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Chapter 1657: I’m Here to Take You Home

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“If you want me to release him, it’s very simple.” The man in black stretched out his hand. “You just have to pass me that thing.”

Below the sleeves was a translucent palm. One could tell that he appeared as a soul this time and didn’t steal anyone else’s body.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. This man’s abilities seem stronger than before, but… perhaps it is because the previous ones were just a copy of him. The one in front of me is the true him! 

This time, he had arranged the meeting to be at the God-Killing Tumulus. Chu Liuyue guessed that he had his own plans. As expected, this should be the only place he can unleash his strongest skills. Even if we haven’t officially dealt hands, judging from the previous attack, he is undoubtedly a legendary warrior. 

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind, and she knitted her brows slightly. I had once investigated this person’s identity in secret. He used to be from Black Demon Hole and had quite a high status. However, he was later chased out of the clan… Logically speaking, such a person should be very easy to find, but I can’t find any relevant news. 

Black Demon Hole seems to have sealed off this news, and there is nothing spreading in the outside world. Hence, I’m still not clear about the other party’s identity. 

“What, we haven’t seen each other in too long, and you forgot what I want?” The man in black’s tone had a hint of annoyance.

Chu Liuyue looked up, and her lips tugged without smiling intent. “Of course not.”

For that water droplet, this man has set me up countless times. How could I forget? 

She walked forward.

“Yue’er,” said Rong Xiu suddenly.

Chu Liuyue turned around.

The two of them stared at each other.

“Be careful.”

Chu Liuyue lightly nodded. Then, she turned around and continued walking forward.

Rong Xiu stood on the ground with one hand behind his back as he raised his phoenix-like eyes slightly.

The man in black sensed something and laughed. Rong Xiu can protect her, but in this place, even Rong Xiu isn’t my match! Luckily, Rong Xiu is a smart person and doesn’t seem to have any plans to take action. 

At this point, Chu Liuyue was only ten steps away from the man in black.

She stood still. “Let’s exchange the items at the same point.”

Without hesitation, the man whipped his sleeves, and the cage flew directly to Chu Liuyue.

“As long as you give me the item obediently, the cage will automatically disappear. But if you’re thinking of playing tricks… Trust me, he will only die faster.” The man’s voice was hoarse and dark. At this point, it had a hint of threat and sounded even more uncomfortable.

Chu Liuyue ignored him and looked at Chu Ning in the cage.

Previously, she was quite far away and only took a hurried look, so she didn’t see many details.

At this point, the two people were only a step away from each other. She could see every wound on Chu Ning’s body clearly.

He should’ve fainted. The two parties said so much, but he didn’t wake up.

His injuries should be very serious… Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be gripped by something tight, and she found it hard to breathe. It’s been such a long time. I wonder how much Father has suffered… And all of this is because of me. Without me, he might still be in Country Yao Chen, living his peaceful life. He wouldn’t be in such a disheveled and tortured state. 

Tears welled up in Chu Liuyue’s eyes, and the hot tears fell silently. “Father…”

Chu Ning’s brows moved suddenly. In his daze, he seemed to have heard a familiar voice. That’s… Yue’er?! 

Strong and intense willpower of wanting to meet her surged in his heart! Then, Chu Ning’s lashes trembled, and he actually opened his eyes slowly.

Chu Liuyue had been staring at him the whole time, so she naturally noticed his actions at first instance and was surprised and elated. “Father! You’re awake?!”

Chu Ning was unconscious for too long. Now that he suddenly opened his eyes, he felt that the surrounding lights were too bright, causing his eyes to hurt. However, he didn’t dare to close his eyes as he stared at the person before him in a daze.

His vision became increasingly clear. The face that he had missed for so many days had finally appeared before him again!

Her sharp features and her star-like eyes.

Chu Ning’s heart quickly beat as all the blood in his body seemed to course about! “…Y-Yue’er…”

His voice was very light. As he hadn’t spoken in a long time, his voice was unbelievably hoarse.

However, Chu Liuyue still heard him clearly. She quickly wiped away her tears and smiled brightly. “Father! It’s me!”

The familiar voice landed in his ears and knocked against them; even his heart seemed to be hit by something hard.

Chu Ning was dazed. The bright sun caused his eyes to tear silently.

These familiar eyes… This familiar voice… It’s Yue’er—it really is her! The corner of Chu Ning’s lips moved as he suddenly raised his hand, wanting to touch Chu Liuyue’s face. However, he only raised his hand halfway before it fell back weakly.

His body was too frail, and he couldn’t even complete a simple action like this.

Chu Ning laughed bitterly. “It’s all my fault for being so useless. I can’t even… hug my own Yue’er…”

Even he didn’t know how he survived such long days. He just thought that he couldn’t abandon Yue’er.

Just like this, the days passed one by one as if there were no end to the darkness.

But today, finally—

Chu Liuyue’s tears dropped again, and the smile on her face was even brighter. She said lightly, “Father, Yue’er is here to take you home.”

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