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Chapter 1615: Her Totem!

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A terrifying pressure emitted from Chu Liuyue’s body. At the same time, the injuries on her body began to recover at a visible speed!

In a short while, her skin was as smooth as ever. It was as if those wounds had never appeared.

A faint reddish-gold light enveloped her body, making her look powerful and holy!

Sensing the change in her, Tuan Zi was suddenly stunned. She couldn’t be bothered crying anymore and only widened her grape-like eyes to look at Chu Liuyue without blinking.

Crystal-clear tears hung pitifully on her eyelashes.

She had a contract with Chu Liuyue and could feel the latter’s pain and the changes in her body immediately. This… Her aura seems to have become stronger? No! To be precise, her Yuan meridian has become stronger!

That layer of power covered her Yuan meridian as if it had added armor! Most importantly, this power came from the red-gold heavenly phoenixes’ ancestor!

Even the current Tuan Zi, who had a pure bloodline, could not be compared to it in strength!

Then, Tuan Zi felt the power holding her down disappear suddenly.

“Now, do you believe what I just said?” The ancestor’s voice sounded with smiling intent.

Tuan Zi was stunned for a while before slowly coming back to her senses.

A bright smile bloomed on her chubby face. “Ancestor is so kind!”

As she spoke, she couldn’t wait to run toward Chu Liuyue!

Soon, she rushed in front of Chu Liuyue. She finally stopped three steps away from the latter.

As Chu Liuyue was still meditating, she did not open her eyes.

Although Tuan Zi wanted to rush into her arms immediately, she knew that this was a special time. Hence, she obediently stood on the spot and waited.

She blinked her big eyes and almost looked Chu Liuyue up and down several times. The more she looked at her, the happier she became.

The aura in A’Yue’s body is indeed much stronger than before! Moreover, this isn’t just a simple increase in strength. More importantly, it contains a shocking pressure!

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue’s brows moved slightly. The next moment, she slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were like stars, dazzling.

A reddish-gold flame flashed across her eyes!

Chu Liuyue looked at Tuan Zi steadily, and there seemed to be thousands of stars flickering in her eyes.

She raised her hand.

The lotus leaf dress on Tuan Zi suddenly moved without wind.

Chu Liuyue’s fair and delicate finger tapped lightly. Something surged out of her body and quickly gathered in her palm—it was a fist-sized transparent ball of light!

A cluster of red-gold flames burned inside.

Tuan Zi’s eyes widened slightly. Inside is… the Heavenly Dao that appeared when I contracted with A’Yue? However, isn’t the Heavenly Dao’s power illusory and invisible? Why did it suddenly transform into the appearance of flames? Could it be because my ancestor helped us?

Tuan Zi looked confused.

However, Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke. “Tuan Zi, come over.”

Her voice was soft and pleasant, but there was a hint of pressure that made people subconsciously submit.

When Tuan Zi heard this, she quickly took two steps forward. “A’Yue—”

With a slight movement of Chu Liuyue’s palm, the ball of light flew up lightly and floated quietly between the two of them.

Then, Chu Liuyue looked up at the mural. “Senior, thank you.”

Tuan Zi was about to turn around when she saw a stream of light suddenly flash above the ball of light!

In the blink of an eye, it condensed into a familiar pattern—it was the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s totem!

Tuan Zi blinked.

She vaguely felt that her body seemed to have changed, but she didn’t know why. Then, she saw Chu Liuyue cross her hands in front of her and close her eyes again.

The aura around her surged.

Suddenly, a silver-red dot appeared in front of her. Gradually, more and more light spots surrounded her like a sea of stars.

—Chu Liuyue had summoned her God Realm!

The atmosphere in the entire hall began to become stranger.

The surrounding force also gradually surged toward Chu Liuyue.

There seemed to be the faint sound of tidal waves.

Although Tuan Zi did not know what Chu Liuyue wanted to do, she could vaguely sense the latter’s seriousness. Hence, even she became nervous.

She clenched her chubby hands tightly and stared at Chu Liuyue without blinking, afraid that she would miss something.

At this moment, she suddenly saw a stream of light flash between Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows.

Then, a second stream of light appeared, connected to the first before it.

After that was the third.

Tuan Zi opened her mouth in surprise, and her mouth formed a round ‘O’ shape. This was because she suddenly realized that these streams of light seemed to be… forming a pattern?

As the number of light streams between Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows increased, the pressure on her body also rapidly increased.

Gradually, even Tuan Zi felt a little breathless.

The surrounding space seemed to be frozen by this invisible force!

Tuan Zi looked at Chu Liuyue in bewilderment and wanted to ask, but she was afraid of affecting the latter. Thus, she swallowed her questions in the end.

After an unknown period of time, the last stream of light between her brows finally landed.

In an instant, a dazzling light shone!

An incomparable divine pressure suddenly descended!


Chu Liuyue opened her eyes.

It was clearly still that pair of dark and bright eyes, but at this moment, it seemed to contain countless stars! It reflected thousands of cycles of reincarnation!!

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