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1708 Far, Ancient Totem

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None at all? Nan Yifan suddenly widened his eyes. Doesn’t that mean that everyone who enters is on a path to death and has no chance of survival?! Then, Yuxing and Yiyi—

“Elder Yi Yu, i-is what you said true?” Nan Yifan had experienced countless thunderstorms in his life and was always calm and as stable as a mountain. But when he heard this, he instantly became anxious.

His only two bloodline descendants were likely inside! If they really did not come out, then—

Nan Yifan didn’t dare to continue thinking. He took a step forward and anxiously asked, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, you must have a way, right?!”

The person Yi Zhao wants to find is inside, so he will definitely think of a way to get the person out. Perhaps I can conveniently bring Yuxing and Yiyi out together—

“Take a step back,” said Yi Zhao suddenly.

Upon hearing this, Nan Yifan immediately followed the instruction and gazed at Yi Zhao expectantly.

Elder Yi Yu was hesitant in his words, but he eventually didn’t say anything and took a few steps back.

Yi Zhao looked up at the front.


A red-golden fire suddenly appeared in his palm, and a terrifying suppression instantly descended!

The surrounding temperature rapidly rose with the fire’s appearance!

Nan Yifan’s Adam’s apple moved, and his throat was dry, but his eyes didn’t blink, terrified that something would happen. At the same time, he was secretly shocked. Yi Zhao’s moves are indeed extraordinary! His true cultivation level and skills are clearly more shocking than rumored!

This caused Nan Yifan to be more at ease. Yi Zhao is so amazing. Perhaps he can create a miracle…


The moment Yi Zhao took action, the black wall before him immediately had a reaction!

With a whir, a gigantic strange totem gradually formed on the wall and appeared before Yi Zhao and the rest!

“Whose totem… is this? Why haven’t I seen it before?” An elder behind Nan Yifan couldn’t help but mutter curiously and softly.

A totem that could appear here was naturally special. However, they knew all the totems of reputable families in the God Residence Realm, and none of them matched this one.

Another elder paused for a moment and guessed with uncertainty, “Perhaps… it’s the totem of a clan that participated in the shocking battle thousands of years ago?”

This was the likeliest possibility.

Ever since that battle, countless strong warriors met their demise, causing their aristocratic families to disappear over the years. Not many powers survived back then. Thus, something like a totem was even more blurred.

Nan Yifan didn’t care much about the totem. All his attention now was on Yi Zhao.

At this point, he had really pinned all his hopes on Yi Zhao. As long as Yiyi and Yuxing can come out safely, nothing else matters!


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