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Chapter 1659: Fight!

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As he spoke, he waved his other hand lightly.

That black cage instantly turned into countless black sparks and spread in all directions!

Chu Ning’s body lost the restraining cage, and it suddenly turned loose as his body fell to the side uncontrollably.

Right at this point, a gentle force flew over and lightly held his body. Then, Chu Ning felt that his entire person was surrounded by this force before it pushed him to the side.

He instinctively wanted to struggle free, but he coincidentally saw Rong Xiu standing at the side. At that moment, he suddenly understood that Rong Xiu had taken action!

As expected, with the support of this force, he quickly went to Rong Xiu’s side.

“Lord Chu Ning.” Rong Xiu stretched out his hand and helped him up.

Chu Ning saw this familiar face. “Prince Li—no, Your Highness’s current status should be… Your Grace?”

He didn’t know much about Rong Xiu, but he had heard a little.

Rong Xiu curled his lips into a half-smile. “Yue’er and I have a marriage agreement. You can directly call me Rong Xiu.”

Hearing ‘Yue’er,’ Chu Ning immediately reacted and clutched Rong Xiu’s wrist. “Right! Yue’er—guickly go and help Yue’er!”

If that thing is really taken away by the man in black, then—


A sharp ear-piercing sound was suddenly heard!

Chu Ning was shocked and hurriedly turned around.

When he saw the scene before him, shock and worry flashed across his eyes rapidly! That was because the countless black sparks suddenly turned into black pillars that rushed to Chu Liuyue!

In the blink of an eye, they formed a very firm cage that completely locked Chu Liuyue!

“Yue’er!” Chu Ning was shocked and enraged as he glared at the man in black. “You… Despicable!”

However, the man in black chuckled. “You’re the item’s owner. How can I not bring you along?”

He wanted the item to belong to him totally. Thus, he had to handle Shangguan Yue as well!

Chu Liuyue stared at him tightly, and her red lips curled up at a cold angle. “That means you’re bent on not letting me leave, right?”

“The item has already recognized you as its owner. Even if I directly bring it away, what can I do if it doesn’t listen to me?” The black-robed man suddenly raised his hand and clenched it in the air.

The black pillars around Chu Liuyue suddenly exuded a shocking suppression! The surrounding space started squeezing toward her!

Chu Liuyue’s chest felt stifled, and blood oozed out from the corner of her mouth.

“It’s a pity I only know of one way to solve this problem, and that is… to kill you! Of course, if you know other methods, you can tell me. I’ll consider it. Perhaps… I can spare your life?” The man’s tone was high and mighty as if he could decide Chu Liuyue’s life or death with his will.

Chu Ning was overwhelmed and went forward without a care!

Rong Xiu held his arm. “Lord Chu Ning, it’s dangerous.”

Chu Ning looked around anxiously. He was about to say something when he met Rong Xiu’s calm and composed eyes.

He was suddenly dazed. I know how Rong Xiu feels about Yue’er. In such a situation, he seems… not worried at all? Does he have other trump cards, or does Yue’er have other plans? 

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up. “Yue’er will definitely come back unscathed. Don’t worry.”

Once he said this, he heard that man in black laugh out loud in mockery. “Hahaha, what a joke! Shangguan Yue, this item is akin to your pearl of essence. Now that it has left you, you’re essentially a good-for-nothing with no combat skills! How are you going to fight with me?!”

These few people are too naive! 

But hearing his words, Chu Liuyue didn’t look panicked at all and revealed a smile.

She raised her hand and slowly wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth. Murderous intent burned in her eyes as she said, “You’re right. This pearl of essence is very important to any cultivator, but it’s a pity you forgot something…”


A bright light flashed across!

The Chi Xiao Sword suddenly appeared in her hands! The blade gleamed coldly!

“I’m… currently still its owner!”


A tremendous force suddenly crazily emerged from that water droplet!

The layer of black mist surrounding it dissipated immediately at that moment! The tremendous suppression suddenly rushed down like the opening of floodgates!

The man felt that something was amiss.

His heart sank, and he wanted to seal it again. But once he moved, the force came over harshly!

His body was instantly flung backward!

“How is that possible!?” He controlled his body with much difficulty. Then, he immediately looked at that water droplet in disbelief. That item is incomplete. How can it have such shocking strength?! 

“What is impossible?” Chu Liuyue sneered. This item has followed me for many years and absorbs force day and night. With all the accumulation, it has reached a terrifying state. Even if this man is a legendary warrior, it’s as hard as ascending the skies if he wants to control it! 

I experienced life and death before I could finally keep that item. Now, a person suddenly emerges and wants to take it away without saying anything? How could I possibly agree? 

Chu Liuyue clenched the Chi Xiao Sword tightly, and her surrounding force instantly became harsh!

She said carefully, “I hate people stealing my things the most.”


The water droplet rapidly flew back and went into Chu Liuyue’s body!

Chu Liuyue’s aura exploded! The next moment, she went on her toes and jumped up!

She raised the Chi Xiao Sword high up!

The heaven and earth force shook intensely and crazily gathered!

“Chi Xiao Sword!” The icy cold light shredded space and attacked the man!

Her series of actions was too fast, causing the man to be unable to react in time. In his panic, he could only raise his hand to block it!


The Chi Xiao Sword landed on his sleeves, and it was as if it chopped black metal, letting out a crisp impact sound!


The Chi Xiao Sword harshly scraped across his sleeves and left a pale mark! At the same time, that man used his force to move backward rapidly!

He looked down at his sleeves and smiled sinisterly. “This Chi Xiao Sword is indeed amazing. My last split part had suffered in front of this, but… do you think I’ll let you win the second time?”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes dangerously. No wonder this man wanted me to come here. Even though he doesn’t have a physical body, his black robe isn’t ordinary! Not many things can handle the Chi Xiao Sword, but it only left a scar on his black robe. 

“Since you want to fight with me, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Once he said this, the man crossed his arms!


Instantly, the skies changed!

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