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Chapter 1667: Direction

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Nan Yiyi came back to her senses, and her body trembled slightly. Then, she suddenly raised her head and looked at her brother.

Under the scrutiny of those stern eyes, she subconsciously looked away. “How could that be?! They injured us to this extent, so how could I still be thinking about this?! Big Brother, although I’m usually naughty, I’m not such an ungrateful person!”

Nan Yuxing stared at her for a long time. His gaze was like a sharp blade as if he wanted to cut her open and see her completely!

It was only when Nan Yiyi was about to collapse that he withdrew his oppressive gaze. “It’s good that you know. He’s already the enemy of the Nan family. If you still have designs on him…”

Nan Yiyi clenched her fists tightly. “I won’t.”

Only then did Nan Yuxing relax. “That’s good. After today, I believe they won’t be able to walk out of the God-Killing Tumulus alive. Why are you thinking about that? The most important thing now is to help you find that thing as soon as possible.”

At the mention of this, their expressions changed slightly.

Ever since they arrived at the God-Killing Tumulus, so many things had happened that they had almost forgotten about this most important mission.

“Young Master is right. No matter what’s going on on their side, it actually has nothing to do with us anymore. Just find that thing quickly.” As Elder Wu Peng spoke, he took out a palm-sized, bronze octagonal compass. On it, a transparent needle trembled slightly.

“Wu Peng, are we going to use the geomantic compass now?” Elder Bai Tong was shocked and looked hesitant.

This thing was extremely precious and could quickly determine the location of that thing, but every time it was used, the holder would lose three months of their lifespan.

Before they came, they had said that they would try not to use it if they could. But now, Elder Wu Peng actually took it out directly…

Elder Wu Peng shook his head. “The God-Killing Tumulus is extremely dangerous and full of variables. From the looks of it, we should end the battle quickly and find that thing to leave this place as soon as possible.”

All four of them were injured. Two of them were still seriously injured and almost couldn’t fight anymore.

If he didn’t use it now, when would he use it?

“That’s right. This place is very strange and dangerous. If we continue to stay here, we don’t know what kind of trouble we’ll encounter!”

When Nan Yiyi heard this, her eyes immediately lit up. “We can leave now? That’s great!”

From the beginning, she didn’t want to come to the God-Killing Tumulus. However, her father insisted that she come and even asked her eldest brother and the two elders to accompany her.

Unable to dissuade him, she agreed.

She thought that she was just here to go through the motions, but who knew that it was really so dangerous!? She had suffered more in the past two days than she had in the past ten years!

Now that she could finally leave quickly, she was naturally happy.

Elder Wu Peng reminded, “Second Missy, we still have to find that thing before we leave.”

Nan Yiyi hurriedly nodded. “I know! But as long as we use the geomantic compass, won’t we be able to find it quickly?”

From the looks of it, she didn’t realize that doing this would waste Elder Wu Peng’s lifespan. Of course, it was also possible that she didn’t care at all.

Nan Yuxing frowned and did not say anything, but his expression clearly showed that he agreed with Nan Yiyi.

They really didn’t want to stay here anymore.

Elder Bai Tong opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he fell silent and only nodded.

Elder Wu Peng closed his eyes.

A sparkling light slowly surged out of the geomantic compass and finally poured into the transparent needle.

In an instant, the needle seemed to have come alive; it became even clearer and trembled slightly. Then, the needle finally began to spin!

In just a moment, the needle stopped and pointed in a certain direction!

“So quickly?” Elder Wu Peng opened his eyes in shock.

Although the geomantic compass could sense the existence of that thing, it was actually not that accurate. Under normal circumstances, it would take at least ten minutes to completely confirm the direction.

But this time, it was actually… so fast?

“It looks like that thing is nearby!” Elder Wu Peng had always been expressionless. At this moment, he was actually faintly excited.

He had previously used the geomantic compass to check the direction three times, but it would consume a lot of energy each time. And this time, he felt that the geomantic compass had given him the answer as soon as he activated it.

This only proved that what they were looking for wasn’t far from them!

Elder Wu Peng took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart. He looked in the direction of the needle on the geomantic compass. However, what he saw stunned him because the transparent needle was pointing in the direction they had just escaped!

Could it be that the thing… is over there?! Elder Wu Peng’s expression changed, and the people beside him had even more interesting expressions.

They knew very well what this result meant!

“…This… How is this possible!?” Nan Yuxing subconsciously wanted to refute. “There must be a problem with the geomantic compass! Elder Wu Peng, test again!”

Elder Bai Tong frowned. “Young Master, the geomantic compass has never made a mistake. Moreover, it can’t undergo a second test within a month. Most importantly, Wu Peng will lose a certain amount of lifespan every time it is activated…”

Everyone fell into silence.

After a moment, Nan Yiyi couldn’t help but ask, “Then… doesn’t this mean that we’re going back?”

We have just escaped death over there! Besides, anyone can tell that the situation over there is extremely dangerous. If we go now, won’t we be courting death?

Elder Wu Peng took a deep breath, put away the geomantic compass, and took the lead to walk forward!

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