she become the young mistress?! Logically speaking, such an identity is a stain on the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. It is already good enough that she didn’t become a sinner. Why did she ascend to become the young mistress?

Nan Yifan was extremely shocked and puzzled, but he didn’t even have the right or the courage to ask.

Just now, Elder Yi Yu had clearly said that the position of young mistress was chosen by their ancestor! He could not even afford to offend Yi Zhao, so how could he dare to question the ancestor of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan?!

No wonder… No wonder even the clan leader, Yi Zhao, has personally taken action. How could he not be worried that something had happened to their young mistress?

Previously, I had felt that Yi Zhao and the other man were very concerned about the person they were looking for. However, I never expected that the little girl’s true identity would be so shocking!

Everything has become a dead end!

Yi Zhao stared at Nan Yiyi coldly. “I forgot to mention that Tuan Zi is a rare genius in our clan in a thousand years. She has the most noble bloodline of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan—the purest bloodline!”

She said that Tuan Zi had tainted the bloodline of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan… Is there anything more ridiculous than this?

Nan Yiyi’s eyes rolled back, and she finally fainted.

The elder at the side looked at Nan Yifan with a troubled expression. “Clan Leader, this—”

Nan Yifan clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth! He was no longer in the mood to care about Nan Yiyi’s situation. Today, we have completely offended Rong Xiu and the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. It is unknown what kind of storm the entire Nan family will suffer!

“She fainted?” Rong Xiu asked. “It’s fine.”

With a wave of his sleeve, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone!

It was a puppet made of black iron. It was tall and wore armor, tough and iron-blooded!

Golden flames burned in the originally empty eyes!

Everyone present was shocked! The combat strength of this puppet is probably extremely high!

Although there were no force fluctuations, the terrifying pressure was extremely terrifying!

Rong Xiu’s voice was indifferent. “Sky Demon, open her mouth!”

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