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Chapter 1622: Departure

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“Where else can they go after leaving Godly Phoenix Mountain?” Miao Yang was puzzled. Although Shangguan Yue is Shangguan Jing’s descendant, Shangguan Jing fought alone in the God Residence Realm back then and hadn’t established his own faction. Shangguan Jing is probably most familiar with the Flood-Desert Northern Region, but they are clearly unlikely to go over there now.

“Rong Xiu and Shangguan Jing were extremely vigilant, and our people didn’t dare to get too close. Later on, we… lost them.” The subordinate wiped the sweat from his forehead and spoke carefully. “It’s all our fault for being incompetent. Clan Leader, please punish us.”

Miao Yang shook his head. “If we lose them, let’s get our men to retreat first. When it’s a little later, we’ll go outside and ask around to see where they went. In addition, the most important thing is to investigate what exactly happened to Shangguan Yue in Godly Phoenix Mountain for more than a month.”

According to his understanding of Yi Zhao, it was unlikely that the other party would let a human who had contracted with a red-gold heavenly phoenix leave safely. Moreover, they had held the ancestral ceremony.

At such a critical moment, Shangguan Yue could actually retreat unscathed. He couldn’t help but suspect that something was wrong.

“Also, find out the identity of that young lady.” Miao Yang frowned. When Shangguan Yue entered, she was clearly alone, and even Shangguan Jing was rejected. Why is there suddenly a three or four-year-old girl beside her when she comes out? That little girl is clearly not human. It’s very likely that she is a red-gold heavenly phoenix!

The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was the same as them and did not have children. Those in human form were at least in their teens.

This little girl’s appearance was really strange.

“Yes!” The subordinate hurriedly responded respectfully and bowed to leave.

He had only taken two steps when Miao Yang stopped him again. “Remember, you must keep a low profile and be careful when doing these things. The Thousand Summit is imminent. No accidents are allowed.”

His subordinate looked even more nervous. “Yes!”

Ling Xiao Academy.

In a hall of Dong Huang Clock Tower, the dean—Nan Suhuai—and a few elders were gathered.

“…Million Wine Mountain has basically been tidied up, but it will take a long time to repair it completely. The few mountains beside it that were affected can continue to be opened now.”

Elder Hua Feng sat below, leaned back in his chair lazily, and heaved a sigh of relief.

God knew that during this period of time, they had been so busy dealing with the aftermath that they didn’t even have time to breathe. Fortunately, he had finally completed most of the work and could slowly take care of the rest.

Nan Suhuai said, “Thank you for your hard work, everyone.”

Elder Hua Feng waved his hands. “It’s what we should be doing. Why talk about hard work? However… that mountain is a little bald.”

As soon as he said this, the originally tense atmosphere in the hall immediately relaxed.

Nan Suhuai could not help but smile and shake his head.

Ling Xiao Academy had existed in the God Residence Realm for 10,000 years, and the undulating mountains were basically filled with ancient trees. Although Million Wine Mountain was special, the trees there were so thick that they were the width of two people.

After the shocking battle last time, Million Wine Mountain was completely destroyed, and everything on it was naturally obliterated.

“By the way, Director, hasn’t there been any news from the Sky-Cloud Empire? Didn’t Rong Xiu previously send back news that he would inform us when he personally fetched Yue’er and the others back to the Sky-Cloud Empire?” Elder Bo Yan leaned forward and asked curiously.

Hearing this, the remaining elders also looked at Nan Suhuai. It was obvious that they were still a little nervous.

That girl had gone to Godly Phoenix Mountain, so they had no choice but to worry. It had been more than a month, and they wondered how the situation was.

Nan Suhuai nodded. “It should be soon. Just wait a little longer—”

Suddenly, he paused and looked up at the window beside him.

Everyone followed his gaze.

Nan Suhuai narrowed his eyes and raised his hand.


A transparent barrier rippled. Then, something flew from outside the window and quickly passed through the barrier before landing in Nan Suhuai’s hand!

Nan Suhuai opened his hand and saw a bronze sparrow.

“Rong Xiu sent a letter?” When the elders saw this scene, they revealed looks of joy.

Nan Suhuai tightened his fingers slightly.

The bronze sparrow opened its mouth and spat out a golden fog of light.

The fog quickly condensed into two lines of words in midair.

After Nan Suhuai saw it clearly, the smile on his lips froze.

As soon as he finished reading, the handwriting disappeared.

The elders sitting below didn’t see the words clearly, but they saw Nan Suhuai’s strange expression.

“Director?” Elder Bo Yan called out tentatively. “What’s wrong?”

From the looks of it, something seems to be wrong…

Nan Suhuai came back to his senses and frowned quickly. Only then did he look up at them and say in a low voice, “Yue’er has already come out of Godly Phoenix Mountain safely.”

Everyone was delighted and relieved at first, but then they realized that Nan Suhuai’s expression was still tense. They couldn’t help but feel even stranger.

“Director, Yue’er has come out safely. Why are you still so worried?” Elder Bo Yan asked. Suddenly, he was shocked. “Could it be that Yue’er was still bullied by them? She and Tuan Zi—”

“Tuan Zi came out with her.” Nan Suhuai shook his head. “The matter with the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan has been successfully resolved. It’s just… It’s just that Rong Xiu originally planned to bring them back to the Sky-Cloud Empire, but in the middle, Yue’er received news about her father, Chu Ning. Now, they’re already on the way to the God-Killing Tumulus.”

“God-Killing Tumulus!?” The elders were shocked.

That place is extremely dangerous. They actually went there directly?!

No wonder the director’s expression was so solemn!

“Just the few of them?”

Nan Suhuai nodded.

This was exactly what he was worried about. The God-Killing Tumulus was vast and boundless, and there were difficulties and dangers everywhere. Moreover, this time, the enemy had taken the initiative to invite them.

It was obvious that the other party had definitely set up an inescapable net and was only waiting to attack them! However, Chu Ning was Yue’er’s father, so she had no choice but to go.

Nan Suhuai stood up after a moment. “Bo Yan, I’ll leave everything in the academy to you for the time being. I’ll personally make a trip to the God-Killing Tumulus.”

The elders were shocked. Then, they expressed that they wanted to go together.

However, they were all rejected by Nan Suhuai. “The academy can’t do without people. All of you, stay behind. I’ve been to the God-Killing Tumulus before, and it’s more convenient for me to move alone.”

With that, before anyone could refute, his figure instantly disappeared from the spot!

At the same time, on a certain mountain in Ling Xiao Academy.

Yi Wenzhuo suddenly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of Dong Huang Clock Tower! “He actually… left at this time?”

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