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Chapter 1670: A Life-and-Death Battle!

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Almost at the same time, the Little Heaven-Locking Formation shone brightly!

The two sides fought fiercely!

Soon, the icicles were all swallowed by the silver light! After that, there was a series of cracking sounds!

The icicles were all quickly and completely shattered by the power of the Little Heaven-Locking Formation!

The black-robed man swayed and almost fell to the ground.

After this blow, almost all the blood in the sky dissipated. Only the towering blood-colored pillar of light was left, on the verge of collapse.

The Little Heaven-Locking Formation continued to approach! Finally, the edge collided with the blood-colored pillar of light!

The two incomparably powerful forces devoured each other without any sound. Only the collapsing space around them showed how intense the battle was!

Nan Yuxing and the others were walking forward. Perhaps it was because they knew that the road ahead was dangerous, but the atmosphere was tense.

Suddenly, Elder Wu Peng stopped. “Wait a minute!”

When the people behind heard this, they immediately stopped.

Seeing that there was something wrong with his expression, Elder Bai Tong followed his gaze. “What’s the matter?”

It seems like… nothing is wrong?

Elder Wu Peng said in a low voice, “Look at the sky over there. Just now, it was covered in blood, but it has suddenly dissipated now.”

There were only layers of dark clouds left, terrifyingly dark.

After his reminder, the few of them suddenly understood.

“What… what does this mean?” Nan Yuxing frowned.

Elder Wu Peng paused, his voice even deeper and colder. “If I’m not wrong, the blood that filled the sky must’ve been caused by the black-robed man. However, it has suddenly dissipated… It’s really strange…”

“Doesn’t that mean it’s over?” Nan Yuxing asked. What is there to worry about? Since we are coming this way, we have already decided to take the risk, right?

At this moment, he suddenly felt worried. Isn’t it a little late?

However, Elder Bai Tong suddenly thought of something, and his expression froze. “You mean… Rong Xiu and the others successfully counter-attacked and caused this situation?”

Elder Wu Peng shook his head. “I’m not sure either.”

Without seeing it with his own eyes, everything was just speculation.

“How is that possible?” Hearing this, Nan Yuxing immediately retorted. We’ve seen the strength of the black-robed man. Even if the two of them join forces, it is impossible for them to win!

“Elder Wu Peng, I think you’re overthinking. Could it be that a dignified legendary warrior is so easy to defeat?”

Elder Wu Peng frowned and nodded. “I’m probably thinking too much… Let’s continue! But the further we go, the more dangerous it will be. We should be more careful; it’s never wrong.”

With that, they continued forward.

The battle between the Little Heaven-Locking Formation and the blood-colored pillar of light was still continuing!

There was silence, and the air seemed to freeze.

Everyone’s gazes were focused on that place. They all understood that this was an all-out attack by both sides.

Whether they won or lost depended on this match!

Suddenly, a faint cracking sound sounded. A hole suddenly appeared in the Little Heaven-Locking Formation!

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank slightly.

It was as if a crack had appeared on the riverbank. Even though it was small, it couldn’t be ignored.

A thousand-mile dam was destroyed by an ant nest!

The surrounding energy was still surging, attacking the hole again and again! Gradually, the hole began to expand!

The power of the entire Little Heaven-Locking Formation rapidly decreased!

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that in this battle, the blood-colored pillar of light still had the upper hand!

At this point, the black-robed man’s heart finally calmed down again. He clenched his hands and laughed coldly. “Shangguan Yue, you’re indeed powerful. If you were given a few more years, I’m afraid you would really be able to fight me head-on! Unfortunately, the current you is still a little lacking!”

I am definitely going to win this round!

As he spoke, a long crack had already appeared on the Little Heaven-Locking Formation. Moreover, the speed of its rotation gradually slowed down.

In the end, it almost stopped completely.

The blood-colored pillar of light continued to corrode the huge silver Xuan formation.

As the black fog dissipated, a strong stench spread toward the surroundings. It was nauseating.

Even though most of the blood-colored pillar of light’s strength had been reduced in this battle, it was the one with the relative upper hand.

“Yue’er!” Seeing this, Chu Ning couldn’t help but take a step forward as he became even more anxious. If not for Rong Xiu’s barrier, he would’ve rushed forward.

He didn’t notice that the blood on his palm was fading quickly. Moreover, a warm breath suddenly surged in his dantian and quickly spread to his limbs and bones.

It was only when the slightly hot temperature reached his hands that he finally sensed that something was wrong and quickly looked down.

What he saw made his pupils constrict. This was because most of the injuries on his hands had already recovered!

This… Chu Ning frowned, but there was no shock in the depths of his eyes. This wasn’t the first time such a situation had happened, but he had been in a daze most of the time previously. In addition, he had been thinking about Yue’er, so he didn’t take this matter to heart.

Unexpectedly, it was happening again…

Right at this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from ahead!

Chu Ning immediately looked up!

The huge silver Xuan formation completely collapsed! A boundless amount of violent energy spread in all directions!

The blood-colored pillar of light suddenly slashed down from the sky! Like a blood sword, it slashed straight at Chu Liuyue.

She suddenly looked up!

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