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1718 Begging

The meaning could not be clearer: It wasn’t enough!

Nan Yifan clenched his fists.

He had known that Rong Xiu wasn’t to be trifled with and that this stage would definitely not be so easy to pass, so he had deliberately slapped Nan Yuxing hard. Unexpectedly, Rong Xiu didn’t appreciate it.

Nan Yifan gritted his teeth and walked straight to his son’s side without another word. Then, he dragged the latter up and slapped him again!

This was a slap in the face.


The slap resounded!

Before Nan Yuxing could react, his mind buzzed, and he felt a sharp pain!


He fell heavily to the ground again and spat out a mouthful of blood! This hit made Nan Yuxing dizzy, and he almost fainted.

Nan Yifan paused.

Behind him, Rong Xiu didn’t speak.

He took a deep breath and slapped Nan Yuxing a few more times.

Nan Yuxing really couldn’t say a word this time. After spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood, his eyes finally rolled back, and he fainted completely.

Nan Yifan closed his eyes.

How could he not feel heartache? But at this moment, he really couldn’t think of any other way to resolve his current predicament.

At this point, Rong Xiu finally spoke and said calmly, “Clan Leader Nan, why do you have to do this? I’m not such a narrow-minded person. Why would I argue with him?”

Nan Yifan felt like vomiting blood. Why would he argue with him? Then, what was all that just now? It wasn’t until Nan Yuxing was knocked unconscious that he spoke!?

However, these words clearly could not be said directly.

Nan Yifan threw his son to the ground! “He spoke rudely to Your Grace, so he deserves to be taught a lesson. Speaking of which, it’s actually because I didn’t teach my son well, so… I’m really ashamed.”

When he said this, there was still a hint of anger on Nan Yifan’s face. It was as if he wished he could go up and kick his son a few more times before he was satisfied.

Rong Xiu glanced at Nan Yuxing, who was lying on the ground, and his dark red lips curled up slightly. “No matter what, Nan Yuxing is still the only son of the Nan family’s master. Now that his pearl of essence has shattered and he’s crippled, how can he withstand the Nan family master’s lesson?”

Then, he raised his chin. “Elders, please treat him as soon as possible.”

Every word was like a steel knife that stabbed fiercely into Nan Yifan’s heart! His face paled, but he finally waved his hand.

The two elders standing at the side hurriedly stepped forward.

It wasn’t easy for Nan Yuxing’s situation to improve. After a few slaps, all their previous efforts were in vain.

It was even worse than at the beginning.

Nan Yifan turned around and looked at Rong Xiu, his expression extremely restrained. “Your Grace, there were many misunderstandings previously, but now that I’ve taught them a lesson… Do you think this matter can be forgotten?”

Anyone could tell that Nan Yifan had given in and begged for mercy.

Elder Yi Yu couldn’t help but laugh and whisper, “How interesting…”

Although the Sky-Cloud Empire is a top aristocratic family, it is still slightly inferior to the Nan family. Logically speaking, Rong Xiu should be the one at a disadvantage when facing Nan Yifan, but the opposite is true instead. I really don’t know what Nan Yifan is afraid of, or have we underestimated Rong Xiu previously?

Yi Zhao placed one hand behind his back. His eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this, but he didn’t say anything.

In fact, he was thinking about this too. Perhaps… our understanding of Rong Xiu is really far from enough!

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows as if he had heard something funny. Then, he said slowly, “Clan Leader Nan, are you thinking about something wrong? From beginning to end, I’ve been holding Nan Yiyi accountable. It’s none other than her.”

He said the last few words extremely slowly, enunciating each word clearly!

Nan Yifan’s expression changed. Rong Xiu was playing me!

But before he could explode, Rong Xiu continued, “You’ve provoked me a few times, but Yue’er has been magnanimous and hasn’t bickered with you. Unfortunately, you don’t know what it means to quit while you’re ahead. Not only do you not have the slightest intention of repenting, but you’re even slandering and humiliating her in public now…”

Rong Xiu spoke very slowly, and his voice was light, but it was also cold.

Nan Yiyi felt as if these words were like a sharp and cold knife pressed against her neck!

He was waiting for the most suitable time to slash down!

Nan Yiyi was trembling, and her legs felt weak. She subconsciously looked at her father. “Father… Father!”

Rong Xiu wants to kill me! He is determined to kill me!

How could Nan Yifan be happy? Just now, he had already gone all out and almost lost half of Nan Yuxing’s life. He didn’t expect Rong Xiu to still not give up!

After hesitating for a long time, Nan Yifan said with difficulty, “What exactly does Your Grace want?”

Rong Xiu must’ve seen through my methods at a glance. It’s obvious that Rong Xiu doesn’t care about that. He will only stop if he is truly satisfied.

Hence, Nan Yifan chose to ask directly.

Rong Xiu laughed. “Clan Leader Nan is straightforward enough. I won’t beat around the bush.”

He raised his chin slightly and swept his cold and disdainful gaze across Nan Yiyi. “I want her tongue.”

His voice was low, and his tone was extremely faint, but he couldn’t be disobeyed!

This wasn’t a compromise or a discussion but an order!

Nan Yifan felt as if a huge rock was pressing down on his chest. I know that Rong Xiu has always been ruthless, and today, our people have offended him. He will definitely get back at us, but… This request is too much!

He only had one daughter and had always treated her as the apple of his eye. Usually, he would coax her for a long time with a fierce word and dote on her. Now that Rong Xiu ordered him to cut her tongue, Nan Yifan couldn’t accept it no matter what!

Nan Yiyi grabbed her father’s sleeve tightly. Her eyes were red, and bean-sized tears kept falling. “Father, Yiyi can’t accept it!”

She had seen her big brother’s tragic state clearly. At this moment, she completely understood that her father was indeed extremely afraid of Rong Xiu. If Father really agrees to this request…

Hot tears fell on the back of Nan Yifan’s hand.

He closed his eyes and held his daughter’s hand. “I don’t agree with this condition.”

He could accept other punishments, but he was definitely unwilling to sacrifice his bloodline!

Just now, he seemed to have been extremely ruthless to Nan Yuxing, but in fact, he had been controlling his strength and technique and didn’t cause any fatal injuries.

But if he handed Nan Yiyi over to Rong Xiu to deal with, the consequences would be—he didn’t even dare to think about it!

Rong Xiu didn’t look surprised as if he had expected this. His lips seemed to curve into a smile as he said lightly, “Clan Leader Nan, I’ve already given you face.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t want it.

Nan Yifan immediately tensed up!

Sensing his nervousness, Nan Yiyi had a bad feeling. Suddenly, she had an idea and shouted at Yi Zhao and Elder Yi Yu, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, Shangguan Yue privately contracted a red-gold heavenly phoenix. It’s already a heinous crime! It’s also wrong for Rong Xiu to think of ways to protect her! Are you really planning to sit back and do nothing?!”

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