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1701 Torment

The feather gently wrote a line of words in the air: “Clan Leader Grandpa, come and save A’Yue and me!”

After seeing the line of words clearly, Yi Zhao’s pupils constricted!

The line of words soon transformed into golden flames in midair and quietly disappeared, and the feather was annihilated.

The people in the hall were all shocked.

“Is… Tuan Zi asking for help?” Elder Yi Shang asked with uncertainty.

Yi Zhao’s expression was solemn. “That’s right!”

Who else could send a request for help from so far away other than Tuan Zi?

“It looks like something happened to them.”

If she hadn’t been forced into a desperate situation, Tuan Zi would never have taken the initiative to ask them for help.

Elder Yi Yu stood up, adjusted his collar, and smiled. “It’s rare for Tuan Zi to take the initiative to invite us for help. We naturally have to support her. Clan Leader, how about I make a trip?”

Tuan Zi had already opened her fourth meridian. As one of the five elders, it was still very easy for him to find Tuan Zi.

Yi Zhao nodded. “After they left Godly Phoenix Mountain, they seemed to have gone straight to the God-Killing Tumulus. Go over there and take a look.”

Elder Yi Yu nodded. He had just taken a step when he suddenly stopped. “Clan Leader, Young Mistress asked for help. Shouldn’t we send a few more people over?”

The God-Killing Tumulus was very strange and dangerous. He couldn’t guarantee that he could bring them out safely.

Yi Zhao’s lips moved, but he didn’t say anything. It was as though he wanted to say something but hesitated.

The remaining elders looked at each other. There doesn’t seem to be anything to hesitate about. What is the clan leader thinking?

Elder Yi Shang also stood up and said, “Yi Yu, you still have to deal with Phoenix Valley. Let me go this time.”

He was the Second Elder and was even stronger than Elder Yi Yu, the Fifth Elder.

“Besides that, I’ll find another—”

“Second Elder, don’t!” Elder Yi Yu stroked his chin and sighed. “Actually, most of the matters in Phoenix Valley have been settled. Even if I leave now, it won’t affect me much. Besides, this kind of opportunity to improve my relationship with Tuan Zi is rare! If I miss this chance, who knows how long I will have to wait for the next time? Don’t tell me you want to snatch it from me.”

He was the youngest of the five elders and had always been straightforward. As time passed, everyone became used to it.

Elder Yi Shang couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head helplessly. “But how can you do it alone? Or—”

Before he could finish, Yi Zhao interrupted him. “I’ll go with him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hall fell silent.

The elders looked at each other. Clearly, they didn’t expect him to plan to go personally.

Elder Yi Shang was stunned for a moment and asked hesitantly, “Clan Leader, are you really going personally?”

Under normal circumstances, Yi Zhao rarely left Godly Phoenix Mountain unless something serious happened. After all, he was the clan leader. His every word and action had a huge impact.

Yi Zhao nodded expressionlessly. “This matter is serious. It’s safer for me to go with Yi Yu.”

He was a man of his word. At this moment, his attitude and tone were clearly very firm, so the elders in the hall didn’t continue to stop him.

After all, Tuan Zi was the young mistress and was personally appointed by their ancestor. They had to protect her no matter what. It was understandable for Yi Zhao to go personally.

After they decided, Yi Zhao and Elder Yi Yu didn’t hesitate to set off for the God-Killing Tumulus!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue was naturally unaware of what was happening outside.

In the dim space, a shaft of daylight poured down from above.

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged with a transparent piece of paper in her hand.

On the paper, brilliant flowing light flickered—beautiful and moving. However, she wasn’t in the mood to admire it at this moment.

Her eyes were fixed on the paper, studying the trajectory and pattern of the flowing light, afraid of missing something.

This was actually a very mentally draining matter, and she couldn’t relax at all. At the same time, the force around her was rapidly depleting.

She frowned slightly. Her lips were pale, and she looked rather haggard, but she still gripped the paper tightly in her hand, afraid to close her eyes and rest.

Pieces of paper were scattered on the ground around her. Although they were also transparent, there was no gorgeous light on them, and every one of them had shattered as if they were already invalid.

Those pieces of paper were what Chu Liuyue had already examined before. They were fake—they were all fake.

Of the tens of thousands of pieces of paper, only one was real. Now that she had only read a hundred or so, how could she find the real one so easily?

Here, she was so focused on studying each score that she could barely feel the passage of time. Only the pressure and pain that was still increasing on her body reminded her that time was passing quickly!

The only thing to be happy about was that she was indeed reading a little faster than before. One every three days before, and now… One every two and a half days.

However, this joy didn’t last long. This was because other than fighting to the death with these fake scores, Chu Liuyue also had to endure the test of the zither music!

Ever since Ah Jing started playing the zither, Chu Liuyue had been enveloped by that terrifying killing intent!

There was almost no room for hesitation in this tune. From the beginning to the end, it was filled with fighting spirit and killing intent!

In a daze, Chu Liuyue felt like she was in a vast world.

The sky was dark, dark clouds were surging, and the wind was roaring! In the endless wilderness, countless people were fighting!

The shout shook the sky with a shocking momentum!

As far as the eye could see, there were messy bloodstains, cold corpses, and a ghastly coldness. It was like hell on earth!

She could even smell the strong, terrifying stench of blood. It was almost nauseating.

It wasn’t that Chu Liuyue had never seen battles and killing scenes; she had even fought on the battlefield herself.

In the blink of an eye, she had killed countless people, and she had seen corpses everywhere more than once. However, those scenes paled in comparison to the images that kept appearing in her mind.

She tried to shake the images out of her mind, but it was futile because these were part of that tune! Hence, she could only choose to accept it and keep forcing herself to focus on listening to every note of the song!

This was undoubtedly an exceptionally cruel torture for Chu Liuyue.

She seemed cut in half.

Half of her was focused on the score in their hands, and the other half was constantly experiencing that bloody and terrifying scene.

Finally, a trickle of dark red blood trickled slowly from the corner of her lips. It dripped onto the back of her hand.

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