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1704 Traces

Yi Zhao frowned slightly. A moment later, he continued forward but said nothing.

Elder Yi Yu was best at guessing his thoughts and understood that this was tacit agreement.

Although they didn’t interact much with the humans, the situation this time was a little special.

Nan Yifan’s words weren’t unreasonable. It wasn’t so easy to find Tuan Zi and the others quickly in this huge God-Killing Tumulus. If the people both sides were looking for really entered the God-Killing Tumulus together, it might indeed be faster.

Elder Yi Yu smiled. “In that case, Clan Leader Nan—please go ahead.”

Nan Yifan’s eyes lit up. He agreed?! I was only trying, but I didn’t expect them to really agree!

This immediately comforted Nan Yifan’s originally anxious heart.

The Nan family was indeed powerful, but compared to the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, it was still a head shorter. Now that they could move together with Yi Zhao and the others, it could be considered that they had a relationship.

Even in the entire God Residence Realm, how many people could do it?

“Okay! Okay!” Nan Yifan hurriedly agreed and followed.

Initially, he wanted to lean over and talk to Yi Zhao. However, Elder Yi Yu was in the middle, making it really difficult to communicate. Moreover, Yi Zhao’s pressure was heavy—ordinary people couldn’t even get close.

Nan Yifan saw that Yi Zhao’s expression was cold and that he didn’t seem to be in a good mood. After thinking about it, he tactfully didn’t disturb him and only followed quietly a few steps behind.

Force wasn’t allowed in the Red Soul Woods, so they naturally walked forward obediently.

As they walked, Nan Yifan kept thinking. Who are Yi Zhao and the others looking for?

Although they hid it very well, Nan Yifan still saw the worry in their eyes.

They are definitely not here to seek revenge. It looks more like they are looking for someone important… Nan Yifan was even more puzzled. There are only a few people in the world who can alarm Yi Zhao, right? Whoever it is, they are probably an important figure in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan…

Nan Yifan was nervous and uneasy. Apart from that, there was also a hint of anticipation. Perhaps Yiyi and the others have really encountered the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan? If they really encountered some trouble together, their relationship might be able to go further.

Thinking of this, Nan Yifan immediately felt relieved.

He had never thought about whether Nan Yiyi and the others would offend them.

What a joke. Even if she couldn’t recognize them, Elder Wu Peng and the others would definitely be able to tell their identities immediately.

They couldn’t wait to please him. How could they go against the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan?

But things were often unpredictable.

At this moment, Nan Yifan couldn’t imagine what kind of cruel reality would greet him later.

Suddenly, Yi Zhao stopped and stared ahead.

Nan Yifan could only stop and turn to follow his gaze. What he saw made him frown.

In the forest not far ahead was a mess. It seemed that there had been a fierce battle here.

But this is the Red Soul Woods. Wouldn’t they be courting death if they fight here?

Suddenly, an elder beside him exclaimed, “Clan Leader, th-that looks like Eldest Young Master’s clothes!”

Nan Yifan was shocked. He hurriedly took a few steps forward and looked over.

When Nan Yifan saw the tattered clothes on the ground and the messy blood, his mind buzzed! It is re-really Yuxing’s clothes! Did he make a move here? However, he clearly knows that he can’t use force in the Red Soul Woods. How could he have caused himself such trouble?!

The few scarlet leaves scattered beside him dispelled Nan Yifan’s last trace of hope. There are no fallen leaves in the entire Red Soul Woods—only here! Something must’ve happened!

“Clan Leader, don’t be anxious. Perhaps this blood doesn’t belong to Eldest Young Master. Eldest Young Master is powerful. Moreover, he has Elder Wu Peng and the others by his side. He will definitely be fine!”

Nan Yifan clenched his fists. Nan Yuxing and the others are indeed not in danger, but from the looks of it, they are definitely injured. I just don’t know what happened to cause such a situation…

Elder Yi Yu stroked his chin. “Clan Leader, there’s no aura of Tuan Zi in this blood.”

Yi Zhao nodded. The Red Soul Woods might be very dangerous for humans, but it isn’t a threat to Tuan Zi. It would be strange if she was injured here. There is a high chance that she encountered trouble after entering the God-Killing Tumulus.

Yi Zhao glanced expressionlessly at the mess before continuing forward. He naturally wouldn’t care too much about irrelevant people and matters.

Nan Yifan clenched his fists. Finally, he looked away and followed. Since they aren’t here, the most important thing now is to enter the God-Killing Tumulus and find their traces!

The place where the blood was found was actually already the edge of the Red Soul Woods. As long as they walked a little further, they could get out.

Unfortunately, something still happened to Nan Yuxing and the others…

Nan Yifan felt suffocated, and his expression darkened.

After a while, everyone finally walked out of the Red Soul Woods in silence.

Their field of vision suddenly widened!

The sky was gray and thick with clouds. Looking out, there was an endless field.

A cold aura instantly assaulted their face, and they could vaguely smell the desolate smell of blood.

Nan Yifan’s heart trembled.

Behind him, an elder couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Clan Leader, don’t you think the God-Killing Tumulus seems a little different?”

Nan Yifan nodded. It is indeed different. I have been here before, but I have never felt the sinister coldness of the world so strongly. It almost makes one tremble from the bottom of their heart. I can’t tell the difference, but it has changed.

Elder Yi Yu walked to Yi Zhao’s side. The smile on his face gradually faded, and there was a hint of coldness and seriousness between his brows.

“The murderous aura here is even stronger,” Elder Yi Yu said seriously.

Yi Zhao nodded. This isn’t a good sign. We have just entered the God-Killing Tumulus, yet we already feel such a shocking murderous aura. If we continue deeper… No wonder Tuan Zi chose to ask for help.

Yi Zhao looked around and vaguely confirmed a direction.

Seeing this, Nan Yifan gritted his teeth and chose to follow closely behind.

At this point, he could no longer sense their auras. However, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was different; they had astonishing talent and sensing power in this area.

The God-Killing Tumulus was so big, and Nan Yuxing and the others had completely cut off their connection with him. The best way was to follow Yi Zhao and the others.

At this moment, Yi Zhao was focused on Tuan Zi and ignored Nan Yifan.

Just like that, the group headed deeper into the God-Killing Tumulus.

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