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Chapter 1665: Attack!

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Dead silence.

As for the crackling sound of the vines burning, it was especially clear.

The black-robed man took a step back with unsteady footsteps.

He held the Glowing Sky Staff in one hand and planted it on the ground. Then, he covered his heart with the other hand and bent down slightly as if he were also experiencing some pain.

In order to use this attack, he had mobilized almost all his strength! Now that he had been burned by Tuan Zi, the backlash he suffered was also extremely shocking!

How could he stand it?! After this matter ended, he would definitely not recover without half a year of recuperation!

“Okay… okay!” The black-robed man gritted his teeth. His voice seemed to be forced through gritted teeth, filled with undisguised deep resentment and anger! “Shangguan Yue, I really underestimated you!”

I thought that by asking her to come here, I would be able to use all my strength and easily deal with her. However, I never expected Shangguan Yue to be such an iron plate! Not only has her strength increased since we last met, but she also has more trump cards! Such luck can really be said to be heaven-defying! If this drags on… it is really unknown who will win!

Chu Liuyue ignored him and only stared intently at the Xuan formation in front of her.

Tuan Zi stood in front of Chu Liuyue and put her hands on her hips. “You’ve schemed against our A’Yue a few times, right? This time, you even took Grandpa Chu hostage to force her here. Pfft! What legendary warrior? I think you’re just a despicable and shameless coward!”

“You’ve done so much crap, but you don’t even dare to show your face. Oh right, I almost forgot—you don’t have a face at all!”

“You want to bully our A’Yue… Have you asked me?!” Tuan Zi’s mouth was like a cannon as she scolded the other party for a while without repeating herself.

When the black-robed man heard these words, he felt his blood boil. He wished he could kill her immediately and shut her up forever!


“What ‘you!?’ You can’t even defeat me and still want to deal with A’Yue. Pfft, look at yourself!”


“Unconvinced? Let me do it again!”

The black-robed man was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

He had lived for so long, but he had never been scolded by a young girl like this!

Chu Ning was dumbfounded. “This… This young lady is…”

Rong Xiu curled his lips into a half-smile. “This is Yue’er’s contracted legendary fiend, the red-gold heavenly phoenix. It’s the one that used to follow her; just call her Tuan Zi.”

“…” That one in the past didn’t seem to look like this… Moreover, why has this contracted legendary fiend become so powerful now? 

Chu Ning felt that everything he had experienced today was too unreal. Even though he had seen it with his own eyes, he still found it unbelievable.

He had seen how powerful the black-robed man was, but Tuan Zi… actually resolved his attack so easily? Moreover, Tuan Zi didn’t look old, but she was very eloquent.

“This… Tuan Zi is very smart and powerful…” Chu Ning thought for a long time. He could only use these words to express himself tactfully.

Rong Xiu’s smile deepened slightly. “She was brought up by Yue’er, so she’s naturally different.”

The black-robed man was already furious. After two consecutive attacks, I didn’t even touch Shangguan Yue! If word gets out, countless people will laugh their heads off!

“Alright! Since you’re so arrogant, come and try my third move!”

He suddenly let go of the Glowing Sky Staff and folded his hands in front of him. “Third level of the Glowing Sky Staff—Return to Heaven!”

A third rune slowly appeared on the black wooden stick!

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