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1707 Not a Single One

Elder Yi Yu squinted his eyes, looked in the direction he pointed, and was slightly stunned.

Far away, there were many messy tombstones in the vast wasteland. Even if they were a distance away, they could clearly feel the aura of intense sinister suppression.




A cold and intense blood aura permeated through the air, causing them to be shocked.

“This is… the burial area for the true gods?” muttered Elder Yi Yu. “Clan Leader, you mean—”

Yi Zhao raised his chin. “No, look again.”

Elder Yi Yu was dazed. When he looked further, he saw that there was an extraordinary black color connecting heaven and earth.

“That’s… a wall?!” Elder Yi Yu widened his eyes slightly.

Hearing his words, Nan Yifan and the rest immediately looked over. However, their eyesight wasn’t as good as Elder Yi Yu, let alone Yi Zhao. Hence, they could only forcefully see a black line.

However, Nan Yifan still looked shocked.

There was indeed a wall in the God-Killing Tumulus. Rumors had it that it appeared during the stunning battle countless strong warriors participated in. They heard that the wall contained a boundless amount of strength and separated heaven and earth.

Most of the cultivators met their demise when they participated in the battle back then, and countless treasures were destroyed. Only this wall was rigid and hard, lasting until now.

Before this, Nan Yifan had only heard of the wall in rumors, but he hadn’t seen it before. Hence, when he saw it from afar, he couldn’t conceal his agitation.

However, Yi Zhao’s following statement caused his heart to turn cold. “They should be inside.”

Once he said this, the surroundings instantly turned silent.

Inside? What inside? The few of them looked at each other in confusion and saw the doubt, disbelief, and daze in each other’s eyes.

Even though Elder Yi Yu wasn’t as shocked as Nan Yifan and the rest, he also furrowed his brows for once. “You’re saying that… they’re in the wall?”

Yi Zhao nodded.

“How is this possible?” Nan Yifan finally couldn’t help but speak. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, you’re saying that… they’re behind the wall… right?”

How could this wall contain anyone? Besides, this wall is so famous because it is extraordinarily firm. Not only did it survive the bloody battle back then, it even still stands stubbornly after so many thunderstorms over thousands of years.

Normal people might not even be able to leave a hole in the wall, let alone others. Isn’t this too strange?

Yi Zhao didn’t even give Nan Yifan an additional gaze as if he didn’t hear his question and went straight for the wall.

Elder Yi Yu immediately followed. However, his face no longer had his previous smile and was replaced by a rare sternness and solemnity.

Without getting a reply, Nan Yifan couldn’t care to be aggrieved. That was because he could tell that Yi Zhao and Yi Yu looked nervous.

Things will be troublesome… Nan Yifan’s heart hung high. If the person Yi Zhao and Yi Yu is looking for is trapped behind the wall, then… Are Yiyi and the rest—

This thought immediately caused him to be uneasy.

He took a deep breath in and waved to the few of them. “Keep up!”

The true god tombstones were silent.

Yi Zhao and the rest walked through this silently.

This process was long and torturous, and the closer they were, the more they could feel the shocking suppression and harshness from it!

“The legendary warrior tombstones should be in front,” whispered Elder Yi Yu.

That wall was within the legendary warrior tombstone area.

The further they went in, the closer they were to the wall. With that, they naturally could see it more clearly.

Nan Yifan clenched his teeth and walked as he stared at the increasingly clearer black wall before him.

That wall was extremely high as it stood there quietly, and one could not see its end.

I wonder how long this wall is… Why didn’t I see it when I came here before?


A deep sound was heard from the back.

Nan Yifan turned around and glanced over.

One elder that came with him fell to the ground with a pale face. “M-master… I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his chest vibrated, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

It was bright red, which caused his face to be even more frail and disheveled in comparison.

Nan Yifan’s face darkened.

At the side, an elder couldn’t help but say, “Master, the harshness from the wall is too scary. Elder Jin Ming probably can’t hold on any longer. And… the remaining of us… I’m afraid…”

This wasn’t cursing anybody, but the truth was there! They knew each other’s abilities the best.

They had reached this step, and nobody wanted to stop. If they had a choice, why would they—

Nan Yifan closed his eyes and said, “You and Elder Jin Ming can stay here to wait. You don’t have to go further anymore.”

The path in front of them was dangerous, and he couldn’t risk his elders’ lives.

The two elders originally seemed hesitant, but they finally chose to nod in agreement. They themselves understood that they had reached the end of their wits. If they forcefully followed him, they would become his burden.

“Master, you must be careful.”

Nan Yifan didn’t delay for very long and turned around to leave after instructing them twice. Then, he continued walking toward Yi Zhao and Yi Yu.

The few of them walked for a distance and finally reached the wall.

Yi Zhao stopped in his tracks, stared at the front, and had a deep gaze.

Elder Yi Yu knitted his brows tightly. This situation is even worse than expected…

When Nan Yifan caught up with them, he immediately felt the low aura around the duo. His heart sank with them.

After a moment, seeing that Yi Zhao and Yi Yu had no intentions of speaking or taking action, Nan Yifan finally hesitated in asking, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, are you sure that the person you’re looking for is inside?”

Elder Yi Yu stood with his hands behind his back and lightly said, “Master Nan, your precious daughter and the few of them should be inside.”

Nan Yifan was shocked. “T-this… How did you—”

“This wall hides all the aura. Anyone who enters will lose contact with the outside world.”

Shock flashed across Nan Yifan’s eyes. I really didn’t know this!

He stared at the black wall solemnly again.

Tall, thick, suppressive!

After weathering thunderstorms, the harsh aura kept exuding from within, causing it to be intolerable!

They were outside, and it was already so torturous for them. If they really went in, wouldn’t it be more dangerous?

“Then, we should swiftly leave with them!” said Nan Yifan nervously.

Elder Yi Yu suddenly laughed, but he had no smiling intent on his face. Then, he tilted his head and glanced at Nan Yifan. “Master Nan, do you know how many people trapped here have successfully come out?”

Nan Yifan looked at him, and a strong sense of uneasiness surged up his heart.

Elder Yi Yu lightly said, “None at all.”

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