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Chapter 1668: You Should Die!

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Even if it is dangerous, we still have to go over since that thing is over there!

“Elder Wu Peng—” Nan Yuxing shouted hesitantly. “That place is the most dangerous now. Why don’t we go over later?”

Elder Wu Peng stopped in his tracks and glanced back at him, his face expressionless. “Young Master, we’re not the only ones looking for that thing. If we’re late and miss a good opportunity… our trip will be in vain. Don’t worry. With Bai Tong and me around, we’ll definitely ensure your safety.”

“I didn’t mean…” That wasn’t what I meant.

Nan Yuxing stopped mid-sentence because even he felt guilty upon hearing that.

Who were Elder Wu Peng and Elder Bai Tong? How could they not see through these thoughts?

Nan Yuxing felt a little embarrassed.

Actually, he was usually very bold and had never been afraid of anything. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to accompany Nan Yiyi to the God-Killing Tumulus. However, he didn’t expect this place to be even more dangerous than he had imagined.

He had suffered a lot of accidents and torture in the past two days. Every time he thought of it, he felt that every part of his body seemed to hurt even more.

Seeing that Elder Wu Peng’s attitude was firm and that he was looking for that thing, this reason was really irrefutable.

Nan Yuxing hesitated for a while before gritting his teeth and agreeing. “You’re right. In the current situation, we better find that thing and leave as soon as possible!”

Although Nan Yiyi was very afraid, since everyone had said that they would go, she naturally couldn’t say no. Besides, it was her job to find that thing.

She followed as if to persuade Nan Yuxing or reassure herself. “Actually, I think that when we go over, the battle over there might have ended… Anyway, the black-robed man’s target is not us. After this matter is done, he probably won’t deliberately find trouble with us…”

Elder Wu Peng looked ahead and frowned. A trace of worry flashed across his eyes. If that is the case, it will naturally be for the best. However… The man said that it was his territory. If the thing is really there, then it won’t be so simple for us to take it away…

Half of the sky was already dyed red.

An invisible pressure and murderous aura surged crazily between heaven and earth, almost suffocating!

Rong Xiu waved his sleeve and set up a barrier around Chu Ning.

Tuan Zi looked up. “What the hell…”

That cold and sinister aura really made her uncomfortable.

She waved her small hand and instantly threw out a red-gold fire whip!


A loud sound tore through the air! In an instant, the fire whip had already flown in front of the blood-colored pillar of light!

But as soon as the fire whip wrapped around it, there was a strange sizzling sound. At the same time, black fog drifted out.

Accompanying it was an unbearable stench!

The fire whip began to erode at a visible speed.

In a short while, the red-gold fire whip broke in the middle! Moreover, the parts wrapped around the pillar were completely corroded!

Tuan Zi was shocked. Her eyes widened, and she could hardly believe what she was seeing.

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