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Chapter 1669: Counterattack!

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The black-robed man was shocked. He turned around and saw that Chu Liuyue had unknowingly completed the Xuan formation in front of her.

A vast pressure slowly spread from above! This aura made his heart tremble unconsciously.

“Great… Great King Xuan Master?!” he blurted out in disbelief. When did she break through to this level? I actually had no idea!?

Besides, how old is she now? How could she have broken through to become a Great King Xuan Master so easily?!

Chu Liuyue looked up slightly, her eyes clear and cold. Then, her pale lips curved into an unreadable smile.

Even if she couldn’t see the black-robed man’s face, it was not difficult for her to imagine his shock and panic.

“Are you surprised?” asked Chu Liuyue softly. “Actually, it’s a coincidence that I broke through just before you came. Moreover, it happened here! What, isn’t this your territory? Didn’t you know?”

Chu Liuyue’s words were like a bolt of lightning that suddenly exploded in the black-robed man’s ears!

It shocked him! “How could this be possible?”

If that was the case, I would definitely know immediately. How could it be only now—

Suddenly, he paused as if he had remembered something. “Could it be…”

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Chu Liuyue actually heard a hint of fear in his tone. Fear? This person is arrogant and presumptuous, looking down on almost everybody. From the moment we arrived, he put on a look that said he wasn’t to be trifled with. Why is he suddenly terrified now? Is it my words that reminded him of something?

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes, but she couldn’t be bothered with him.

She looked up at Tuan Zi, who was confronting the icicle. When she saw Tuan Zi’s bloody hand, the last smile on her face quickly faded, replaced by undisguised strong killing intent!

“Little Heaven-Locking Formation! Go—” With a clear shout, Chu Liuyue pushed the Xuan formation in front of her forward.

The huge silver Xuan formation slowly floated up.

The surrounding God Realms seemed to have sensed something and nimbly dodged.

Soon, the huge silver Xuan formation floated in mid-air. It swept past Tuan Zi, then floated to the top of her head and collided with the ice!

With the help of this Xuan formation, Tuan Zi immediately felt relieved.

At the same time, several streams of light lingered on the Xuan formation, binding the ice. Then, it suddenly tightened!


An extremely crisp shatter sounded!

The ice shattered!

Tuan Zi finally broke free and fell down!

Chu Liuyue quickly went forward and hugged Tuan Zi!

Feeling the familiar warm embrace, Tuan Zi’s suspended heart finally calmed down.

Chu Liuyue’s heart ached as she patted her back. “Tuan Zi, it’s been hard on you.”

She glanced at Tuan Zi’s hand. The latter’s chubby little hand had almost been pierced through, and her flesh was curled and dripping with blood.

She took a deep breath. Coldness swept through her lungs, but it also felt like a fire.

“It hurts, doesn’t it?” Chu Liuyue’s voice was softer, but her movements were faster. She quickly took out the pill and fed it to Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi nestled obediently in her arms and shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt! It’s good that A’Yue is fine!”

Chu Liuyue carefully put her down, took out the medicine and gauze, and carefully bandaged Tuan Zi’s wound.

Afraid that she would be worried, Tuan Zi retracted her hand slightly and said crisply, “A’Yue, I’m fine! These are all superficial injuries. I’ll be fine soon!”

Red-gold heavenly phoenixes were ancient legendary fiends, and her recovery ability in this aspect was indeed extraordinary.

But at this moment, her wound looked shocking.

Chu Liuyue lowered her eyes slightly, and her movements became even gentler. Ever since Tuan Zi took human form, my heart aches for her even more. Now that she is injured, and this was to protect me… How could I not care?

Moreover, the icicle is sinister and strange. I suspect there is something dirty, and I have to personally confirm that it has been dealt with. Chu Liuyue didn’t speak and frowned.

“A’Yue… I’m really fine…”

Chu Liuyue finally stopped and looked up at Tuan Zi. “I’ve said it before—I’ll definitely take good care of you in the future and never let you suffer. I’ll definitely keep my word.”

Tuan Zi’s eyes reddened, and her mouth flattened.

Chu Liuyue held her hand. “Now, does it still hurt?”

Tuan Zi nodded aggrievedly. “It hurts.”

Chu Liuyue hugged her again. “If it hurts, I’ll take revenge for you!”

She raised her head slightly and looked at the silver Xuan formation.

At this moment, it was hanging in mid-air and slowly spinning. It silently shattered the icicle and blocked all of its threat!

What was even more shocking was that the Xuan formation was also crazily devouring the surrounding natural energy and growing stronger! As the aura on it quickly strengthened, the Xuan formation also began to expand!

They were getting closer and closer to the blood-colored pillar of light! This was… taking the initiative to attack!

The black-robed man was completely stunned.

He only felt that before he could react, her Xuan formation had already begun to counter-attack! The most shocking thing was that it seemed to really have the power to resist the Glowing Sky Staff!

This… Even a Great King Xuan Master might not be able to do this, right? Besides, she has just broken through.

He suddenly looked up and stared at the slowly spinning silver Xuan formation that was still expanding. He didn’t know this Xuan formation, but he vaguely remembered that she had mentioned it before. It seems to be… the Little Heaven-Locking Formation?!

A cold smile appeared on Chu Liuyue’s lips. Ordinary Xuan formations naturally can’t contend with legendary warriors, but this Little Heaven-Locking Formation is different. This is because it’s a new Xuan formation created by simplifying the foundation of the Heaven-Locking Formation!

Although its overall power wasn’t as good as the real Heaven-Locking Formation, she had learned a lot of its essence. Therefore, the power it could exert was definitely outstanding!

The reason she could cast this Xuan formation that was clearly greater than her current strength was largely thanks to Big Baby. If he hadn’t asked her to memorize those Xuan formations by heart, and if he hadn’t helped her try to repair the Heaven-Locking Formation… She would never be able to do all this.

This Little Heaven-Locking Formation had almost exhausted all her strength.

Victory or defeat depended on this!

Hong long long! 

The Glowing Sky Staff seemed to have sensed the threat. The blood-colored pillar of light produced by it began to shake chaotically under the impact of the energy.

The power spreading in the sky also surged violently!

The black-robed man slapped the Glowing Sky Staff! “Thousand Summit!”

In an instant, countless blood-colored icicles quickly condensed and fell crazily!

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