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1706 Right There!

After all, Nan Yiyi was still young and had little experience. All her thoughts were on her face.

Her thoughts were easily seen through by the other party.

Nan Yiyi pressed her lips against each other.

Although she didn’t know the other party’s identity, his words and actions were quite magnanimous. This was especially so when he spoke.

His expression was calm, but it inexplicably made people feel like they were bathing in a spring breeze. It was very comfortable.

She instinctively let her guard down and nodded. “T-thank you then, Senior! Oh right, may I know how to address you?”

That man lightly said, “I’ve been trapped here for a thousand years. My name doesn’t matter anymore.”

Nan Yiyi was shocked again. Trapped for a thousand years? The duration is too long.

She raised her eyes.

Actually, she wanted to ask the other party many questions about his background, his experience, the reason why he was trapped here, and why he was hidden in a white bone… However, she didn’t need to speak. Seeing the other party’s gaze, she knew that he would definitely not say it.

“Then… Senior, how did you know that I can help you come out?”

Actually, this sentence was her asking why he knew that she had a dagger with her. She was too curious about this question because that dagger was the most precious item on her.

The necklace she had looked like an ordinary ruby accessory, but it was actually a Cosmic Ring her father specifically crafted for the dagger. There was only this one item inside.

Her father had previously mentioned that she couldn’t use it unless she was on the brink of death. Hence, all these years, she had never taken it out.

However, this man directly saw through it… How could Nan Yiyi not be doubtful?

She asked meticulously, but that man didn’t seem to care about it. He seemed to laugh and say nonchalantly, “I’ve seen many legendary Yuan instruments in my life. Why wouldn’t I recognize yours?”

This meant that he didn’t feel that Nan Yiyi’s dagger was precious.

Nan Yiyi felt stifled, felt frustrated, and wronged. My Nan family is one of the top existences in the God Residence Realm; even some aristocratic families have to act based on us. All things we think are treasures are naturally true treasures. That man’s tone is so arrogant, but he is most likely bluffing.

However, she naturally didn’t dare to express this dissatisfaction and could only acknowledge it.

It seems like I can’t get any information out of this man… She silently thought in her heart.

“Walk here.” That man suddenly spoke and caused Nan Yiyi to be taken aback.

She looked in the direction of the man’s gestures and realized that there seemed to be faint light seeping through.

Previously, she was just thinking about this man and didn’t notice this.

Her heart skipped a beat. “That’s the exit?”

The man laughed at the side. “If it’s really so easy to go out, how would I be trapped here for a thousand years without an exit?”

She is too naive.

Nan Yiyi heard the mockery in his words, and her face flushed slightly, feeling very awkward.

“Simply speaking, this is a gigantic maze. Countless paths cut this into many spaces, but you can only go out with one path.”

“You didn’t come in alone, right?” He glanced at Nan Yiyi. Her status isn’t low, and her talent is decent. It’s a pity that it isn’t enough here. The Nan family wouldn’t let her come alone.

Nan Yiyi nodded. Then, she suddenly looked up at the other party expectantly. “Senior, my big brother and the rest are here. Can you help me find—”

“No.” Without Nan Yiyi finishing her sentence, that man nonchalantly interrupted her and confidently gave an affirmative answer.

Nan Yiyi choked. “…W-why? I can give you a huge reward! As long as you’re willing to help, we’ll definitely repay you greatly after we go out!”

That man glanced at her with unconcealable mockery and imperiousness. “Do you know how many spaces there are here? Even if they came in with you, they weren’t separated into the same place as you, right? Do you think it’s that easy to find someone here? You need to know that even if they’re next to you and only a wall between the two of you, it’s very difficult for you to see them!”

“I promised to bring you out, but I didn’t say I’d help the others.” The other party’s tone was determined and cold.

Nan Yiyi’s originally hopeful heart gradually sank.

“If you still want to go out, follow quietly behind me later.”

Nan Yiyi’s nails dug into her palms, and she looked down. “…I understand.”

Yi Zhao and the rest were still walking in the wasteland.

As Yi Zhao and Yi Yu were worried about Tuan Zi and Chu Liuyue, they were moving quite fast. This made the few people behind suffer.

Nan Yifan was still fine, but the elders behind him clearly couldn’t catch up. Their faces gradually turned pale, and their foreheads were covered in sweat.

Seeing this scene, Nan Yifan couldn’t help but furrow his brows and look at Yi Zhao and Yi Yu. They’re indeed red-gold heavenly phoenixes. Such skills are the best!

The few people on their side weren’t actually weak, but they were not worth a mention in front of Yi Zhao and Yi Yu.

The duo’s expressions didn’t even have a slight change and looked very relaxed. Compared to them… the comparison was tragic.

Nan Yifan’s mood became complicated. Red-gold heavenly phoenixes are one of the two ancient legendary fiends, and they have always been arrogant. As the clan leader, Yi Zhao is even more so and has rarely interacted with the human clan for the past few years.

When Nan Yifan first saw Yi Zhao and Yi Yu, he looked respectful and polite but was pretty indignant. But now, he finally understood that the other party had the right to be arrogant!

It seems like I have to be more careful when dealing with Yi Zhao and the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan…

Elder Yi Yu detected the changes in Nan Yifan and the rest, but his lips just curled up playfully, and he didn’t take it to heart.

He could already guess the standard of these people at first glance. Now that they were incapable and couldn’t catch up, it was normal.

In the human clan, including Nan Yifan and the rest, perhaps they were the top existences in terms of talent and skills. However, this wasn’t enough for them.

Red-gold heavenly phoenixes were ancient legendary fiends, and they were born in the chaos. Their bloodline power was invincible, so how could they compare to humans?

So what if they were legendary warriors? They couldn’t even get past Godly Phoenix Mountain’s entrance!

All these years, only Shangguan Yue could cause them to have another impression.

Yi Zhao suddenly stopped.

Elder Yi Yu retracted his thoughts. “Clan Leader?”

Yi Zhao raised his hand. “They’re… there!”

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