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1710 So Noisy

Chu Liuyue had heard that song many times.

She was extremely intelligent and could remember almost everything she had seen and heard, but this wasn’t an ordinary music score. Even though she had heard it many times, she still couldn’t memorize it completely.

Every syllable seemed to dance wonderfully with her.

The sound of the zither brushed past her ears and passed through her mind, but it only left an extremely faint mark. Hence, she could only memorize it bit by bit and match it with the music score in her hand to differentiate between real and fake.

Perhaps it was because she was used to it, but she gradually became numb to the pain around her. This allowed her to devote more attention to the music scores.

Ah Jing paused and tilted his head slightly. All he could see was a rich black.

“How noisy…” he muttered softly, a hint of impatience in his tone.

He had never been a patient person, but most of the time, he couldn’t be bothered to argue with people. He usually turned a blind eye and let it pass, but not this time.

He had waited for so long before someone finally came. It wasn’t easy for his cultivation to get on track. How could he be disturbed?

His well-defined fingers moved gently, and a light blade instantly flew out!

He did all of this silently, so she—who was focused on reading the music scores—didn’t notice.


With a violent sound, a ball of fire suddenly exploded in front of Yi Zhao!

He tapped his toes and quickly retreated!

Berserk energy swept toward the surroundings, and traces of burning appeared on the ground.

Nan Yifan and the others retreated again.

After a while, the power finally calmed down.

Smoke and dust filled the air. There was still the smell of something burning.

It was hot and burning.

Nan Yifan let go, her palm already sweaty. Just now… was really too terrifying!

Yi Zhao fought head-on with the power sweeping over from the black wall. Both sides fought crazily!

Just by standing there, they felt that the terrifying heat would surge toward them the next second! If it were them, they probably wouldn’t even be able to last a third of the time.

“Clan Leader, how are you?” Elder Yi Yu quickly rushed to Yi Zhao’s side with a rare nervous expression.

Yi Zhao shook his head. “I’m fine, but… this wall has already been completely sealed by an extremely ferocious force. It’s probably difficult to forcefully barge in from the outside.”

Elder Yi Yu had actually expected this outcome, but when he saw Yi Zhao’s solemn expression, his heart still subconsciously sank. If even the clan leader says so… Then, there is really nothing I can do about this. However, Tuan Zi and the others are still inside! We can’t just leave it like this, can we?

Yi Zhao was silent for a moment before looking up at the black wall. There seemed to be waves in his eyes.

After a while, he said, “Let’s wait and see.”

Elder Yi Yu’s lips moved. “…Yes.”

Nan Yifan and the others also heard this and couldn’t help but look at each other. If even Yi Zhao and Yi Yu can’t do anything, then… won’t we have even less hope?

Nan Yifan clenched his fists and frowned.

He was really worried and nervous. After all, Nan Yuxing and Nan Yiyi were both inside!

If something really happens…

“Clan Leader, why don’t we wait first?” an elder beside him advised in a low voice.

Given the current situation, it was definitely impossible to force it. Yi Zhao and Yi Yu had both decided to wait first, so they seemed to have no better solution.

Nan Yifan took out a jade pendant.

The four spots of light were still wandering gently on it, but one of them had clearly dimmed a lot. That was Elder Bai Tong…

Nan Yifan put away the jade pendant and stared at the black wall in front of him.

“Wait!” He waved at the two of them. “You guys should rest for a while and adjust.”

They were all exhausted from the journey, and this was with no trouble… If they encountered any danger again, it would probably be difficult for them to survive.

The two elders nodded and did as they were told.

Nan Yifan closed his eyes and muttered softly, “The murderous aura in this God-Killing Tumulus seems to be getting stronger and stronger…”

I have never encountered such a situation before. I don’t know what is going on…

Just as he half-turned around and was about to adjust his breathing, a strange fluctuation suddenly came from the black wall!


The people present quickly looked up!

Light spun on the wall, and the huge totem shone even brighter! Then, a figure suddenly fell out!

Nan Yifan looked over and was immediately pleasantly surprised. “Yiyi!”

Then, who else could it be but his precious daughter, Nan Yiyi?!

Nan Yiyi was still in a daze. When she heard this voice, she was instantly shocked.

She subconsciously raised her head and looked over. “Father?!”

Nan Yiyi widened her eyes in disbelief.

Nan Yifan had already rushed over. “Yiyi! How are you?”

As he asked, he went to pull Nan Yiyi away.

“Father—Hiss!” Nan Yiyi cried out in pain.

Nan Yifan hurriedly let go, and only then did he see a long scratch on his daughter’s arm. Blood had already stained half of her sleeve.

His heart suddenly tightened, and he hurriedly sized up Nan Yiyi’s entire body. Only then did he realize that there were countless similar wounds of various sizes on her body!

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she was covered in injuries!

What frightened Nan Yifan even more was that Nan Yiyi’s breathing was very weak, and her face was extremely pale. She was clearly severely injured!

Nan Yifan’s heart ached, and for a moment, he didn’t know where to start. “Yiyi, how did you become like this?”

What exactly has happened?!

The two elders behind him had already rushed over. They were calmer than Nan Yifan.

“Clan Leader, let’s treat Second Missy first!” one of the elders reminded.

Only then did Nan Yifan come to a realization. He hurriedly took out a green jade bottle, poured out a medicinal pill, and carefully fed it to Nan Yiyi. “This is the Golden Core. Yiyi, quickly take it.”

From the sound in the jade bottle, there should be a few more inside.

The Golden Core was a top-notch medicinal pill that could only be refined by a supreme Physician. It was miraculously effective in stopping bleeding and healing the body.

This thing was very precious even for many first-rate families, but Nan Yifan easily had a bottle. It could be seen that they were rich.

Nan Yiyi swallowed the Golden Core and felt a warm energy surge through her body. A flush also appeared on her pale face.

Only then did Nan Yifan carefully help her up. “Yiyi, what exactly is going on?”

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