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1703 Sucking Up to Someone Else

Before Nan Yiyi could react, she suddenly felt a strong force attacking her! Immediately after, her body fell forward uncontrollably!

At this moment, the darkness in front of her was suddenly cut by a white light!

Instinctively, she closed her eyes. Then, her body suddenly fell!

Outside the Red Soul Woods.

A few ripples suddenly spread in the void. Immediately after, a few figures walked out one after another!

The person in front was wearing a dark-purple robe with a cold and solemn expression—it was the head of the Nan family, Nan Yifan!

Behind him were four elders of the clan.

As soon as they arrived, Nan Yifan quickly glanced around and frowned.

He sensed the auras of Nan Yiyi and the others. After doing so for a while, he walked toward a certain spot in the Red Soul Woods. “They should’ve entered the Red Soul Woods from here.”

The elders behind him hurriedly followed.

Because they knew that this matter involved Nan Yuxing and Nan Yiyi, they didn’t dare to say anything in front of Nan Yifan. Whatever he said, they followed.

The few of them quickly rushed over.

But just as Nan Yifan and the others were about to enter, there was suddenly a fluctuation behind them!

They immediately turned around and were on high alert. Who else would come to the God-Killing Tumulus at this time? Moreover, they chose the same position as us!

A black spatial rift was suddenly torn open! Then, two figures walked out one after another!

When he saw the person’s face clearly, Nan Yifan was stunned. This… Isn’t this the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s Clan Leader Yi Zhao and one of the five elders, Elder Yi Yu?

The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan almost never interacted with humans. The reason why Nan Yifan could recognize them at a glance was that he had seen them by chance in the past.

Although he had only met them once, he had always remembered them clearly. So now that he saw these two familiar faces, he immediately remembered.

Nan Yifan’s suspended heart relaxed a little, but at the same time, more questions arose. Why are they suddenly here? Not to mention Elder Yi Yu, Yi Zhao rarely leaves Godly Phoenix Mountain. Today, they actually… appeared in the Red Soul Woods outside the God-Killing Tumulus together. It really makes people think too much.

But no matter what he thought, he had to do something.

Nan Yifan quickly adjusted his expression and took a step forward. Then, he cupped his hands politely and smiled. “Haha, isn’t this Clan Leader Yi Zhao? What wind blew you here?”

Compared to his ‘passion,’ Yi Zhao’s attitude was much colder.

Yi Zhao only glanced indifferently at Nan Yifan before quickly retracting his gaze as if he didn’t see this person at all. He then turned his head and said to Elder Yi Yu, “They should’ve entered from here.”

Elder Yi Yu nodded. Of course, we won’t mistake Tuan Zi’s aura. But… why did we meet someone from the Nan family here?

He glanced over from the corner of his eye, but he didn’t answer Nan Yifan. What a joke. The clan leader has always been impolite to the human race. Now that something has happened to Tuan Zi, time is of the essence. How could he still be in the mood to chat with Nan Yifan and the others?

Their attitude made Nan Yifan very embarrassed.

The smile on his face froze for an instant, but then his expression returned to normal. In fact, he had expected such a reaction.

It had been so many years. Which of the two ancient legendary fiend clans wasn’t arrogant?

Although he was unconvinced, he had no choice but to admit that the other party had the confidence.

Nan Yifan had a noble status and was also strong. Over the years, it had almost always been others who had to abide by him.

There weren’t many scenes where he was fawning over others and was looked down upon.

If it were anyone else, they might already be lying on the ground. However, the other party was Yi Zhao.

They really couldn’t afford to offend him.

Nan Yifan swallowed his anger and pretended that nothing had happened. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, are you also here to look for someone?”

These words attracted Elder Yi Yu’s attention, and he raised his eyebrows. “Also?”

Nan Yifan’s heart tightened. He felt that he had made a mistake by subconsciously saying the word ‘also.’

But thinking of the other party’s identity, there seems to be nothing to be afraid of. So what if they know? Could it be that Yi Zhao will interfere in matters of the human race?

After thinking for a moment, Nan Yifan said frankly, “That’s right. My daughter came to this God-Killing Tumulus some time ago, but there was suddenly no news today. I was worried, so I came over to take a look personally.”

He only mentioned Nan Yiyi but didn’t mention Nan Yuxing and the others.

This matter was serious. If the news of Nan Yuxing’s actions spread, the Nan family would probably fall into chaos.

In any case, everyone knew that he had always doted on Nan Yiyi. It was normal for him to make a special trip here for her.

A look of understanding flashed across Elder Yi Yu’s eyes, but he didn’t answer.

Nan Yifan couldn’t help but ask, “May I know who you’re here to look for? The God-Killing Tumulus is vast and dangerous. If we join forces, we might be able to find them faster.”

That’s right—he wanted to join forces with Yi Zhao. Although the other party had few people, they were powerful! Moreover, if he could take this opportunity to get closer to the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, it would be even better.

He was dreaming, but Yi Zhao was not interested at all.

Yi Zhao didn’t even look at him. His calm and authoritative face was cold and stern as he walked toward the Red Soul Woods.

Nan Yifan was rejected and felt a little embarrassed.

However, Yi Zhao was famous for his bad temper and arrogance. Even if he was angry, he didn’t dare to really do anything to him. Besides, the most important thing now was to find Nan Yiyi and the others.

Behind him, the elders secretly exchanged glances, not even daring to breathe.

Nan Yifan clenched his fists and took a deep breath. “Alright, let’s hurry up!”

With that, he started advancing.

As they walked, they all sensed that something was wrong.

Nan Yifan’s expression became even stranger, and his footsteps became hesitant. Why is this direction… the same as Yi Zhao and the others?

Almost at the same time, Elder Yi Yu turned around and glanced at Nan Yifan with a faint smile. “Clan Leader Nan, if you want to find someone, just go ahead. Why must you come with us?”

Nan Yifan immediately felt embarrassed and braced himself to explain, “Elder Yi Yu, it’s really a misunderstanding! We didn’t mean to follow you, but… my daughter and the others seem to have entered the God-Killing Tumulus from here, so—”

Seeing that his expression didn’t seem to be fake, Elder Yi Yu glanced at Yi Zhao hesitantly. The Red Soul Woods is so big, but he is entering from here? Isn’t this… too much of a coincidence?

Seeing this reaction, Nan Yifan immediately realized something. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, perhaps the person you’re looking for entered with Yiyi and the others?”

There was a faint excitement in his expression.

“I think… it’s more convenient for us to act together. What do you think?”

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