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Chapter 1618: Return

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The huge square suddenly became even quieter. At this moment, it was as if even the wind had stopped flowing.

Everyone’s expressions instantly became especially interesting. What did Shangguan Yue just say? The ancestor was very kind to her!?

So she really has come into contact with the ancestor? Moreover, it sounds like the ancestor was really good to her!

She’s a human!

After a short silence, there was finally an uproar in the square!

“This, this, this—she really saw the ancestor! I’ve participated in the ancestral ceremony twice, but I haven’t seen the ancestor yet! I’m jealous!”

“Shut up. I’ve participated five times, but why haven’t I seen the ancestor before? Other than the clan leader and the elders, no matter how many times the others come, the treatment is the same! If you want to talk to the ancestor… you have to become an elder first! Oh right, the young masters can do it too. The prerequisite is that you have the ability.”

Obviously, nobody present had the ability. After all, the position of young master already belonged to Tuan Zi.

“Damn… The position of young master has been empty for hundreds of years. Just as we were about to choose, it was snatched away by a child who broke through halfway. She has the purest bloodline, so I won’t say anything else and can’t be envious. It’s only right for her to go in and worship the ancestor. However, who can tell me what’s going on with Shangguan Yue?!”

She has a contract with Tuan Zi! Even for Tuan Zi’s sake, it shouldn’t be to this extent, right?

What was the ancestor thinking?

Yi Zhao and the others, who had seen the world, had very interesting expressions.

The remnant consciousness of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s ancestor was usually asleep. The ancestor would only wake up during the ancestral ceremony, and only the newly chosen young master or clan leader could talk to him.

Even the five elders would at most follow them to meet the ancestor and had never had the honor of receiving guidance from their ancestor.

Now, things were great! A human was doing better than them!

Even though they found it unbelievable, Yi Zhao and the rest didn’t think that Chu Liuyue was lying. There was really no need to lie about such things because it was easy to verify or refute.

In other words… the ancestor really treated her…

“…May I know if Miss Shangguan can tell me what instructions the ancestor has?” Yi Zhao took a deep breath and asked very politely.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “It’s nothing. The ancestor said that Tuan Zi is still young and asked me to take care of her.”

She said this casually, but to everyone, it was like a thunderclap!

Isn’t it obvious that the ancestor wants her to take care of Tuan Zi?

If even our ancestor has said so, then… What right do the others have to object?

Actually, Yi Zhao had already vaguely guessed something, but he didn’t dare to believe it. It was only now that he had no choice but to accept reality.

Although he didn’t know why his ancestor had made this choice, there had to be a reason since he had done so. And all they could do was obey.

“…I see,” Yi Zhao said dryly and fell silent.

He was a man of few words to begin with. Now that he was in this situation, he didn’t know what to say.

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao, I wonder if this ancestral ceremony has ended?” Chu Liuyue suddenly asked softly.

Yi Zhao was stunned for a moment before nodding. “It’s over.”

In fact, the most important thing in this ancestral ceremony was to evaluate the younger generation and choose the young master.

Tuan Zi was originally not within this range, but her talent and strength were really heaven-defying. She had summoned the Ancestral Soul and obtained his favor. Hence, the young mistress was none other than her.

As for the others, they had already been tested on the first day.

Yi Ran was originally the most hopeful, so even if he was late, Yi Zhao didn’t pursue the matter. Unexpectedly, in the end—

It could only be said that everything was predestined.

What comforted Yi Zhao was that he had high hopes for Tuan Zi to begin with. He did not expect Tuan Zi to perform even better than he had expected.

Although I couldn’t break the contract between Shangguan Yue and her… Since our ancestor has agreed, what else can we say?

“In that case… I think it’s time to take my leave,” said Chu Liuyue frankly. Although it isn’t appropriate to directly propose to leave at this time, Tuan Zi and I have indeed been here for too long. Ancestor is still waiting outside. In the academy, Master and the other elders are also secretly worried. And Rong Xiu—

I came here to solve Tuan Zi’s problem. Now that everything has been completed smoothly, it is time for us to leave.

Yi Zhao frowned and glanced at Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi was still holding tightly to Chu Liuyue’s hand and standing closely beside her. Anyone with eyes could see her dependency and intimacy with Chu Liuyue.

Yi Zhao’s lips moved. In fact, he was very reluctant in his heart, but… he would naturally not say these words.

After thinking for a moment, he finally nodded. “In your spare time, you can come more often.”

His words came out of nowhere, but Chu Liuyue understood it. This was considered approval for her to freely enter and exit Godly Phoenix Mountain in the future.

Her red lips rose, and she showed a bright smile. “Thank you, Clan Leader, for your understanding. This is the home of Tuan Zi, and she will always belong here.”

After hearing this, the last trace of awkwardness in Yi Zhao’s heart was finally relieved.

He glanced at Chu Liuyue deeply. “If you ever need help, just let me know.”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”

The sun set in the west.

A brilliant and warm afterglow was reflected on the clouds, plating it with a layer of golden light.

Above the vast expanse of the sea, the frozen ice reflected a faint glow.

Shangguan Jing stood on the shore and looked far away. Seeing this scene that hadn’t changed in any way compared to before, he couldn’t help sighing. Another day has passed, and Yue’er has yet to come out. It has been more than a month… I have no idea what is going on inside.

Recalling the previous letter, Shangguan Jing frowned slightly.

It was beyond his expectations that Yue’er would be able to ask the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s elders to help deliver the news.

He could continue to wait patiently until now because of this. 

Yue’er has clearly said that she would be back soon, but I still can’t see her figure after such a long time…


In the distance, a crisp cracking suddenly sounded, interrupting Shangguan Jing’s thoughts.

He looked far in the direction of the sound but saw that the frozen ice on the wide sea seemed to have suddenly cracked!

His heart lurched, and he hurriedly took two steps forward to take a good look.

Soon, accompanied by a crackling sound, the ice was instantly covered with cobweb-like cracks

Under Shangguan Jing’s nervous gaze, finally—


All the ice completely broke!

At the same time, the pattern composed of red-gold flames in the sky began to gradually subside!

“Ancestor!” A familiar clear voice sounded!

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