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Chapter 1671: Help

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Countless God Realms gathered, forming a huge barrier around her!

However, the blood-colored pillar of light was extremely sharp and carried shocking killing intent as it tore through space! Even these God Realms shook violently before dissipating!

The black-robed man sneered. “It’s indeed your ability to ask them for help! But no matter what… these are only the God Realms of true gods!”

It is impossible to compete with a legendary warrior!

The blood-colored pillar of light was getting closer and closer!

Chu Liuyue’s black hair was swept up by the strong wind, and her clothes were burning.

“A’Yue—” Tuan Zi called out to her nervously and subconsciously wanted to step forward.

Chu Liuyue turned around and shielded her.

Tuan Zi grabbed her sleeve and refused to let go. Is A’Yue going to stand in front of me in defense? However, the Xuan formation just now has exhausted almost all of A’Yue’s strength. How can she withstand this attack now?

I’m different. I’m a red-gold heavenly phoenix, and my physical strength was great to begin with. Moreover, I have inherited the power of my ancestor. It definitely wouldn’t be a problem for me to deal with this!

But before Tuan Zi could say anything, Chu Liuyue took the lead. “Stay behind me.”

This wasn’t a question or a compromise but an unquestionable order!

Tuan Zi looked up and wanted to say something else.

Chu Liuyue had already turned around, took a step forward, and picked up the black shield from the ground. Then, she crossed her legs slightly and held the black shield in front of her.

Ever since those stones appeared, the people present had practically forgotten the existence of the black shield.

Seeing her pick it up again, the black-robed man was first stunned before he snorted in disdain. If it were before, I might’ve been a little afraid of the black shield. However… I have already used the third level of the Glowing Sky Staff. This isn’t enough!

At the same time, the blood-colored pillar of light had already slashed down!

Holding the shield in her hand, Chu Liuyue raised it high and blocked herself and Tuan Zi.


An incomparably powerful force smashed heavily onto the black shield!

Chu Liuyue’s arm instantly went numb, and her body trembled violently as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Even the ground under her feet caved in deeply, and several cracks appeared around her! It could be seen how terrifying the power contained in this strike was!

And yet… There was only a faint mark on the black shield, but it didn’t crack!

After swallowing the remaining blood, Chu Liuyue actually held on completely!

The black-robed man suddenly took a step forward! How did this happen? Even if several true gods join forces, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow of the Glowing Sky Staff. Why is Shangguan Yue—

“It looks like you’re disappointed that I’m not dead?” Chu Liuyue looked up, an arrogant and impudent smile slowly appearing on her bloody lips.

Battle intent surged in her clear eyes!

Seeing her smile, the black-robed man suddenly felt uneasy. “No…”

He gripped the Glowing Sky Staff tightly in his hand, but his arms trembled uncontrollably.

“You were the one who attacked previously. It should be my turn now, right?” Chu Liuyue spoke slowly.

As soon as she finished speaking, her eyes lit up!


The stones scattered around her seemed to have been abruptly summoned and rolled restlessly.


The Chi Xiao Sword suddenly appeared in Chu Liuyue’s hand, gleaming with cold light!

The black-robed man heaved a sigh of relief when he saw her take out the Chi Xiao Sword. Although it is a supreme Yuan instrument, she can’t unleash its greatest power due to her current realm. There is nothing to fear.

But as soon as this thought flashed through his mind, he realized that something was wrong. This was because he discovered that those God Realms suddenly began to surge toward the Chi Xiao Sword.

They turned into streams of light and condensed on the snow-white and sharp Chi Xiao Sword.

Soon, the Chi Xiao Sword was covered in an extremely dazzling light! From afar, it was colorful!

At the same time, a shocking pressure surged from it!

Sensing that terrifying aura, the black-robed man subconsciously took half a step back. She actually… She has actually integrated the battle intent contained in these God Realms into the Chi Xiao Sword’s sword intent! Although it isn’t a complete fusion, it does greatly increase the power of the Chi Xiao Sword!

Even though these God Realms aren’t very strong, the battle intent surging in them was left behind from the shocking battle tens of thousands of years ago. It is extremely terrifying! 

Once condensed, it will be extremely terrifying! How… did Shangguan Yue think of this?!

Actually, Chu Liuyue did this purely because she had an idea. She knew very well that she was definitely not the black-robed man’s match with her own strength. Therefore, she would have to rely on external forces.

With that, she thought of these stones.

Rong Xiu previously said that these rocks contained shocking battle intent. Chu Liuyue thought that she might be able to borrow strength to fight.

In the end, things went more smoothly than expected—these stones seemed especially obedient.

She had only moved her thoughts, but they were extremely cooperative. Therefore, even if it was the first time she tried to attack in this way, the effect was surprisingly good.

Sensing the surging battle intent on the Chi Xiao Sword, Chu Liuyue felt even more confident.

She gripped the hilt of her sword tightly with one hand. When the last bit of sword intent had completely fused, she finally raised her sword—

She struck hard!

There were no tricks in this strike. It was extremely simple and neat!


Sword light flickered. The blood-colored pillar of light was actually cut apart and completely collapsed!

The sword aura didn’t stop. Instead, it approached at an even more shocking speed!

It headed straight for the black-robed man!

The black-robed man knew that something was wrong. He tapped his toes and immediately retreated!

But although he was fast, the sword aura was even faster! In the blink of an eye, it was already close to him!

Helpless, he could only raise the Glowing Sky Staff and block in front of him!



Almost at the same time as the sword aura landed, a crisp crack suddenly sounded!

A crack appeared on the Glowing Sky Staff!

The strong sword aura wrapped around the black-robed man, and his black robe fluttered crazily!

He began to mobilize his strength crazily, but the three attacks with the Glowing Sky Staff had already exhausted his stamina. At this moment, he couldn’t attack no matter what.

In desperation, he began to look around as if waiting for something. However, there was nothing.

His anxiety grew. It shouldn’t be like this! This is the tombstone area of legendary warriors. I have already fallen into such a situation, so why is there still no movement?


His robe was finally torn apart!

Sensing this change, he immediately panicked.

In a battle between experts, a small mistake was enough to determine the outcome! Hence, his defense completely collapsed the next moment, and his body flew out uncontrollably!

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