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1711 That B*tch

Nan Yifan asked anxiously.

Nan Yiyi caught her breath, but she didn’t immediately answer his question. Instead, she took the lead and turned around.

After her, there was no one.

Am… I the only one who came out?

“Yiyi?” Seeing that she didn’t answer, Nan Yifan was a little anxious.

Only then did Nan Yiyi retract her gaze.

Everything that had just happened went through her mind quickly.

After Shangguan Jing finished speaking, Yu Hongshan was furious. As if knowing that there was no need to continue the discussion, Yu Hongshan finally chose to take action.

The two of them started fighting.

Even though Nan Yiyi had tried her best to avoid them, the space there was narrow, and the two of them were both powerful. In the intense battle, she was inevitably affected—that was when some of the injuries on her appeared.

However, this wasn’t fatal to begin with. After all, she was still a true god and had treasures to protect herself. But not long after, the surrounding space began to distort. At the same time, countless light blades flew over from all directions!

Her little strength wasn’t enough at this moment! She felt as if her body had been crushed by an invisible force, and her bones and tendons were almost shattered!

Those light blades also scraped past her body one after another, leaving countless shocking wounds!

Originally, she thought she was going to die. Unexpectedly, she still came out alive!

Unfortunately, her mind was so muddled in the end that she couldn’t remember anything. She even forgot how she got out.

As for Yu Hongshan and Shangguan Jing… She seemed to have lost contact with them halfway, so she naturally had no idea where they were.

Nan Yiyi sorted out everything in her mind before suppressing her tears and saying, “Father, I thought I would never see you again!”

The Nan family followed the rules, and when there were others around, she usually called Nan Yifan ‘Father’ or ‘Clan Leader.’ At this moment, she was calling him ‘father’ with red eyes; it was obvious that she had suffered a great shock and grievance.

Nan Yifan’s heart skipped a beat as it ached even more. “Yiyi, don’t worry. You’re already safe now. With Father around, I definitely won’t let you fall into danger again! Father and the elders will definitely protect you well!”

Nan Yiyi sobbed for a while before she gradually calmed down under Nan Yifan’s comfort.

Seeing that she had finally stopped crying and seemed to be getting better, Nan Yifan couldn’t help but ask, “Yiyi, you’re out. Where’s your Big Brother and the rest?”

Nan Yiyi wiped her tears and said hoarsely, “Previously, Big Brother, the two elders, and I were swept into the black wall. But after entering, we were split up. I searched for them for a long time but couldn’t find them…”

As she spoke, her eyes filled with tears again, making Nan Yifan’s heart ache even more.

“…It’s all Yiyi’s fault for being incompetent; it’s all my fault! If it weren’t for the sake of accompanying me, Big Brother and the others wouldn’t have encountered this danger!” As Nan Yiyi spoke, she raised her hand to hit herself.

Seeing this, Nan Yifan hurriedly stopped her. “What nonsense are you talking about?! How can you be blamed?! If anyone is to blame, it’s Father!”

In the end, if he hadn’t insisted on them coming over, this wouldn’t have happened.

He had long regretted it. Hearing Nan Yiyi’s words, it was like ten thousand arrows piercing through his heart.

Fortunately, she is lucky to have survived. If something really happened… Nan Yifan didn’t dare to think about how he would face all of this.

“Alright, alright. Yiyi, don’t worry. Look, you’ve already come out. Perhaps Yuxing and the others will come out safely later!” Nan Yifan really held onto this hope. Previously, Elder Yi Yu said that nobody had ever been able to come out of this black wall. But now, isn’t Yiyi here for no reason? Although she is severely injured, she still managed to survive!

Nan Yifan was actually still happy.

However, Nan Yiyi’s expression was not so relaxed. She bit her lip.

She knew what was going on inside. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was dangerous!

Nan Yifan was very optimistic, but she didn’t dare to think about it. Wanting to come out of that alive… was purely a matter of luck!

After all, weren’t Yu Hongshan and Shangguan Jing gone?!

She reached out and grabbed Nan Yifan’s sleeve tightly. “Father, all of this is actually related to Shangguan Yue!”

Nan Yifan was stunned. “Shangguan Yue? Who’s that?”

“But this name sounds familiar…” He paused, frowning. I should’ve heard this name before, but I suddenly can’t remember.

Nan Yiyi’s knuckles turned white. “It’s—”

“Where is she now?” A cold and indifferent voice filled with pressure suddenly interrupted her!

When Nan Yiyi heard this, she couldn’t help but tremble. Only then did she look in the direction of the voice.

Two men were standing not far from them. It was the burly and imposing one in front who spoke.

Now, his deep eyes were fixed on her.

Nan Yiyi instantly became nervous and subconsciously glanced at her father. “Father, they’re—”

Nan Yifan hurriedly said, “By the way, I almost forgot to introduce you. This is Clan Leader Yi Zhao of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. Standing behind him is Elder Yi Yu. Yiyi, why aren’t you bowing?”

When Nan Yiyi heard the words ‘red-gold heavenly phoenix,’ she was already filled with shock. When she found out the true identities of the two people in front of her, she opened her mouth in shock and was unable to come back to her senses for a long time. Clan… Leader?! This is a top-notch big shot that only exists in rumors! It’s said that when legendary warriors went to see them, they were rejected.

Arrogant, domineering, and overbearing—this was the impression most cultivators in the God Residence Realm had of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

As the clan leader, Yi Zhao was even more so.

Nan Yiyi never expected to meet such a person here! No wonder even Father was so polite…

Nan Yiyi hurriedly bowed. “Junior Nan Yiyi greets—”

“Let me ask you: where is the person you just mentioned?” Yi Zhao couldn’t be bothered to talk to her about superficial things and went straight to the point.

Nan Yiyi was stunned for a moment before she quickly glanced at Yi Zhao. This expression… doesn’t look good, but he clearly knows Shangguan Yue.

Right! Shangguan Yue has contracted a pure red-gold heavenly phoenix. As the clan leader, how could Yi Zhao not know? He is most likely here to find trouble with Shangguan Yue!

Contracting with the red-gold heavenly phoenix… She really thinks that she has lived too long! Even their clan leader was alarmed!

Thinking of this, Nan Yiyi’s thoughts raced as she asked, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, are you also looking for that b*tch?”

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