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Chapter 1658: Exchange

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Pak. Pak. Pak. 

The man in black clapped and said in a seemingly smiling manner, “What a touching scene. Shangguan Yue, you can immediately bring him back as long as you pass me that item. It’ll be a reunion with your father. That’s very happy, isn’t it?”

Hearing this voice, Chu Ning suddenly recovered his senses. He turned around, looked at that man in black, and furrowed his brows tightly. This man… He previously took me away from the desert and trapped me in this cage, just to threaten Yue’er?! 

“Yue’er, what does he want you to hand over?” asked Chu Ning worriedly as he gripped the poles of the cage tightly.

Even though his physical body and mental state were on the verge of breaking down, he was still clear about Yue’er. This man is stronger than I had expected. What does such a person not have? An item that can make him spend so much effort planning… One can imagine that the item he wants is nothing ordinary, and it is very likely to be an extremely important item to Yue’er. 

“Yue’er, what exactly is he going to do?” Chu Ning stared straight at Chu Liuyue. “I don’t want you to make such a big sacrifice for me. You—”

Chu Liuyue smiled in comfort. “Father, don’t worry. Since I’m already here, I’ve already made up my mind. To me, nothing else is more important than you.”

Chu Ning’s heart ached, and he was touched.

He was smart. From Chu Liuyue’s reply, he could confirm that the other party wanted her to make the exchange with a rare treasure, and it was even something very important to her!

Chu Ning shook his head and said firmly and slowly, “No… Yue’er, I’m already on the brink of death. The only reason why I can survive to this day is that I was thinking about seeing you one more time. Now that I’ve seen you, I have no more regrets…”

Even though he didn’t know what kind of agreement Yue’er and that man in black had, he could confirm that Yue’er had compromised.

“…I never… allowed you to suffer a single bit in the past. It’s… still the same now…” Chu Ning stared at Chu Liuyue deeply, and his voice became increasingly weak. It’s just life and death. I don’t want Yue’er to suffer more stress and pain that she doesn’t deserve because of me. 

“I… can’t do much for you… Cough, cough… the only thing I can do is not burden you… cough, cough…”

Chu Liuyue’s brows furrowed slightly. “Father, we’re father and daughter, and we’re connected by bloodline. How can it be considered as burdening me? Saving you is what I ought to do—”

She did not finish her sentence.

Chu Ning looked at her deeply and suddenly smiled.

This gaze, this smile, had exceeded all sorts of words.

He said, “Yue’er, it has been hard on you during the past few years.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly seemed to be hit harshly. She pressed her lips against each other tightly. Actually… I should’ve long expected it. Ever since I left Country Yao Chen, returned to Tianling, and then went to the God Residence Realm… So many things have happened in such a long time. How could he not know anything? 

She could boldly admit her identity as Shangguan Yue in front of everyone. However, she still instinctively became Chu Liuyue in front of Chu Ning.

“…Yue’er has always been cowardly and fearful since young. Why would her personality suddenly change and become another person? Even if your appearance and figure are completely the same, and there’s no mistake in your memories…”

A father knows his daughter the best. Chu Ning closed his eyes lightly. Of course, I knew it early on. Even if every aspect matches, I could still feel some things. 

Chu Liuyue clenched her fists tightly.

Actually, Chu Ning had long suspected her identity. She thought that she had hidden it very well and that he had believed her. She didn’t expect…

“Ever since you became my daughter, I couldn’t do much for you. As for you, you did so much…” Chu Ning revealed a hint of guilt.

She was very outstanding.

He was proud of her.

“Yue’er is gone, but the heavens pitied me and brought you here. If it’s possible, I hope that you can be my daughter for the rest of my life, but… I’m too greedy.”

At this point, he didn’t wish to burden her any longer.

“You have a bright future ahead of you. You’ve earned every single item that you have today painstakingly. There’s no need to compromise because of me.” Chu Ning opened his eyes, and they were lethargic and bloodshot.

He hoped that he could lead his life like this forever, but…

“If there’s a chance in my next life…”

“Father.” Chu Liuyue spoke and interrupted his words. Her voice was very light, but her gaze was especially genuine.

She gazed at Chu Ning as if she wanted to see the bottom of his heart. “Father, Yue’er is your daughter. I was in the past, I am now, and I will be in the future!”

Hence, I have to save this person today! 

Then, she straightened her back and looked at the man in black. After that, she closed her eyes and gathered her focus.

“Yue—” Chu Ning had just reacted to her sentence when he suddenly saw her stretch her hand out.

After a temporary silence, a strange pattern suddenly appeared in her palm! Then, that totem gradually floated and formed an eye-sized water droplet at an observable speed!

That water droplet was totally iridescent. That totem was engraved on its surface and could be seen clearly.

From afar, it seemed like a precious gem that was carved from a colorful stone.

The lights shone on it brightly.

Chu Ning’s heart seemed to be clenched by something harshly. Even though he didn’t know what exactly it was, he could feel that the item was extraordinary, and it seemed especially important to Yue’er!

When that water droplet appeared, her face seemed much paler.

After seeing that water droplet, the man in black’s surrounding aura changed significantly.

Chu Liuyue looked in front and flung her wrist! “Since you want to take it… do it!”


The man in black flung his sleeves, and almost anxiously snatched the water droplet.

A ball of intense black fog emerged from his palm and quickly wrapped around the water droplet.

At first glance, the originally bright and lavish water droplet seemed to be covered in shadows and became much darker. The suppression and aura it contained seemed to be restricted instantly!

Very quickly, the item landed in the man’s palm.

He greedily looked at the water droplet in his hands. As he was too agitated, even the surrounding space started to move!

“Finally…” In order to find this item, I have spent a lot of time and experienced countless tortures! Now, the item is finally in my hands! 

Chu Liuyue sneered, “Can you release my father now?”

The man in black then reluctantly shifted his gaze away from the water droplet and toward Chu Liuyue. “Hah. You are obedient…”

Originally, I thought that she would play some tricks, but it now seems like I was overthinking. For just one Chu Ning, she can sacrifice her treasure… Only she would do such a stupid thing, right?! He laughed delightfully and sinisterly. “Sure.”

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