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Chapter 1624: Armor

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“Send again!” Jun Jiuqing hollered lowly!

The room fell silent again.

After a moment, Jun Jiuqing’s gaze swept across the letter on the table. Then, he held it and walked outside.

Before he reached the door, the empty air before him suddenly moved. The next second, he waved his hand, and a black crack appeared in space.

His expression was cold and dark as he stepped in.

The wind rolled up the corner of his clothes, and he disappeared without a trace.

Godly Phoenix Mountain was far from the God-Killing Tumulus, and the two places weren’t directly connected by a transportation formation. Luckily, Chu Liuyue and the rest were quite strong. When they traveled at full speed, they were not too slow.

Additionally, Shangguan Jing had gone to the God-Killing Tumulus before, so they avoided a lot of unnecessary twists and turns on the road.

After traveling for a day and night, the few people arrived at a mountain and finally decided to rest temporarily.

The night sky fell, and the round moon hung high in the sky.

The mountain peak was dark at night and only had a curve outlined.

The few people searched for a flatter area to rest at the foot of the mountain.

The fire jumped up again and dragged their figures.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged and placed both hands on her knees as she gathered her focus to absorb the Heaven and Earth Force.

Even though she was already a true god warrior… After traveling at full speed for a full day and night, she had exhausted quite a bit of her bodily force and had to cultivate it properly.

Tuan Zi lay down beside her and fell asleep.

Originally, Chu Liuyue wanted Tuan Zi to return to her body so that it would be more convenient. However, Tuan Zi had just taken human form and was very curious about everything in the outside world.

Chu Liuyue just let her be.

Hence, Tuan Zi’s small body really couldn’t hold on any longer as she plopped on the ground and slept.

In comparison, Rong Xiu and Shangguan Jing were in much better condition.

The two people discussed. Shangguan Jing stood guard for half the night, and Rong Xiu had the second shift.

However, Rong Xiu didn’t rest as he took out a circular fist-sized stone to smoothen it.

That stone looked intensely black on the surface. Under the reflection of the light, it had no glow at all, as if it had silently swallowed all the surrounding light. However, it vaguely revealed some hints of sharp and harsh aura.

As Rong Xiu continued smoothening it, the black layer on the rock surface gradually faded, and a golden light could faintly be seen.

Originally, Shangguan Jing didn’t pay much attention to this as he had long known that Rong Xiu was also an Armory Refinement Master and was quite skilled and talented in this aspect. Smoothening a rock was normal for him.

But when a hint of golden light was exposed from that rock, it finally attracted Shangguan Jing’s attention!

His gaze focused, and he stared at that rock for quite some time before he asked with uncertainty, “This is… the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone?”

Rong Xiu didn’t stop and lightly nodded. “Senior Shangguan, you have sharp eyes.”

Shangguan Jing was secretly astonished. As a supreme Armory Refinement Master, he naturally knew how precious this Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone was.

It was extremely hard and could naturally nourish force. Yuan instruments made with this Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone were all high level.

One had to know that a Yuan instrument’s level was not only dependent on the Armory Refinement Master’s standards. It was also intricately related to the strength of the materials.

Some items could only be made into advanced Yuan instruments because they couldn’t tolerate the lightning strength guided by royal Yuan instruments. Some had strong refinement potential and could even be a supreme Yuan instrument or a royal one!

The reason why the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone was so precious was that it could contain the lightning strength of supreme Yuan instruments.

In other words, if one used it to make supreme Yuan instruments, their success rate would be higher. Hence, such an item was very famous amongst Armory Refinement Masters.

However, Ink-Gold Spiritual Stones were extremely low in production and very hard to find. Thus, it was a rare item out of the precious ones.

Even a famous supreme Armory Refinement Master like Shangguan Jing had only heard of such an item in rumors, and he had never seen it before.

The Sky-Cloud Empire’s background was indeed deep to be able to casually produce such an item.

Shangguan Jing swiftly watched Rong Xiu refining a Yuan instrument.

The more he saw, the more shocked he was. That was because he discovered that Rong Xiu’s talent in Armory Refinement had long exceeded his previous expectation!

Simply looking at how Rong Xiu refined the Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone in such a familiar manner, he could be considered as elite. Even when he was compared to Shangguan Jing, he would also be on par.

Shangguan Jing stroked his chin. His eyelids lifted up slightly, and he glanced at Rong Xiu.

The young man had a demonically handsome appearance. Under the reflection of the fire, his face was as clear as jade, and he looked elegant.

Speaking of which, I only knew that Rong Xiu was the top Armory Refinement Master in Ling Xiao Academy, but I had never seen him making weapons personally… Now that I’m seeing it today, I am indeed surprised. 

Refining the Ink-Golden Spiritual stone seemed simple, but it had extremely strict requirements. Only having experience wasn’t sufficient to reach Rong Xiu’s current standards; he had to rely on talent even more.

Shangguan Jing had always been very proud in this aspect, but after seeing Rong Xiu’s series of actions, he faintly felt that… Rong Xiu was even more talented than him.

At the very least, when he was Rong Xiu’s age back then, he definitely could not do this.

Shangguan Jing had never been convinced by anyone in terms of Armory Refinement. If not, he wouldn’t be able to achieve his clean record when he challenged so many supreme Armory Refinement Masters.

But when he saw Rong Xiu at this point, he sincerely praised him. He is indeed a rare Armory Refinement talent, but the strange thing is that most people call him harsh, decisive, and cunning in the God Residence Realm. In Ling Xiao Academy, he occupies the top position on two Qing Yun Ranking lists. Even though the crowd knows that he is extremely talented and strong, it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration… 

Logically speaking, with the talent Rong Xiu has, he is definitely much better than many Armory Refinement Masters with repute. However, I’ve never heard anyone specifically mention him… Shangguan Jing knitted his brows. Could it be that… Rong Xiu hid it on purpose—


A crisp impact was suddenly heard and interrupted Shangguan Jing’s thoughts.

Shangguan Jing focused and saw that at some point, Rong Xiu had finished refining that Ink-Gold Spiritual Stone.

The originally black circular stone became shiny golden.

The layer of black on the surface had directly been refined clean, revealing this layer of gold that was crystal-like yet seemed extremely resilient.

Upon closer look, one could even see black patterns in it. Those patterns moved and formed strange patterns from time to time with an indescribably special charm.

Rong Xiu produced a sharp silver knife and started carving its surface.

Shangguan Jing could not help but ask, “Rong Xiu, what kind of Yuan instrument are you making?”

Rong Xiu paused in his actions, and his lips curled up slightly. “Yue’er’s previous pure gold armor is broken, so I thought of making another one for her.”

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