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Chapter 1617: Questioning

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Tuan Zi’s eyes widened. So… the ancestor is really that powerful? In that case, not only can A’Yue and I still be together in the future, but we also won’t have to listen to the clan leader and the elders nag about it!? Moreover, even if A’Yue and I encounter any more danger, the two of us can still survive as long as one of us can escape! This couldn’t be better!

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue felt emotional. The entwined fate contract is indeed extraordinary.

Originally, she didn’t know about this. But when the ancestor’s power fused into her body and transformed into feathers, covering her Yuan meridian with an extremely tough armor, she vaguely sensed something.

Unknowingly, there seemed to be chanting sounding from afar, driving the ball of light to split into two and fuse.

Although the process was quite difficult, it was finally worth it.

She stood up with Tuan Zi in her arms and bowed deeply to the red-gold heavenly phoenix on the mural. “Senior, I will never forget your kindness.”

Tuan Zi’s watery eyes darted around, and she hurriedly shouted, “Thank you, Ancestor! I knew you treated me the best!”

Although her voice was still a little hoarse, it was soft, cute, and still very loveable.

The ancestor snorted. “You’re quite sweet now. Not angry anymore? Not making a fuss?”

Tuan Zi blushed and smiled widely. “Ancestor is magnanimous and broad-minded. Why would he argue with a child like me? Besides, you dote on me the most, right?”

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to summon the Ancestral Soul or become the young mistress and enter this place, right?

The ancestor couldn’t help but laugh. “You know how to talk. I wonder who you learned it from.”

There was no anger in its voice, only affection.

Of course, it doted on Tuan Zi. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be willing to spend so much effort to help her change the contract.

“Shangguan Yue, I still have a few words to tell you.”

Chu Liuyue’s expression froze. “Senior, if you have any instructions, please tell me.”

The hall fell silent.

After a while, the ancestor said, “Tuan Zi is our clan’s young mistress and the future clan leader. She’s still young now, so I’ll be troubling you to take care of her in many places.”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “Senior, you’re too polite.”

Even if the other party didn’t say this, she would definitely not let Tuan Zi suffer any grievances.

“Seeing how you were willing to step into our territory for Tuan Zi, I naturally trust you.”

The voice hesitated for a moment. “If you go and find the remaining ones in the future, I’m afraid… it’ll be filled with danger. Today, I’ve changed the contract between the two of you. Consider it the last thing I can help you with.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she nodded solemnly. “I understand your intentions, Senior.”

The voice laughed and sighed. “That thing’s willingness to acknowledge you as its master has actually proved too much. Go ahead; I’m a little tired and want to rest.”

At the end of the sentence, there was indeed a hint of fatigue in the ancestor’s voice, which gradually faded.

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips and put Tuan Zi down. She then bowed respectfully. “Take care, Senior.”

Tuan Zi also bent down and said crisply, “Goodbye, Ancestor! Tuan Zi will miss you every day!”

A low, distant laugh sounded, then gradually faded.

After a while, Chu Liuyue held Tuan Zi’s hand. “Tuan Zi, let’s go.”


The doors of Godly Phoenix Hall finally opened!

Everyone waiting outside the hall perked up and looked in the direction of the doors!

As the heavy and solemn doors slowly opened, two figures—one tall, one short—appeared in front of everyone. It was Shangguan Yue and Tuan Zi, who had been inside for a few days!

They are finally out! Countless people had this thought.

Yi Zhao took the lead and walked forward.

His gaze first landed on Tuan Zi. When Yi Zhao saw that Tuan Zi’s eyes were red and there were still tears on her fair and round face, his heart tightened. “Tuan Zi, what’s wrong?”

What happened to make her cry?

He almost immediately frowned and glanced at Chu Liuyue for an explanation.

Sensing his stern scrutiny, Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. After we bade farewell to the ancestor, we directly came out. Tuan Zi has just finished crying and looks extremely pitiful, so it’s no wonder Yi Zhao suspects me when he sees this.

“Clan Leader, I’m fine…” Tuan Zi held Chu Liuyue’s hand tightly and hurriedly explained, knowing that the clan leader had misunderstood.

Yi Zhao was still skeptical. “Tuan Zi, this is Godly Phoenix Hall, and you’re the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress. If you’re really bullied, you must say it, understand?”

“Aiya! I’m really fine!” Tuan Zi muttered. “It’s… It’s not easy for me to talk to my ancestor. I was too happy, so I cried!”

Before coming out, she had already discussed with A’Yue that she wouldn’t tell anyone else about them changing the contract for the time being.

If Yi Zhao and the others knew this now, they would definitely not have any scruples about her anymore. They might even ask Tuan Zi to stay at Godly Phoenix Mountain.

After signing the entwined fate contract, the human and fiend no longer had to stay together all the time. At the same time, the fiend no longer had to worry about dying because of the death of the human.

Yi Zhao and the others had always wanted Tuan Zi to stay. If they knew this, the reason would undoubtedly become more adequate.

Anyway, they had already agreed not to get involved until Tuan Zi was of age.

It might be more appropriate to say it later.

Yi Zhao sized up Tuan Zi again and was relieved to confirm that she was really not injured. Then, he said to Chu Liuyue, “Miss Shangguan, please forgive us if we offended you just now. After all, Tuan Zi is our clan’s young mistress, so we’re naturally more concerned about her.”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. What a rare sight—Clan Leader Yi Zhao is actually so polite to me. Could it be because… I entered Godly Phoenix Hall?

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao, you’re overthinking. I know you’re all doing this for Tuan Zi’s sake.” Chu Liuyue’s principle had always been: if someone respected her, she would return the favor.

No matter what, Yi Zhao was the incomparably noble clan leader of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. She was already very gratified to be able to hear him speak to her so calmly.

It was much better than at the beginning.

Seeing that she was smiling and that her eyes were curved as if she really didn’t take these things to heart, Yi Zhao’s impression of her improved. Shangguan Yue looks young, but she knows her limits. She knows when to fight and when to give way. No wonder she is so famous among the humans…

Yi Zhao paused for a moment before asking, “Did everything go smoothly when you… paid respect to the ancestor?”

Everyone pricked up their ears. This was actually what they wanted to know the most!

It’s normal for Tuan Zi to worship her ancestor. The key is—why did Shangguan Yue go in?

What exactly happened inside!?

In the silence, Chu Liuyue smiled brightly. “Of course. Senior is very kind, and I feel especially close to him.”

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